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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Fear Is Always The Enemy

 By Anna Von Reitz

When you fear something you empower it. 

Simple as that. 

So becoming fearless is a necessary part of being a spiritual warrior.  

A giant statue — an idol —of the Babylonian goddess known as The Great Abomination stands disguised as the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. That certainly counts as “standing where it should not be.”

The Cedars and Sycamores prophecy came true at the rededication of the World Trade Centers site. 

The Great Tribulation meaning the 160 years that modern day “Rome” siphoned off the wealth of the world as “tribute” has come and gone. 

Gog and Magog, two brothers, are fighting in the Ukraine, but soon they will pivot and the fight will focus on the Middle East. 

The Ten Kings just revealed themselves — they are the ones that shut their embassies in Turkey just before the “earthquake”. 

The Euphrates River is drying up. 

The Fukushima disaster and pollution and increased underwater earthquake activity has killed a third of the ocean life already 

At least a third of mankind is dying as we speak, a result of the phony “Covid” shots.

The currency situation looks like it will devolve into famine even without a bunch of crazy “government” bureaucrats burning down meat processing plants and infecting chicken farms with bioweapons, torching oil refineries, and causing earthquakes and floods and droughts, and dropping incendiary metallic salts and heavy metal waste on the earth and water. 

And as if there was any doubt, we now know exactly how and when the Roman Church fell from grace and was seduced into profiting from lies in the jurisdiction of the sea. 

No widow, she, for she never had a husband. 

Any questions?  For those who have been watching, the Biblical narrative has been playing out 1,2,3….

Someone is going to great lengths over a long period of time and has spent unimaginable amounts of money to make sure this Do It Yourself “fulfillment” comes true.  It’s the biggest build up and stage production ever. 

But for those of us who can see,  it’s all falling flat as a Vaudeville act that really isn’t funny. 

Yeshuah has nothing to do with any of this. 

So how can you thread your way through the End Time maze? 

Don’t accept the Mark of the Beast — meaning the Belgian estate asset tracking system, which has the acronym of B.E.A.S.T.  And that means don’t take the Covid shot. 

In addition, open up your ears so that you will recognize the true Yeshuah when you hear him—. Because why?  Remember how we recognize our Master from among all the others who might pretend and produce signs and wonders? 

And the correct answer is….

By his voice. 

You will know his voice as a sheep knows it’s shepherd.  

Wait for him.  And stay awake.  


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  1. The Roman Church is a product of Rome. It is an institution the Roman emperors created to re-institutionalize the masses the Roman empire was losing to gospels. All they did was add Yahweh to their pantheon and wallah! They never converted to Christianity. The reconverted christians to paganism.

  2. The Roman Church founded by the apostles is not the Roman Church incorporated by Rome. It is not one and the same. The latter was never in any grace to begin with. A church is the collective of believers under the one true God, not a group of confused idol worshipers.

  3. The 10 countries that shut their embassies in Turkey just before the “earthquake”: US, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

  4. Turkey is being punished for stopping NATO expantion to Finland and Sweden.


    Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  5. I'm scared. Is that the same thing?

  6. False Armageddon - for a False Messiah. Albert Pike's 3rd World War. "We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists ... and provoke a Social Cataclysm." and bring "the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out into public view." That is the arrival of the man of sin - "the rider named Death with hell following" - Osiris manifest possessing Horus#7, aka Apollyon, aka Azazel of Enoch. The eye above the pyramid symbolizes the manifestation of the soul alone, of Osiris, escaped from the Underworld for a time through the vortex/portal/pyramid/CERN to possess a king/Pharaoh.
    "There are seven kings, 5 have fallen and one is... and one is yet to come.". Take note of the 7 demon masks on the base of the Baldacchino pillars, and the "eighth" more defined. Given birth by the woman in travail - the great whore. Look how Osiris is exalted in the center of St. Peter's square, his obelisk blasphemously ejaculating the cross from it - symbolizing the rebirth of Osiris as Christ. Hidden in plain sight.
    "See how the Elect One judgeth Azazel and his host", confirms Azazel the leader of them all - the 7 satans - the great red dragon, one and all. Hidden in Enoch, his name obscured among the 7, but confirmed in his punishment and position. He is the 2nd beast and False Prophet, that "gives life unto the image of the beast" - which HE possessed prior to his bodily release, to rise from the pit - during the 3-1/2 years of God's wrath, at the 5th trumpet. He must make an "image" because Jesus kills Horus #7, which he possessed - the 7th. He is the "8th" when he is freed and rises in his OWN SKIN.
    The man standing upon the waters is Jesus. The one on one side represents time before He comes to Gather His Elect, the other on the other side represents the time on the other side of His coming - to Armageddon, the real one. 3-1/2 years before Jesus comes to Gather His Elect, then 3-1/2 years after, of God's wrath being poured out. Then Armageddon finishes it.
    The angel rising out of the east is Jesus. The precedent is Revelation 1. There is no separate entity, only Jesus - in the form of power and energy of light - Transfigured. Not in the physical form of flesh. As Enoch says of the angels around God's throne - "They appeared as flames as of fire, but could assume the form of am man whenever they wished." Those Elect standing in white robes (new resurrected bodies) around God's throne directly after He rises out of the east, only get there one way. He arrived to send His angels to GATHER them there. He is called an angel because He is TRANSFIGURED into that form of power - hidden.
    The Vatican Baldacchino is the Shrine of Osiris. His throne is seen as within (overlay) the Baldacchino from the main frontal view - the so-called "chair of Peter." The most exalted throne on earth. The "Daily Sacrifice" of the Mass already exists at the Vatican. His throne is prepared there already, for him, the son of perdition - Horus #7 - the "7th king" - the "1st beast." No "rebuilt temple" need apply - which can never be Ordained of God - therefore it is no "holy place" and no "temple of God" - so it can be ANYWHERE.
    No true "temple of God" or "holy place" can exist. Jesus IS that, and after the cross there is none other that God would ever Ordain, therefore NONE is - But - there is that can be called that - the Vatican is that.
    "Standing where it ought not" applies here.

