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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Do You Believe in Good Chinese Elders?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are not talking about good Chinese Grandmas and Grandpas or even Great-Grandmas or Great-Grandpas.  I am talking about these magical, mythical beings who just sprang up out of nowhere in the past few years.  I can't imagine where they have been hiding all these years?  A cave in Tibet?  

So, you believe that these ultra-altruistic and wise and beneficent Elders just showed up with half the world's gold in their hands, ready to give it away ---- after Mao Zedong played Whack-A-Mole on them and everyone else in China for 27 years?  And then Mao's followers continued his example for another fifty years?  

And all the Chinese Triads just flunked the course and didn't find all this gold?  

Mao Zedong and his Chinese Communist Party somehow missed these Chinese Elders and their vast storehouses of gold, too?  I just have to come back to that a second time.  

Billions and billions of Chinese people knew about these Elders but nobody said a word or wrote a thing about them from the beginning of last century until about five years ago?  Am I missing anything?  

Or is there a tradition of Chinese Elders hidden at the rainbow's end behind a shimmering gold cloud of mist?  

If you believe in Beneficent Chinese Elders bearing trainloads of gold for the benefit of mankind, you have, in my opinion, stars in your eyes and rocks in your head.  

If these Elders were real and if they were beneficent, why'd they let their own people die by the tens of millions and starve until they turned to cannibalism under the early CCP?  

It's far. more realistic, if less charming, to assume that someone wound up with a lot of gold that didn't belong to them, and they are now trying to come up with a story to explain away where all this gold came from and how it happened to be in China.  

Like a pawn shop owner caught with a stolen diamond necklace, trying to ditch the hot goods by anonymously donating the necklace to charity.  

"Hey, Mac, nobody needs to know.  You do the donation for me, and it all looks good." 

But wait, we know how all this gold came to be in China. We can track it on satellite.  We can use LIDAR and physical tomography.  The Vermin moved it there as part of their preparations to move their headquarters and main base of operations to China. That's how all that gold got to China. 

We can sit in a darkened room and watch transport ship after transport ship moving gold from Point A to Point B (Hong Kong) or Point C (Shanghai) and nobody needs to wonder how the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank of Commerce  (HSBC) became such a world class wonder in such a brief span of years.  We can also note that all the ships using U.S.Navy ports and air stations and U.S. Navy vessels in Singapore and U.S. Navy vessels in Manila most likely were attached to the Pacific Fleet that is supposed to be working for us.  

Let's all get a clue here, all this largess pouring into China in the years after Reagan wasn't from Chinese factory workers investing their extra pocket change in the stock market.  And it wasn't even from Chinese investment.  It was from wild, whole hog western investment, as the word was out and the fix was in.  

The elderly Chinese involved in this charade may indeed be good people; I would be the last one to say otherwise, in view of their apparent good intentions; but you know, I have seen good intentions fail so often, and that gives me a jaundiced view.   

Just look at the good intentions of the Roman Catholic Church?  And the good intentions of the United Nations?  And before that, the good intentions of the League of Nations?  And all that "foreign aid" that the U.S. Congress appropriated out of our pockets without a yes or no? 

Turns out that 98% of all that foreign aid never made it to its intended destinations, and what did arrive was WWII surplus  that the Defense Contractors got stuck with and that their buddies in Congress bought from them as a favor and just redefined this cronyism as "foreign aid" --- like all those moldy green wool Army blankets we saw on the docks in Lagos, Nigeria.  Like the Army Green canteens still in daily use in Ethiopia and Morocco..... 

Turns out that as soon as the League of Nations got serious about outlawing slavery worldwide, their fate was sealed.  

Turns out that the United Nations and the Roman Catholic Church have both been used as storefronts by criminal commercial corporations.  

Turns out that when the Pope asks for a voluntary special offering to help pay for relief for refugees and people in need of medical care and assistance in war-torn areas of the world, he spends it on Disney movie productions, new bank digs in the Inner City of London, and luxury condominiums for those (very rich) immigrants, well, refugees of a sort --- moving to China. 

Good intentions go astray in so many ways.  The programs and projects get funded, but remain on paper.  The programs and projects get funded --- but only so long as they are politically correct.  The programs and projects get funded -- but the contracts go to rats.  

This is the perennial problem and the only way to make sure that the decent living people of the world actually receive the benefit of anything is to give it to them directly ---- not all at once, but in abundance, and not ever subject to the whims and greed of any political body or group of trustees, because that, more than anything, is how all this wealth and all these good intentions get siphoned and side-lined and never seem to hit the ground and make a difference in the lives of average people. 

The other thing that really is a benefit are infrastructure projects, but they need to be carried out by the actual national governments, not handed off to Municipal Corporation Subcontractors. 

Don't believe these silly narratives about Good Chinese Elders funding the rebuilding of the world after the Second World War, either.  That never happened according to the bank deposit records. That gold came out of family trusts under the umbrella of The Avila Family Trust and national trusts --- like ours.  

So, strike two for the Chinese Elders Narrative. 

