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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Rope Climbing

 By Anna Von Reitz

Back during the Kennedy Administration there was a big push to promote physical fitness and even a program to distribute Presidential Awards to young people who met and exceeded certain fitness goals.  Virtually every school in the country had one of these fitness programs and tests that went with it, and so, you find me as an eighth grader perched tenuously on the knotted end of a large rope, staring up at the gym ceiling probably twenty feet above my head. 

It looked like twenty miles.  

With despair in my heart, I watched Terry Bonneville, one of our local gifted athletes, scamper up the rope like a Rhesus Monkey, so nimble and quick about it that I envisioned a grand career for her in the navy, the circus, or alpine rescue.  Then, with a flourish, she slid down the rope with an easy swoop to the end of the rope and hopped off the knot, landing straight as a pin. Just a tiny bit flushed.  

I was still staring up at the ceiling, trembling. But I gathered my courage and reached upward for the next handhold and slowly, maybe four inches at a time, clenched my teeth, bruised my feet, and clung on for dear life ----and true to form, like an inch-worm, grimly kept my focus on the ceiling.  

My classmates laughed themselves sick.  When I finally got to the ceiling, and despite Terry's fine demonstration, I had no idea how to get down.  There ensued a frantic conversation with the gym teacher, and if possible, my even more agonizing descent back down the rope began. 

Now, instead of maybe four inches, I was making progress an inch at a time, and every time I let go, it felt like I must certainly go tumbling to the polished wood gym floor so infinitely far below.  

By this time a very large crowd had gathered.  

Not only my classmates but a really large audience from the school cafeteria, too.  I was sweating profusely, red-faced, and every time I inched down another click, my butt bulged out of my gym shorts as I tried to adjust to my new position on the rope. 

I stared hopelessly at my short skinny forearms.  If God had intended me to climb ropes... 

The laughter was no longer a dull roar.  The mere sound of all those people laughing at me was overwhelming by itself, but instead of trying to quiet the riot, the gym teacher was convulsed, too, clutching her ribs and her muffin-top belly like she'd never seen a scholar climb a rope before. 

I forgot momentarily or never knew that you technically didn't have to climb the rope.  This was all voluntary, like Federal Income Taxes.  Technically, all you had to do was make a good-faith effort to jump on the knot.  

I hung there paralyzed between heaven and hell, clenched around that rope like a python.  Inch by inch by inch I made it down.  When my feet finally touched the big knot at the end of the rope, I just hung there gasping for a full thirty seconds, dimly thinking I might live after all,  too exhausted and disoriented to even drop the rest of the way to the floor, listening to the laughter still breaking out in guffaws and giggles.  

Finally, I launched off the knot  and landed with no grace at all on the tiny padded mat, still clinging to the rope with one hand to prevent a total collapse in front of my friends and detractors.  

The whole school, some 130 students and the Principal,  had gathered for The Unannounced Event. Plus the Guidance Counselor. Plus the gym teacher, still red-faced and with eyes wet from tears of laughter.  I was completely drenched, soaking wet, in sweat.  I could feel the back of my gym suit smacked flat to my skin, fore and aft. 

I didn't even think about the fact that I had actually made it back to Earth again.  

I certainly didn't expect what came next, when all those people who had been laughing so uproariously went silent, nor was I prepared when they started clapping.  I was so dazed I didn't realize that I had suddenly merited all this adulation and looked back over my shoulder to see who they were clapping for.  Terry Bonneville wasn't anywhere in sight.  I was confused. 

No amount of applause would ever convince me that this was a good experience, but in a way, it was.  It taught me a lot about myself, about the strength of my determination and ability to persevere, and also a lot about human nature.  People often laugh at you and then end up cheering.  Not that you do whatever it is for their applause. 

All over this country, people are rope climbing -- not physically rope climbing, but intellectually and spiritually rope climbing as they come to grips with what has happened to their churches, schools, and government. 

