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Monday, May 1, 2023

Comment on Ann Vandersteel Info

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ann is seeing the elephant in the middle of the room.  It's coming into focus.  But she still grabs onto a tail and thinks its a trunk, or a foot and thinks its a tree every once in a while, so that can be confusing and disconcerting --- unless, of course, you already have the whole elephant in view.  

One of the most pernicious mistakes I see young patriots like Ann making is the old "Act of 1871 Theory".  The Act of 1871 was repealed in 1874. Start there.  The British Territorial Congress adopting it didn't act in treason, because they were addressing their own business affairs, not ours.  That's another big step toward understanding.  

There are six (6) Congresses possible: a Congress of the States of America, a Congress of The United States of America (known as a Continental Congress), a Congress of the united States of America (a Confederation Congress), a Congress of The United States (Federal Republic Congress), a Congress of the United States of America (British Territorial Congress) or a Congress of the United States (a Municipal Congress.  

If you comb through this list above you will notice the many similar names applied to different entities and also notice the little changes in how the names of things are styled and described. These small changes, sometimes only the difference between a "T" and a "t" are often the only way we have of knowing which Congress is acting and which jurisdiction they are acting in.

Each one of the three Federal Constitutions issued in 1787, 1789, and 1790 belonged to a separate Service Vendor, one American, one British Territorial, and one Holy Roman Empire.  These three Federal Service Vendors are what were organized under the Constitutions and they were all just Subcontractors of our American Government. 

This is one of the most overall pernicious misunderstandings.  We don't stand under any Constitution.  We and our States stand under The Declaration of Independence.  Our State Citizens -- "We, the People" --- act as Principals and Parties to the Constitutions -- but we don't stand under them.  

The three Federal Service Subcontractors are the only ones who live and breathe and depend on the Constitutions for their existence. 

If all the Federal Vendors fall into the sea, we, the actual Government of this country, will still be here.  

The importance of the Constitutions for them is a matter of life and death and jobs and livelihoods, so our Federal Employees have always centered a great deal of attention on the Constitutions and attached great importance to them and generations of American schoolchildren have grown up influenced by this perspective. 

But it is inappropriate for us to view the world from the standpoint of our contract Service Vendors.  We have to view the world from our own perspective as their Employers.  We bear the responsibility for enforcing the Constitutions and their limitations on our Employees. 

Other confusions include not quite understanding the various kinds of citizenship -- those forms of citizenship that are active now and those that have been active in the past.  

All three Federal Service Vendors had their own citizenry.  

The original Federal Constitution issued in 1787 created our American owned and operated Service Vendor, known as the Federal Republic.  It's citizens were called United States Citizens and provisions for their Naturalization were provided by the Seventh Federal Congress. The Federal Republic has been dormant and vacated since 1860. 

The second Federal Constitution issued in 1789 created the British Territorial Service Vendor operating as "the" United States of America. It's citizens were called U.S. Citizens and still are.  Most of these people work for the military services or are dependents of military employees. 

The third Federal Constitution issued in 1790 created the Holy Roman Empire Service Vendor, which was primarily responsible for providing postal service.  It operated the plenary government of the City of Washington, DC, and later the unauthorized Municipal Government. It's citizens are called "citizens of the United States" -- the same Fourteenth Amendment citizens who were required to pay war reparations for their part in the Civil War as Allies of the Confederate States of America. 

These Federal Vendors are not our American Government.  They are just Service Providers under contract to provide certain enumerated services and receiving certain delegate and enumerated powers to enable them to perform these duties. 

The actual Government of this country is vested in the sovereign, free, and independent States.  The States operate in two jurisdictions, National and International.  As Nations, the States are composed of many individual Counties all joined together.  In international jurisdiction, the States operate by and through their unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America since 1776. 

Many people are confused by this and fight over whether the counties or the States should be organized first as we bring our States of the Union back into Session.  They think that because the counties make up the States like building blocks, that the Counties have to be organized first, but this is not the way it was originally done.  It turns out that the States were organized first and the Counties came later.  

This is anti-intuitive until you realize that the States had to be organized in international jurisdiction and the basis of the land ownership established before the soil jurisdiction -- the top 6" of the land known as the soil -- could exist. 

Our current situation demands that the States be restored first for another reason.  All our people were human trafficked offshore via False Registrations which reduced them to the status of foreign Persons entangled in a complex unlawful conversion and identity theft scheme. 

When we jolt awake, we find ourselves like shanghaied sailors on our way to Morocco to serve in the French Foreign Legion. 

