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Friday, November 4, 2022

What’s Really Happening

 By Anna Von Reitz

All this confusion is not necessary.

It’s ugly, stupid, and sinful, but, it’s not hard to understand. 

Our Federal Subcontractors are run by foreign governments.  These foreign entities exercise our “delegated powers” as enumerated in the Constitutions, which are all service contracts. 

The Subcontractors engendered a “civil war” on our shores in the 1860’s, but it turns out that it wasn’t actually a war.  It was an illegal mercenary conflict instead.

In the confusion that followed the end of armed hostilities related to this “war”, the foreign Federal Subcontractors saw an opportunity to take over the government of this country by deceit and fraud and non-disclosure. 

So that’s what they did.  They lied through their teeth to the rest of the world and they told us nothing at all. 

They pretended to own us and our country in a custodial trust capacity, claimed control of our labor and our land, and subjected us to the Queen and their own foreign law of the sea.

In order to do this, they maintained a “cloak of secrecy” and didn’t let anyone know what they were doing, because what they were doing was highly illegal. 

But as long as they could keep this up and pretend that we were all voluntarily choosing to adopt their foreign citizenship, they could continue to control us and our assets for their benefit, not ours. 

That was the whole point. 

We could not know that they were stealing us blind, the rest of the world could not know they were stealing us blind and abusing our trust, and as long as those two conditions were met, they could get away with it. 

So, after 160 years of toddling along trusting what appeared to be “our” government, we finally woke up, saw what had happened, and raised the alarm.

They are now shown up to be crooks and in breach of trust, so the rest of the world, including many other countries who have been similarly mistreated by these “British Territorial Forces”—- that is, the “US Raj” — are also waking up. 

This means that all the land and gold and labor assets that the Queen was claiming and that everyone thought belonged to Her Royal Majesty and/or the Pope actually belong to us and the other victims of this crime spree. 

That’s what the confusion is about. 

We are not confused. We have followed and documented exactly what happened. And we have objected and “outted” all the self-interested lies our employees have been telling about us. 

Everyone from the Vatican Chancery Court to the International Court of Justice, from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the US Secretary of State, from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, to the Pope, the Late-Queen, and the Lord Mayor of the City of London, the United Nations Secretary-General, Interpol, and 206 other governments have been told and provided with Due Process. 

Our American Government is still here. We still know who we are. And we have “returned” to our land and soil to claim our birthrights and our assets in every jurisdiction. 

We are not “represented” by these foreign interests which have breached our trust and stolen us blind; we don’t owe their debts. We don’t owe them bankruptcy protection. And we are certainly not any species of British or Holy Roman subjects. 

We are owed the return of all our assets unharmed. 

Imagine a 1940’s Grade B movie, where the heir of a vast estate is kidnapped as a baby and forced to live in poverty and oppression in a foreign land, totally unaware of his birthright…. And then one day, his old wet-nurse comes and finds him and tells him who he is and gives him all the information he needs to reclaim his estate. 

That is what is happening here and now. 

And you are the long-lost heirs. 


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  1. Of "Everyone..." - there appears to may be only one agency that's possibly of the Federal Government: "the US Secretary of State." If this is true then a FOIA request could only be made with "the US Secretary of State" regarding what they "have been told and provided with Due Process" regarding this. Can anyone correct or add to this line of thinking? ......... If not then I may note this as another research project that I might possibly do.

  2. Did Anna use the gold from the bond redemption in the Philippines to keep the banks and insurance companies from going under? Did paying of our debt mean that my house and truck and RV trailer loans are paid? If so how do I notify those people who send me payment I no longer owe them.

  3. Unfortunately ANNA VON REITZ brau is dead wrong and is ignoring me as is PAUL STRAMER. These people are DISINFO SLIME and are rakling in money from naïve CITIZENS. I spoke to Paul on the phone and HE PLAYED STUPID just as I expected and threw my questions and comments to ANNA saying he is just a writer. What a CROC of $hit. I have a BitChute channel that tells the entire story and although I have never done any videos that discuss ANNA and PAUL's website that is full of bull$hit but NOW I thin k it is time to do just that. Here is the link to ALL my vids:

  4. Riddle me this:
    Why would anyone in their right mind "Hire" their enemy who had just been supposedly defeated in the War of Independence as a Federal Subcontractor..?
    Doesn't pass the smell test....just sayin......
    TB Sun

    1. exactly, TB Sun.
      from the third paragraph of our UNANIMOUS Declaration forward, it lists some of the "long train of abuses" made upon families', neighbors', and friends' and HIRING the Abusers would have been unthinkable.

  5. TB Sun...
    lt wouldn't matter if they did win {which by their own acts proves they didn't} bcuz once they stealthily "incorporated" everything and l mean EVERYTHING including your big toe, they commited suicide and haven't had standing since and that means they are dead. Wanta call that a victory? NO! that is not a victory. That is a total lose. And they only thought they were going to make America lose just like them. So as you see, the only ones "standing" are the Americans that have declared their
    "living" status {which THEY cannot do} cuz all of the rest of them are
    dead men. lncorporation kills and America never incorporated, EVER.
    Now for an American, how INDEPENDENT does it get? We Won.

    1. karen gore,
      the British would not have started another War with us 36 years later, in 1812, if we hadnt won our Independence in 1776.

    2. plus we have our Monroe Doctrine: it clearly proves that we won both of the Wars the British started on us, and we do affirm and maintain our separation.
      i:woman say true that: all of this is in effect to this very day; and it is so.