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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Texas versus Republic of Texas

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have tried to explain the nomenclature of the Proper Names of Things to the "Republic of Texas" supporters on numerous occasions without success. 

There is actually only "Texas" and then, there is "Everything Else" --- which includes "Republic of Texas". 

That little word "of" is quite problematic and can mean "apart from, besides, or belonging to" --- and no matter what you do with the construction or which meaning of "of" you apply, "Republic of Texas" means something other than Texas.  

Even if you put the best face on it, you still come down to a "Republic belonging to Texas" --- and that leaves you with Texas still owning any such Republic. 

Texas is the State.  

Nothing called "Republic of Texas" can be Texas or stand for Texas when Texas is already organized and defined and its State Assembly is in Session.  

In support of that fact, you will note that the verbiage "Republic of Texas" was a business construct that existed prior to the emergence of the actual State of the Union --- not after.  

I asked the Republic of Texas promoters to show me any record of Sam Houston or Austin or any of them making an effort to physically define "Texas" with surveys or landmarks and all I got was crickets.  Without a cadastral survey or at least a "boundary stones" metes and bounds description of what "Texas" is, we can only assume and they can only prove that a business entity calling itself "the Republic of Texas" once existed, and that is not a strong enough claim to support any other conclusion. 

So no matter what they do or think or say, the Republic of Texas folks are in an untenable position for failure to understand the meaning of words and the principles of English Grammar. 

Tragically, they are failing to support the actual State of the Union, Texas, which is their duty and birthright as Texans.  

Most of the people in the Republic of Texas group are mad at the British Territorial "State of Texas" and fed up and want out of that -- and nobody can blame them for that, but they are throwing the baby out with the bath water and wasting time trying to restore something that was never organized as a country.  

Texas is a country, not a business.    

Their own Texas Government was left virtually vacant for lack of their awareness and participation, but The Texas Assembly is now in Session and the actual lawful government has returned.  

They should be supporting that effort, instead of trying to resurrect a defunct business entity, because even if they are successful, all they have in their hand is a business -- not a country. 

I leave it to everyone to discern whether it is better to own a State or a business named after a State. 

I assume that they want to live in Texas, which is physically defined and already on the map.  The way to do that is to claim their birthright and join The Texas Assembly.  

I might point out that the demonym for people living in or coming from Texas is "Texan". It's not "Republic of Texan". 


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  1. Merriam-Webster 11th edition - "of" Middle English, "off."
    akin to Old High German aba off.

    How about the Republic OFF Texas? (in the air? in the sea?)
    How about the opposite the Republic ON Texas? (on the land?)

    Many other definitions for "of" in Merriam Web. are called "function words."
    FYI - Merriam Webster reveals "function words" did not exist until 1940.

    In old paper works, the word "of" means off, to me.
    As in not "on."

  2. Also, on the same page Merriam-Webster, "off" more at "of."
    Also, same page "off" again - 1666 1.a SEAWARD

    the all capitol letters is how it appears in this dictionary.

    I suggest forget all that "function word" because looking up "function word" in same dictionary is claimed dated 1940.


  3. I was told by a Texan that Alaskans have always been jealous of Texans due to their size as a state. He claimed "Alaska says they are the largest state in the union but once the ice melts they ain't much bigger than Rhode Island." The metes and bounds of both states may need to be resurveyed.

  4. In the passport division of the U.S. state department there's a definition page showing nationalities and Texas is shown with Texan as the name for/of people. Not State of Texas or Texas Republic or Republic of Texas. Tex"ian" was the original description of the people as "ian"
    was the adaptation for/of Mexican. What I Am Nationality is important But what I am Not is more important to me in that I am NOT a U.S. anything.

  5. If only the Texas Assembly would allow people to participate. We could stand up our state much quicker.