It's better to believe in the Tooth Fairy.  At least we know for sure that teeth exist. 


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  1. The banana pot calling the kettle black.

    1. I was thinking that myself.

    2. Saint Germain is a Theosophical Master, founded in the US by Russian, Helen Blavatsky.

      Theosophical logo is:
      the SixPointed Star of David and/or Remphan or Moloch
      with an Egyptian Ankh in the center
      encircled by a snake eating its tail
      a Swastika at the top
      and some Arabic writing above the Swastika.

  2. Anonymous at 8:09 went to China, and saw the China-man Elders and discovered that they, like the Irish, they have a Blarney stone!

    But these Elders call it a "brarney stone." It is true. And Anon at 8:09 kissed that brarney stone (upside down! Got a nosebleed.) Then went lookin or the rainbows end. Please don't interrupt his search, he may share some a duh gold ;- )

  3. That would be his "kettle" reference. That he called it "black" means he ain't found the end of that rainbow yet.

    1. The rainbow is in your eyes, sycophant.

  4. Your boy Ben Fulford has been pushing that BS for years.

    1. hehehe yeah fullashitfulford huh. He does have a nice way of spinning things to be seen from a certain angle huh. Funny how his and Annas viewpoints seem to match up here and there... neither seems to match to any objective reality tho.

    2. Multiple sources agree... :P All the experts are in agreement.

  5. Uh oh. Anna outted herself.

    "It's better to believe in the Tooth Fairy. At least we know for sure that teeth exist."

    So all shes doing is latching on to things that exist and spinning them to build her version of events. That Teeth exist doesn't make the Tooth fairy exist.

    And that the Declaration of Independence exists doesn't mean theres some arbitrary individual who can play with their geneology to pretend theyre the ONLY ONES who can restore the constitutional republic.

    If everything is in Session, why is Nothing being Done?

    1. Trolls being trolls

    2. Really?!? Are you a member of your Assembly? What work have you personally contributed to? Anna is an heir to The Saint Germain Trust and is Fiduciary to The D'Avila Family Trust. Do you know what that means? She is an heir and Fiduciary in her own right. This is long settled. James Clinton Belcher was the last man standing and he summoned the 50 States into Session. And only the States can restore the republican form of government we are owed. Do you even know what a "Republic" is? Clearly you need more time in the books. Study up, you are going to need it. "My people perish for a lack of knowledge".

    3. Anoying'puss1:43PM
      Never quote this scripture and separate it from the key reason it was written, without the
      next verse with it or you make a lie out of God's word and God a tyrant. One of the most blatant examples l've seen of one twisting the word of God for their own benefit wresting the scriptures to their own destruction. You make yourself as guilty as them by your omission. People "DO NOT" perish for "lack" of knowledge. There is NO LACK. God gave them the knowledge. The key point in giving of this scripture is their "rejection" of knowledge, which is the cause of their perishing..."My people perish for lack of knowledge because thou has "rejected knowledge."

  6. "If you believe in Beneficent Chinese Elders bearing trainloads of gold for the benefit of mankind, you have, in my opinion, stars in your eyes and rocks in your head. "

    Uh... like the MOCE? Mutual offset credit exchange? Stars in your Eyes? You let em talk long enough and they show their thinking by there constant commentary.

  7. YES or NO?
    The 528 frequency guy known as Hunter took all deposits to the so-called International Trade Bank, and deposited them into his own private account at PNC Bank headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and kicked back proceeds to Anna Von Reitz ["AVR"] Big Lake Alaska.
    true or false?

    Pursuant to international law, an investigation is in progress.
    true or false?

    James Belcher and Harold Heinze are aware of these crimes and related investigations and are missing.
    true or false?

    No one ever voted for AVR ro be Fiduciary, for she just assumed the role, and thus has no standing in any jurisdiction.
    true or false?

    Some say AVR has 10 to 12 Demons Inside and thus the body has multiple personalities and is not capable of sending or receiving love, and lies non-stop.
    true or false

    Pope Francis is the Jesuit priest and the Jesuit General and the Jesuit priests know that AVR is a big time fraud
    yes or no?

    The is no General Post Office on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    - AVR lied again.
    yes or no?

    Lies are prayers to Satan and Lucifer?
    yes or no?

    1. You're full of shit mate. And you can eat it too.

    2. Can a Jesuit "act as" Pope! Yes or No? If no, why not?

    3. Unless you have some evidence against Hunter..this is slander. Anna was straight up regarding her affiliation with the issue. Read the article and educate my brother. I voted Anna Fiduciary. She good bro. 10 demons my ass. You look stupid saying that. Jesuits are trash and Anna is straight up. Philadelphia is for real and I don't know don't care who you pray to lucifer or're a fraud just like them.

  8. Bible quoters please watch Atlantis Rising part 5 Finale. Irish Jews, Irish Black Nobility, Irish Egyptians (and Irish pyramids celebrating the Irish Sun God).
    Paintings of Yeshua depict his head in front of the Sun. Christianity has 3 Gods.
    How many versions of the Talmud, (old testament) are there?