I hear the Prophet Isaiah's voice saying, "If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all."  (Isaiah 7: 9b)

The predatory courts still caught up in their endless quest to collect war reparations that are not owed by the people standing in front of them, still wrapped up in the delusions of a long-dead and illegal Mercenary War, imagining that we are Enemies and they are Victors, still continue to misaddress American civilians on a daily basis. 

The basics of the situation come down to this--- your public employees have occupied your country.  They have no authority and no contract to do this.  When they misaddress you and entrap you into their courts, what do you do?  

1. You make sure that before you say anything that it is on the court record, by asking if it's on the record, and you bring as many Witnesses with you as you can. 

2. You ask, "Where is the contract obligating me to obey you? Bring it forward, if it exists."  They don't have a contract with you, but they will probably cite some State of State Constitution or Statute, some County Code or other legislative doggerel.   

3. You ask, "Where is my signature on any of that?"  They may try to put a front on it and invite a conversation about Social Contracts.  You listen politely.  

4. You say, "I am not a member of the City or the District, and there is no evidence otherwise before this court. I do not wish to be impersonated or misaddressed by anyone." 

In some cases they might bring car registrations or copies of other documents you did sign -- in which case you mildly observe, "I was misinformed and coerced  to sign that under color of law and conditions of deceit and non-disclosure." And then you clam up and give them nothing more to discuss.

There will be an eerie silence if you have a competent court.  If not, they will push their way onward, and try to sentence you or fine you or so whatever they were told to do according to their instructions.  But if they do that, you fall silent, too, waiting to appeal. 

I have done this many times and so have many others.  In all but one case we have never had to go to appeal court, and the one time that happened, it came back against the lower court with extreme prejudice. The cases vanish and sometimes the whole courts shut down and lock the courthouse doors.  Vanished overnight. 

The thieves flee the light. 

This is because they have no valid contracts; the two valid contracts they could have with the People of this country, The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States, they have evaded and dishonored.  

The sword of truth and the perseverance of the people prevails as inexorably as my slow progress coming back down that rope. It may be slow, it may be painful, but the safety of the solid ground awaits you, and a life lived in freedom, too. 

By ninth grade I could prove that the rope climb was voluntary.  I sat on the bleachers and smiled.  Even the good faith effort to jump on the knot was voluntary.  

Freedom from harassment.  Freedom from forced registrations.  Freedom from foreign taxation. Freedom from unsought citizenship obligations.  Freedom from racketeering. 

Freedom, sweet freedom that our forefathers fought for, not mere liberty. 

Yes, freedom and a country where every American sleeps snug in his bed and our schools teach science instead of political dogma, where our newspapers provide useful news, where our religious institutions no longer live in fear of the government, and our health and safety is not undermined by commercial corporations trying to sell us solutions to the problems they have created.

Well, there's the knot, and there's the rope.  We all have our Public Duty and our part to play. 

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  1. the other really really important thing we need an answer to RIGHT. NOW. is:
    have all the Public Attorneys "Offices" been done away with?

    1. also it was in the comment section of AnnaTLLFAttorneys Reply to Edward Kennedy about his letter to the Pope (with the Registered Mail Number included) that has been removed from this blog that i said:

      it sounded to me like Francis' July 2013 Motu Proprio was telling those who had been involved in [unlaw-fully] filling our right-full Government Positions -- supported by the Papacy -- that that is over, and that the Government Offices are going back to the American people... is that what Francis' Motu Proprio did, or is it not?
      ... 2013 is 100 years after the Federal Reserve was set up to help carry out "The Bank-ruptcy" that was carried out upon every American by the British claiming we are all in Debt to them and didnt pay them and they went to the Pope to CollectTheDebt... which he did through the Registration of American sons and daughters As Property of the British Monarchy using the Birth Certificates; use of Foreign Probate Courts to Probate the newborns "Estate" AsIf A DeadMan and the Constructon of CQV Trusts with PRe-PAID Credit ... that the momma and daddy are not told i have that right?

      and i ask:
      is that why our people are finding that so many/ most/ or all of the people "Holding Public Offices" have no Oath of Office?