We have to take action to overturn the False Registrations used to traffick our names and identities into the foreign jurisdictions of the sea and air,  and return to our lawful and natural political status as State Nationals --- people who take their nationality from their State of the Union.  

Remember --- only Americans living in the States of the Union are owed Constitutional Guarantees from our Federal Subcontractors. Only our State Citizens and our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America can enforce the Constitutional limitations on them.  

Remember --- our Vendors, our Federal Employees, have no Constitutional protections or Guarantees, unless they are Americans who claim their State National status as one of their two allowed political status designations.    All Federal citizens can function as Dual Citizens-- accepting the citizenship obligations of their Federal Employers and being free to adopt any other citizenship or national status they please. 

It's because of this that many members of Congress identify themselves as U.S. Citizens who are also citizens of foreign countries like Israel or Ireland.  Municipal "citizens of the United States" can do the same thing. 

This is in stark contrast to our own State Citizens, who must hold a unique allegiance to their State of the Union, so as to have no conflict of interest or obligation to serve any foreign government.  

Ann, like many other ardent patriots, is catching on fast, but it takes time to learn the nomenclature, the identities, and the details --- and it is crucial to do this, because only by getting this information straight in our own minds, can we reliably and correctly teach others. 

Take care, therefore, when learning details from Ann.  She is the kind of person who will keep digging and correcting until she gets it right, but it may take a while yet until she is a truly reliable guide.  This is through no fault of her own, and is just a matter of experience and time. 


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  1. Absolute Lies and Delusional Beliefs Ms Reitz-Belcher, im sorry you are so twisted in your thinking. I know how hard it is to see the WHOLE TRUTH, instead you just latch on to PROMOTE your Federation BULLSHIT! A Feudal Fraudelent system of slavery. No! and I mean NO! No Allegiance to this shit from pussy men and demon POSING as leaders of the people, We need need your stinking fucking dumb leading the blind. You are a LIAR and a WORER OF INIQUITY AND MY PET PIG HAS MORE SENCE THAN YOU. YOU ARE DISMISSED YOU LYING BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS UP TO YOUR ELBOWS BITCH!

    1. Yeah all Annas writing/ not work/ not service/ are subliminal messages are absolutely synonymous with mind control. That is In Fact a form of insidious mental manipulation designed to alter our behavior so that we’ll buy in to the FALSE HOPE she is selling. Subliminal tactics (similar to mind controlling school shooters but not exactly) Finished product is making one in agreement to become socially re-engineered in some way or form without our consent or even our knowledge. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! REBOOT YOUR MIND IMMEDIATELY! Leave this RECO RACKET before its too late!

    2. Scarlette, i think you meant RICO RACKET. I am in agreement with you.

    3. I know otherwise, I do my own research. You do no, zero, nada, corroboration, so sorry. You lose.

    4. Hey, nice use of "capitols" - aka "Throne of Jupiter." Look it up in your Merriam-Webster. You lost generation, dependent upon your faulty imagination.

    5. it must feel pretty hopeless to be one of the easy targets hey buck? The EASY Keep the target in the dark, unaware that he/she is being changed. Victims of this type of manipulation are psychologically led to change their behaviors in order to meet the agenda of the leader aka Annas Handlers. The end goal is for the target to do the bidding of the leader. Dude or Dame, you fell lock stock and target right in the TRAP, Look at you even defending them making you also AN EASY PREY FOR STOCKHOLM SYNDRUM ( JUST ONE EVIDENCE THAT THEY GOT YOU BOZO) About time somebody exposed this Racket is Right. Jack

    6. could you elaborate on that, please.

    7. who removed theANNATHELIVINGLAWFIRMATTORNEY Article that was a reply to Edward Kennedy?
      it had 129+ comments!
      was there something in the comment sectionANNATLLFATTORNEYS dont want the readers to see?

      Edward Kennedy had even shared the letter he said he sent to the Vatican and others, including Jim Belle Cher, including the Registered Mailing Numbers that i was going to write down to pass on to people, but now the EDWARD KENNEDYS ARTICLE -- has been scrubbed?

      there was ALOT of interesting, important, and helpful info in those comments, so, paul s., would you see if you can put it back up? ty!

    8. It's "On Hold" go see the pdfs. It says "Hold"

    9. What makes you write "scrubbed?" You like displaying "loaded words?"

    10. Ha! the "comments" were "helpful?" Oh! you missed your opportunity to cause more problems, oh well.

    11. Evidently there was a copy of a letter supplied by Kennedy that was sent around to the assemblies. The letter indicated that Anna's group was invited to meet informally with Pope Francis. Additionally, Anna was soliciting for $200,000 for the purported travel expenses. That's probably why it was pulled. Since it's an "informal meeting", I would suggest a video conference.