    1. Add and compare the Masonic "REBIS image" to the above "7 kings." Another confirmation that this is not the first "man of sin." It will be the last.

  7. The Vatican Baldacchino - BAAL-dac-chino. Shrine of Osiris. There are 4 angels standing exalted atop the 4 Baldacchino pillars. if you look closely and examine every aspect about the pillars they stand upon, how they are black and serpentine, and how each angel is connected again by a spiraling SERPENTine ribbon, to a globe which represents the earth. In Revelation 7 we see "the four angels standing at the four corners of the earth ... to whom it was given power to hurt the earth and sea." We only find this kind of description of, "hurting the earth and sea", in one other place in scripture, and it is in the same Book of Revelation in chapter 12. "Woe unto the inhabiters of the earth and sea, for devil has come down unto you having great wrath." This happens after war in heaven, when the great red dragon is cast down to the earth, out of heaven. We see this take place during the 6th Seal, just prior to mention of these 4 angels, which are one in the same as those standing exalted atop the Baldacchino pillars, and one in the same as the "stars of heaven." Revelation 6:13 - "And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind."
    The "stars of heaven" are the 7 satans, 4 of which are seen at this particular time. One is the angel of the Bottomless pit/Apollyon/Osiris and another falls from heaven at the 5th trumpet and opens the Bottomless Pit. The other is elusive to find. Those standing atop the Baldacchino are also called the "four sons of Horus", seen most always in depictions of Osiris sitting in his Shrine. They stand atop a Lotus flower, which divides 3 into 1, as a tetrahedron form, which is the true form they assume as they appear in the sky - a tetrahedron formation of red "stars", alternating from light to dark - oscillating as in the REBIS image, and other ancient forms. Shining with light and power - like stars. Only very RED. Literally RED. There is literal reason "they" are called the "great red dragon". They are ALL "Lucifer" and "satan."
    The four are the majority of the collective. The formation of the tetrahedron confirms who they are, that they are these 4 entities, simply four of the seven satans. The tetrahedron formation they assume in the sky is the basis of the Masonic Square and Compass symbol. When they break formation they circumscribe the entire area before spiral SERPENTine-like into the center and disappear. They create a portal to somewhere. To heaven? Likely so. Thuis is very ancient. Realize this has not been seen by but a very few. God bless.
    This is the loosing of the 1st and 2nd Seals. War in heavens begins: 1-28-2011. It ends at the 6th Seal, when they are cast down to the earth. Then white robes before God's throne. 3-1/2 years to his Salvation. "They cried with a loud voice, salvation unto our God." "I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying now is come salvation."" And at that time thy people shall be3 delivered." All the same event.
    This would all mean nothing if you could not see what was being described. Look here at these "7" short videos to get a better picture and to confirm this, or at least begin to.

  8. "Gog and Magog, two brothers, are fighting in the Ukraine, but soon they will pivot and the fight will focus on the Middle East. "

    So... just like the elders of zion had planned in their protocols huh. Weird how she seems to think highly of these Zion CLOWNS.

  9. "The currency situation looks like it will devolve into famine even without a bunch of crazy “government” bureaucrats burning down meat processing plants and infecting chicken farms with bioweapons, torching oil refineries, and causing earthquakes and floods and droughts, and dropping incendiary metallic salts and heavy metal waste on the earth and water. "

    Doesn't appear to be stopping them from creating all these named additional disasters... gotta create the chaos to keep themselves from being held accountable.

  10. Anna you seriously have no idea what your talking about. Leave End Times alone until you know something about it. You are at finger painting level. Contact me if you want to be bought up to speed.


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