    2. along with this type of robbing (if any) the American people of their God-gifted right to benefit from, enjoy, and use for the labor that issues from our own physical bodies for our own selves and families:
      now it seems the InfoDump is speeding up a little bit about all the unlaw-full Surveillance, Body Hacking, BrainWave Hacking, Manipulation, Torture, and Control, if any, that has already been being done on Americans even long before the GrapheneLaced ClotShots were implemented.

      There have been people coming out for well over a decade about "GangStalking", "No-Touch Torture" (used by CIA AND others: CIA Torture Report), 24-Hour Surveillance, and other horrors, but almost none of the Patriot Channels have said a word about it, and if they did, it was just for one broadcast. drip,drip.
      It seemed like a subject everyone had agreed to not talk about???

      now here is a woman who tries to explain to non-technical people what she knows about how the ElectroMagnetic and Energetic part of the Stalking and Surveillance works. its very involved, for a non-tekkie. but at about 16 minutes she starts talking about new neural prototypes, "Syncron, for starters" she talks about DODs involvement and at about 17.25 she talks about the use of SmartSensors, biosensors, and more and she says PROJECT MAVEN USES PATHFINDER AI TO WATCH YOU WALK AROUND AND *THINK* INSIDE YOUR HOUSE.
      4-5 years ago I had found some info about "WirelessPrisonSystems, Lockdown Systems, and Punishment Systems"; and also how some Local "Law Enforcement" who have been given "Surplus Military Equipment" have "Stingrays" they can use to look through peoples walls and cars.

      she seems to be trying to tie the disjointed pieces together in light of what has already come out and the concept she seems to be trying to get across is: control, remotely, using AI/energy fields, to control peoples bodies and minds, is NOT NEW and has already been being done.

      note: i kept stopping the video and when i did, almost everytime i started it back up again, the speed was moved up to 1.25 -1.75. that has never happened before. ever.

    3. then at about 19.15 she tells about how they hide the money they steal under layers and layers of AccessCodes. i have no idea if she knows what shes talking about but it seems more limely she does than not. imo.
      shes on odysee datte cam /@ psinergy.
      channel: Psinergy Archive; Technical Presentation: WBAN on a 6gloPAN and your electromagnetic body part

    4. *likely*, not limely :)

    5. at around 25.00 she talks about how using the "Cloud", CORPORATIONS ARE/CAN USE OUR BODIES AS A "ROUTER". there are biosensors.
      she talks about the harm, pain, done to us when too many Commercial Corporations are all pulling biometric data out of us at the same time.
      the DOD seems heavily involved, if not the leaders.
      sounds like she is saying too, that they can use this to shut our body parts down, make us sick, ... surely then they can also do brainwave manipulation = pain? "seeing things"? anxiety? fear? sleep deprivation? sleep deprivation is one of the CIA Torture Techniques disclosed in the Torture Report.
      I think weve all heard how it is coming in the future that the pores of our skin would be used as antennas, but she is saying, no, our bodies have already been being [mis-]used COMMERCIALLY [WITHOUT DISCLOSURE, AND FOR FREE, AND WITHOUT BENEFIT TO US, AND CAUSING US HARM] since 2005.

      Rand Corporation

    7. Think about those HELLTH apps on your phones
      If you do not disable them they are capturing how many steps you take a day your heartrate and various other things
      Folks think this shit is cool

    8. It's an invasive species that they've launched on the world exclaiming it will be our savior

      And I do come from a tech background in electronic data and e-commerce

      Didgital India Corporation (DIC)

      All things e-commerce
      Check out number 3
      3. Assistance to other departments in the promotion of E-Governance, E- Commerce, E- Medicine, E- Infrastructure, etc.

      hmm was there not just an article referring to infrastructure?

      how about an e land portal
      Tracking SDGS for the UN plan

    9. Whole houses linked to the internet fot tracking and tracing of everything used within the house
      You can control your washing machine from your mobile
      Your stove too

      My sister just bought a new stove and it has the following on the top panel
      You think that is an accident

      In Q Tel chips make in Israel

      The Nazi scientist Heinz Schlicke worked for Allen-Bradley a division of Rockwell Automation and specialized in electromagnetic emissions and was president of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Society. The modern day electronics are emitting electromagnetic emissions or radio frequency interferences using geometric structures for the purpose of hacking into the human nervous system. US Patent 6506148 under Loos Hendricus G. is titled "Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors" and his other patent is US Patent 6,238,333 titled "Remote Magnetic Manipulation of nervous systems" and both support the scientific basis for using electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronics to manipulate the human physiology by hacking the human nervous system.