    12. "who removed theANNATHELIVINGLAWFIRMATTORNEY Article that was a reply to Edward Kennedy?
      it had 129+ comments!
      was there something in the comment sectionANNATLLFATTORNEYS dont want the readers to see?" IS IT NOT OBVIOUS? STUPID.

    13. All of the above plus accusations about throwing the Colorado 9 under the bus, cooperating with the Feds and wearing an ankle bracelet. Now if she really wanted to quash those accusations, I propose that during the next Monday video, she lift both legs up in the air as proof of no ankle bracelet. I know it's not lady like and don't forget to wear your bloomers Anna, but it sure would make for an exciting Monday night

  2. The simple anonymous comments must be Paul getting frustrated that people aren't buying the tripe no mo. Ah well, if only accountability could be produced... don't worry, go enjoy a sermon with the sodomite pope.

    1. Paul doesn't give 2 fucks about it.

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  4. To banana.
    There are already many free energy technologies. They are real.
    You can find ones related to free energy even on the YouTube. For example, if water is intensely vibrated or intensely rotated, then the water can burn. It is easy to explain the mechanism.

    1. Explanation :

      One solution of the Maxwell’s equations is the following one
      electric field vector :

      -∇φ -∂【A】/∂t

      where 【A】is the vector potential, φ represents electric potential, and

      ∫ dV2【j(2,t-(r12/c))】/
      (4πε0 (c^2)r12)

      where r12:=((x1-x2)^2 +(y1-y2)^2 +

      【j】means electric current density vector field. Integral region spreads all over the universe.

      If water molecular is rapidly vibrated or rapidly rotated, then there occurs large ∂【A】/∂t in magnitude. -∇φ is neglectable because it is small compared to the rest. Electrons and nuclears are electrically oppositely charged. So, this causes opposite direction force on elections and nuclears. They more apart than before. Then same electrically charged nuclears become more distant.

      In the Sun's ionosphere , there tremendous electric currents, and vector potential is linear, so it obeys principle of superposition, it does not interfere.

      Very simple.

  5. If the seal : pyramid + the eye of Providence is proved to be Rothschild’s one, then banana’s story disappears as a fiction.

    1. Red Cross is Rothschild's seal/crest. The illuminati crap is just bs occult babble. Distraction. Just same old inbred families messing with your mind.

    2. The seal of pyramid with the eye of Providence is on the dollar bills.
      If the largest shareholder of the FRB is Rothschild, then it is most plausible that the seal is a Rothschild’s one.


      The Rothschild Jewish wealth also funded the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Society (or JW’s, an acronym for JEW), and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, (Mormans), based in Utah.


      good to hear someone else noticing this book-peddling conspiracy industry, regurgitating what others have regurgitated, and selling it to the ignorants while leading them in circles to nowhere
      Peddlers of conspiracy and their customers:–

      Lincoln and his Dick invented greenbacks like Saunders invented fried chicken—
      myth-makers invented a Lincoln who never existed in real life, and held it up to their customers as some hero in shining armour coming to the rescue of village idiots in the “world leaders picture album” topic there is a section on Lincoln; addition to it would be:—
      during the war, August Belmont and Joseph Seligman became chief advisors to the government; after the war they were chief advisors to Secretary of the Treasury McCulloch and his financial policy (1906)
      Joseph Seligman was one of the vice-presidents of the Union Square mass-meeting called in aid of the Union on April 20, 1861, during the Civil war, and his firm, J&W Seligman & Co., rendered the government signal service in maintaining its credit and floating its bonds, and was its fiscal agent for a long time.
      Rumor has it that President Grant offered the post of secretary of the treasury to Joseph Seligman.

      Re-construction and keeping the United States as one unit under the firm control of the central government was a Rothschild aim

      “My firm conviction is, that any other solution to our present difficulties than a reconstruction of but one government over all the states of our confederacy would entail upon us and our children an inheritance of the most fearful consequences” —August Belmont, July 20, 1862.

      Senator Doolittle on re-construction, africanization, negroe citizenship, and a little history how it was put through Congress and how Congress was re-educated:—

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  7. Scarlette Sharp and Anne, please lead the chorus of anonymous - And a One, And a Two, and a Three . . .

