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Friday, August 12, 2022

Red Herrings, Druids, and Bank Myths -- 3.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is my third rant inspired by the lecture given this morning by the expert in Druidic Symbolism--- he lied outright, even though he might now know that he was lying in this case --- when he asserted that "Americans are prohibited by law from paying for anything."
It's actually exactly the opposite.
Americans have no choice but to pay in gold and silver and gold and silver --- lawful money -- results in actual payment of debt.
This is mandated by the Constitutions --- the actual States and people pay in gold or silver, but all the U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States, that is, our foreign Subcontractors, have to "pay" with credit.
They are the ones that can't pay a debt.
And that is why they do nothing but accrue debt, debt, and more debt.
While we, with respect to them, accrue nothing but more and more and more credit.
That is why their "National Debt" by definition is our "National Credit". That is why we are their Preferential Creditors without exception.
Our Forefathers set it up so that the foreign Congresses had to operate on our credit, so that we remain their Preferential Creditors, and so that when our government is in Session, we have the duty and opportunity to "balance the books".
Who could imagine that our employees would contrive to keep our American Government from coming back into Session for 160 years? ----And just roll through engineered bankruptcies in sequence, instead?
As Fiduciary for The United States of America, I served Notice on the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor that we are ready to do the accounting and balance the books. All fifty States are in General Session and there is no reason that we can't direct the appropriate action --- but the other Principals who have benefited from this whole setup have instead dragged their feet and attempted to ignore the facts.
Because the actual Americans and their Lawful Government are owed staggering amounts of both gold and silver, which is encumbered to promote the vast credit system swindle that our erstwhile foreign Subcontractors have created for their benefit.
Because the actual Americans and their Lawful Government are owed even more staggering amounts of credit based on their gold, silver, land and other purloined assets which our employees have used as collateral backing their debts and as the source of all their trading platform profits.
Because the vast pools of pilfered credit and physical assets have been used to create awe-inspiring Slush Funds often misrepresented as "pension funds" and "charitable foundations" and State Investment Funds, etc., that politicians, churches, foreign governments, banks, and attorneys have profited from --- and don't want to return to the control of the Lawful Owners.
Yet, here we are, and the time has come. For the sake of the entire planet, this craziness in which the Employees order their Employers around, and in which every conceivable aspect of life is turned upside down, must end.
Legal suppositions and wordplay must succumb to reality and fact. Self-interested games and lies must give way to truth and common sense. This entire time that the foreign corporation "Congresses" have been kicking the can down the road toward a "future payment date" they have been buying everything --- and I do mean, everything --- on our credit.
Just like Credit Card Hackers, they have been stealing our identities and pretending to "represent" us to the rest of the world, to enable themselves to access our credit without our knowledge or agreement. And domestically, they have been using prohibited "Legal Tender Laws" to enable themselves to exchange their paper I.O.U.s for our gold and silver, land and oil, and everything else.
All mortgages in this country have been written as "future lease purchase agreements" -- not sale contracts.
All our land which Americans own by grant and cadastral survey and patent, has been placed in State Trusts controlled by the Usurpers, and we have been issued "titles" to facilitate the mortgage fraud which assumes that we are not Americans and not able to pay for anything in lawful money.
This is their tangled web, not ours. It is up to the other Principals, the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor to give a full accounting and to expedite the bookkeeping and return of our assets and our credit to our own control.
We are the Presumed Donors of all their trusts and corporations established in our names and the names of our States of the Union, and now that we have "returned" home and our State Assemblies are in Session---we have the absolute right to dissolve these trusts and demand that the assets entrusted be returned to us unharmed and unencumbered.

The other Principals involved need to be talking to us, not to China.


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