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Friday, August 12, 2022

Red-Herrings, Druids, and Bank Myths -- 2.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

I had my first explanatory rant about the lecture from the Druidic Symbolism expert, but just covering the basics leaves out two side trips worth making.
First, typical of those immersed in this strange religion, he presented half-truths by omission. Just like Satan in the Garden of Eden.... "you won't [immediately] die if you eat this fruit..."
He presented the truth that there are no laws in existence that apply to any of us living men and women --- not Federal, not State, not State of State, not County, not Municipal, not Borough, not Administrative, not Maritime, not Admiralty ---- none of these "systems of law" apply to us and they never have.
They apply, if they apply at all, to "persons" --- and we are not persons. We are people.
Instead, what they do is get us to sign contracts obligating our "persons" to perform in some manner --- to do work, or pay traffic tickets, or whatever else.
And unfortunately then, accidentally on purpose, they mistake us for our "persons".
And they even mistake persons for other Persons and mistake them for still more PERSONS.
This last point is what gives rise to the half-truth of his lecture.
He leaves people to assume that when you sign your name in Upper and Lower Case --- as in Joel Stuart Thomas --- that there is only one "Person" using that name, and this is not the case.
The name "Joel Stuart Thomas" can represent either a Lawful Person or a Legal Person, and the difference is that the Lawful Person stands on the Land and under the "Law of the Land", while the Legal Person is subject to the Law of the Sea.
It is this factoid that the "practitioners" of this Black Magic use to draw people who are owed the Law of the Land into Admiralty Courts. And this is why bar attorneys "practice" law -- the "magic" of unlawful conversion, unilateral contracting processes, and other fraud.
He told another half-truth by omission when he pointed out that the signature line on every check isn't actually a line ---- its a title in micro-print invisible to the naked eye that says, "Authorized Representative" or similar verbiage, thus secretively identifying whoever signs the check as a Legal Person, not a Lawful Person.
So, whether you sign in Upper and Lower Case or not, they get you to sign your Lawful Name and secretly convert it into a Legal Name by conferring an Office upon you, without you being able to physically perceive what they are doing.
He also failed to explain that your Lawful Person is owed all the Guarantees and Protections of the Federal Constitutions, but Legal Persons are not covered by the Constitutions and also, such a Legal Person is considered a Ward of the Queen --- a British Subject.
That's how the Bank Rats "legally" evade their Constitutional obligations to you, by enforcing a contract that you can't even see, under a form of law that actually applies to a British Territorial Officer --- and not to you at all.
And it gets worse.
Not only have they unlawfully converted your Lawful Person into a Legal Person and unlawfully converted your political status as an American into the political status of a British Territorial Subject ----- they have double-deckered the whole scheme, and went on to misidentify you as a Municipal PERSON, too.
JOEL STUART THOMAS is a Municipal Corporation, a franchise of the Municipal United States Government and its UNITED STATES, INC. Subcontractor.
This foreign commercial corporation franchise doesn't have anything to do with the Lawful American Person named Joel Stuart Thomas, but you can bet that the American is being held liable for the debts of JOEL STUART THOMAS, INC.
Just like his physical assets and credit derived from them is being cashiered, stolen, and misused by the British Territorial "Person" named after him.
This is not magic. This is high level financial fraud and deliberate criminal conversion.
This whole scheme got put into gear during the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and has continued on ever since.

And just like it's always the Brits at the bottom of every dog pile, it's the Pope manipulating and profiting from the Brits, and it's the Democrat Lobby acting as the agent for all this criminality, bank fraud, and theft. No wonder so many gutless Democrats are pretending to be Republicans, instead. When the plug gets pulled, they want to be wearing red and already in position to start their game of "Who is really who?" all over again.


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