  8. Johnny Jewels - you play the bongo's - watch that beat.

  9. The States were not going until after the Declaration of Independence prior to this they were Colonies with counties. So the Colonies sent deputies to the Continental Congress to declare their rights and grievances to King George III who ignored them and increased the pain. It would appear the counties were in operation prior to the States which were not formed from the Colonies until after the claim of the Declaration of Independence. There is no backing for the Federation without our over 3100 counties running their claimed Republican forms of government as "we the people." The commonality was so important that Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution was enacted in regards to a Republican form of government. Without a Republican form of government and American Common Law this movement will turn to shit. Let us get our national soil jurisdiction counties on the map.

    1. Right on brother. Right on!

  10. Sounds good Baldwin. Can you help give a bit more on "The commonality?"

    1. The Dis-Ease and Just-Us Frauds
      By Anna Von Reitz

      ANSWERED "commonality"

      of profit, and both these professions as well as many other "...occupations of common right have been unlawfully converted into privileges by registration and licensing programs foisted off on them under color of law by the offending Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their franchise operations.

      The practice of law and medicine are, as we say, both occupations of common right; but, the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors operating under color of law issued legislation mandating that medical and legal professionals had to be licensed and pass tests if they wanted to be able to provide service to Federal Employees; but by use of deliberately vague terminology and omissions, they made it sound like this licensing requirement applied to treatment of the General Populace, too.

      Having a license issued by the local Municipal Corporation franchise was promoted as a mark of excellence or guarantee of quality performance, so of course, physicians were coerced by self-interest if nothing more to become licensed as "Medical Doctors" and lawyers were similarly coerced to study the Law of the Sea and become Licensed Attorneys. ..."

    2. "The commonality" at the time of the Revolutionary War it was believed,was American Common Law. We as a nation of counties need to have a moral compass that shows compassion and grace. We don't have to think with the same brain but I would hope it would be one with a strong moral compass. I believe the Ten Commandments worked well for Moses and his group, we should come up with something we can all agree would make our society the envy of a decent and moral people.

    3. Baldwin go check these out

      PAGE 1-----------------------

      Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland
      Volume 415, Page 1 View pdf image (33K)


      Please view image to verify text. To report an error, please contact us.
      Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland
      Volume 415, Page 1 View pdf image (33K)

      This web site is presented for reference purposes under the doctrine of fair use. When this material is used, in whole or in part, proper citation and credit must be attributed to the Maryland State Archives. PLEASE NOTE: The site may contain material from other sources which may be under copyright. Rights assessment, and full originating source citation, is the responsibility of the user.

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      Maryland State Archives


      PAGE 2 is BLANK


      PAGE 3

      Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland
      Volume 415, Page 3 View pdf image (33K)
      Jump to

      Submit you search
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      clear space clear space clear space white space
      State of Maryland

      PAGE 4

      Originally Published
      Annapolis, 1946
      Reprinted with permission
      Genealogical Publishing Company
      Baltimore, 1967
      Reprinted for
      Clearfield Company, Inc. by
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      PAGE 5

      The Hall of Records of Maryland was built as a part of the ter-
      centenary celebration of the landing of the Ark and the Dove. It is
      located in Annapolis on the corner of College Avenue and St. John's
      Street. It is controlled and supervised by the Hall of Records
      Commission which was created by Chapter 18, Acts of 1935, and
      which is composed ex-officio of the Governor, the Comptroller of the
      Treasury, the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, the Presidents
      of the St. John's College, the Maryland Historical Society, the
      Board of the Peabody Institute, and the Johns Hopkins University.
      The present members of the Hall of Records Commission are
      Governor Herbert R. O'Conor, the Honorable J. Millard Tawes, Jr.,
      Judge Ogle Marbury, Chairman, Mr. Stringfellow Barr, Senator
      George L. Radcliffe, Dr. J. Hall Pleasants, and Dr. Isaiah Bowman.
      Every state, county, city, town, or other public official in Mary-
      land is authorized to deposit in the Hall of Records, any original
      papers, official books, records, documents, files, newspapers, printed
      books, or portraits not in use. He is required to deposit all records
      in his custody created before the date of the adoption of the Federal
      Constitution by Maryland, April 28, 1788.

      Continue reading at the link at the beginning of this comment

    4. Interesting

      From the article
      symbolized by the dove landing on the head of Mary, or Semiramis

      Virginia Maryland VIRGIN MARY

  11. Worth a listen

  12. yes, thank you.

  13. Have a read
    Bringing the NOAHIDE laws to Montana prisons through Chabbad
    And to your living room

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