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Saturday, November 5, 2022

“King David” and Charlie Ward

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Everyone Worldwide:

There is no such thing as a “Civilian Commander in Chief” available to the Armed Forces in this country. 

This is because they successfully mothballed the actual American government in 1860 and until we, the actual Americans, hold elections for our presidential office again, there is no American President to act as Commander in Chief.

Now, too late, they realize that they need a civilian commander to have authority for their actions, but they have forgotten which population is “civilian” with respect to them.  

Imagine the problem. They have killed off the actual civilian leadership and are now casting around among their own British Territorial citizenry trying to find a civilian authority to carry their water for them, but this is not possible because their entire citizenry is foreign and exists in a foreign jurisdiction by definition. 

They are all military, active duty, reserve, or retired. They are all here under the Residence Act.  They are all in foreign status regardless of whatever means they employ to define a civilian sector among a military population.

None of them are civilian with respect to the American Government, so they cannot choose among themselves a “civilian commander in chief”.  That is another oxymoron like “sovereign citizen”—- you can’t have a “civilian commander in chief” drafted from a military populace. 

And as for “King David” we thought we made our sentiments clear when we rejected King George III?  

If the military wishes to espouse a king — any kind of king, they do so for themselves and not us, the actual American civilians.


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  1. I don't know what Charlie Ward has to do with this but I do know when I see his name, it's time to be somewhere else. Everything I have ever heard Charlie Ward say is nothing but a load of crap!

    1. I took it to mean that Charlie Ward is full of malarkey and Americans should not listen to his lying pie hole, and BTW, same for that Simon Parks hack...IMHO

  2. then this would show exactly what i have been commenting on, that "anna" has started DELETING:

    THEY LITERALLY SPIN THIS STUFF UP IN THEIR IMAGINATIONS, and throw out STORYLINE after STORYLINE to see what LINE you will bite on that puts one of Them OVER YOU, then CALL IT AS LAW OVER YOU and abuse, punish, and try to destroy your literal life if you say NO!
    theyre trying to get you to accept their imaginary world ["TheMatrix"] in the place of the laws of God!
    man is not required to separate himself from God's laws. Ever.

    1. Please contact me at a junk email 1wheelcar@gmail I would like to hear more you have to say janmarie

    2. And now it is high time you engage in proving your own claims. It is not enough to just sprout forth, as without supporting clarification it remains baseless. Everything from you I have seen is simply baseline rhetoric, for rhetoric's sake. Without this due diligence effort you are do not and will not, rise to the level of a responsible member of society engaging in honest exchange. Do you really think we are too stupid to understand your intentions. Explanations please, that is what we want to see now. Prove your position. That is how it is done. Anna gives proof and it is deep proof, but all we demand from you is just simple shallow proof. Do you think you could at least just manage that much in support of your ? You are not fooling anybody here. When you look at real evidence and study it, what you get is a real story, as the evidence itself is the story. Evidence is not claptrap. Prove the evidence wrong will you please, for without you could only earn yourself the buffoon award!

    3. if you cant handle freedom, its nothing to me. enjoy your chains.

    4. clifford,
      you should have no problem with what im saying. ive said repeatedly: all my proofs are contained in the Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States of America, July 2, 1776 and in the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union; both are still standing and in effect for men and women.
      read them for yourself and after you do, if you have specific, coherent, cogent questions, im more than willing to get into the details with you. theyre in Plain Language though and easy to understand.

    5. I've yet to see any TRUTH from this ANNA @ Clifford Emeric
      Or any PROOF OF CLAIM. So, before you go asking for any
      Lets see some put up first, pretty simple no?
      Oh and I'm not talking more of her articles that prove zilch and are open for interpretation
      Speaking in general says nothing in specific

      I claim the same thing Patrick Henry did, it's established, long running, and has been happening far longer, than she's claimed it has

      Proof in the pudding - See Articles of association 1774 (clause to be rid of the slave trade, completely)
      Observe the constitution (or in her claims, "constitutions") art 1 sect 9
      Protecting the slave trade for 20 years

      Then lets give some thought as to why the FED was kicked from philly in the early years
      Claims of non-payment, yet when looked at along with the articles agreed upon in 1774, it makes infinitely more sense

      Just takes some thought beyond what people tell you, and blindly following it because it sounds right (but isnt)

  3. Like Russel Means said we are all now part of their reservation, under their genocidal plan for others they view as targets to be hunted, abused and penned up like cows

  4. Theres another odd word, Civilian
    Interesting development of it over the years
    -First, Its a compound word(civil + ian)
    -"Judge or authority on civil law" is one of the earliest senses I can find used
    -directly related to latin "Civilis - relating to a citizen, relating to public life, befitting a citizen; popular, affable, courteous" as well as civitatem(civitas/citatem) "Citizen, City"
    -The "-ian" generally means
    (a) "of, related to, like",
    (b) "one from, belonging to, relating to, or like",
    (c) "having a certain profession"

    Research the words used, leads to truth's you'd never grasp without them.
    Words give things their form.

    Big maxim to remember
    Unequal things ought not be joined!

  5. This Military operation started 2016 as soon as Trump was put in office recruited by the White Hats Top Brass Military. He signed E.O. that allow him to become the Commander in Chief of the Military and for Devaluation to take place. This is all a planned event to destroy the NWO bY the White Hats, Top Brass of the Military. We are getting close to the end of the operation so hang in there.

    1. Yeah, about that
      Executive orders? Where did those come from?
      Assumed power is purely that "assumed"
      More of the same games seem like they'd lead to the same results

    2. exactly right TRUTH.
      black/white symbolisms = checkerboard squares on their floors; dark to light; kissinger book: The Grand Chessboard.
      same game, same goal, opposing teams -- controlling both sides of the Fictitious Narrative their Masters Make-Up, that way they never lose.
      just like the BAR Attorneys in their "Adversarial" Courts of Commerce. they ALL "win" through failing to disclose the existence of the "Commercial Remedy"/ the Credit Bond drawn against the man or woman's "TRUST ACCT.".... that they then claim as Abandoned Funds, and split among all the Players, incl. the Vatic and the Crown/s,... right?.... anybody ??? is this wrong?... please share. ty.

    3. for an example, if the MakeBelieve City District of the Moon Goddess, Columbia i
      is playing the BlackHat Cabal/Deep State Administrative /Judicial side of the Narrative:
      that Judges its CitizenEntities by man-made Roman Municipal Civil /Criminal "Law"
      under authority of the Ecclesiastical Municipality: the VaticanCity nation-state
      the MakeBelieve Territorial United States of America is WhiteHat Military,
      and is the Playing the ENFORCEMENT ARM of the man-made Roman Municipal Civil/ Criminal "Law"
      under authority of the Ecclesiastical Municipality: the VaticanCity nation-state,
      then they are two sides of the same coin,
      dark to light,
      the double headed Phoenix,
      the Grand Chessboard.

    4. put in less words:
      the Municipal, UNITED STATES INC, Judicially Administrating Roman Civil/Criminal Law upon State nationals, are Role-Playing the BlackHats
      the Territorial, United States of America Inc, Militarily- Enforcing Roman Civil/Criminal Law upon State nationals, are Role-Playing the WhiteHats then,
      good cop, bad cop: the outcome will be the same.