      I'm tortured every day through the electromagnetic frequencies being emitted througout the dwelling that I live in
      Recently been sick for couple days

      Thery identify the end user through the IP address that is tracked and traced through
      Your mobile phone is a tracking device and identifies you the end user through the IP address linked to it

      Remermber the song

    10. unknown to the end user the social digital media is a target for their mental hellth model in the 'creation' stage
      Which is why you are hearing all kinds of shit about 'mental health' and hellth in general
      Telehealth and psychiatry was launced during the vid
      Stressed out being locked down, no worries they have the answer just dial up that psychologist on the tele and all your hellth worries can be dealth with over the phone
      It was a big thing about 9 years ago when I worked for a teleheallth company to launch psychiatry visits via telephone back then
      Pre meditated and planned

      My 83 year old mother does multiple teleheallth visits with doctors now including a psychiatrist to get her anxiety meds prescribed after her telehealth visit

      The plan, make the world go nuts and provide the 'services' to help 'fix' it

    11. shelby,
      that woman doing the psinergy archive channel on odysee talked about having "defense"s. and she said she is just getting into offensives.
      recalling that you found where ATTORNEY training is called DEVILLING and that they train under a DEVIL MASTER to learn how to put CHARGES on people, ....the people running this Electronic Stalking and Torture, if any, are also putting CHARGES on people.
      DEVILS. send it back to them too: no acceptance.

      she says there are nodes around the groin area they attach to and pull energy from. she talked about them as energy meridians, like for acupuncture. ive read where people cover that area above the pubic bone with dense foam and get some relief.
      i think im going to start looking around for what people have done. probably simple stuff like the foam.
      she says its hppening to alot of people, they just dont know it until too mny Commercial Corporations are pulling energy at the same time. probably on purpose?

      she says they use the bone marrow energy... makes sense since it produces fresh cells all the time.
      i had read years ago they use the jaw, ankle, and heel bones because they dont have much skin or fat covering them, are exposed, and because of the crystalline matrix in bone.
      the way she was talking it sounded more or less like they are using that energy, our life energy, for something. "Harvesting" it. until we cant make anymore.
      she said theyve been testing it, but now getting ready to go out on everybody. maybe thats the "zombie apocalypse" they always talk about.

      but i still think we can shove it in their face, spiritually.

      with all thats rolling out about the supposed spiritual nature of this "electronic warfare tech", then spiritual laws apply.
      Praying outloud.
      im praying psalm 35 outloud and telling other man im doing that,... now broadcasting it... .others the can join me if they want, start lifting voices up to God together, all praying psalm 35.

  2. I read somewhere that if they can make the population go nuts they can also make them think that they are in a utopia by the flick of a switch?
    I believe it was somewhere in this blog
    And it concerns me that he has not posted in quite some time
    He was caring for his ailing mother so something may have happened to his mom or his handicapped son?
    I've been seeing videos that a you tuber who used to report on weather warfare is now dead
    Hospitalers aka TEMPLARS

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  4. Just wow

  5. Ecidently he knows nothing about the 4 corners rule

    Anything contained within a box is like it's not even there, like invisable

  6. It's funny when you read this

    These fictitious persons are operated under the defunct and obsolete and immoral Law of Noah which
    was overcome and outlawed on the land circa 3785 BC.

    We declare that we and our progeny no longer live under the Law of Noah nor under the Law of Moses
    but under the Law of Yeshuah

    Then you listen to him

  7. And what did I tell you about DeSantis

    Think the shit he spewing about with disney is by accident

  8. The first state SWITZERLAND