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Saturday, August 27, 2022


 By Anna Von Reitz

I have explained several times that the name “America” is an English bastardization of the name of the “Armoricans”— a French Celtic tribe that has lived on the Southwestern Coast of Normandy since time forgot.  

They live there still. 

Renown sailors and adventurers, they have been pillars of the French Navy and Merchant Fleet from the beginning of modern history— and that means since French developed as a language. 

They are the ones with the Continental ties to The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and yes, the German Merchant Lords of Wettin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and of course, the French Lords of Normandy itself. 

The Armoricans are the ones that established the fur trade and lumber trade with the Native American tribes at a time in prehistory when population pressure was denuding most of Europe and decimating Europe’s population of fur-bearing animals. 

This all began thousands, not hundreds of years ago, in Megalithic times.  

As a result, Europeans called the raw and distant land where these trade goods came from “Armorica” after the “Armoricans” who traded there in a market protected by treaties that only the Armoricans had. 

You can see their name echoed in a different way in the name of the Native American tribe, the Mohicans, as in The Last of the Mohicans. 
These “Native Americans” occasionally had children as white-skinned as any maid of Flanders, and their bloodlines still run deep into the Northern States and across Southern Canada. 

The Armorican Treaties with the Native tribes were cemented by marriage, thus giving the Kingdom of Normandy its basis for a claim to North America.  

This is also the basis of the famous French Fur Trade they glance over in English history books and which was also contested during the French and Indian War just prior to The American Revolution (1756). 

Can anyone find an official Treaty of Versailles ending The French and Indian War?  There’s a good research project left unassigned. 

If not, this would serve to “negatively substantiate” my surmise that what we call “The French and Indian War” was another Mercenary Conflict separate from the actual wars then-ongoing with Frederick the Great and later, Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe. 

I am reiterating this to show you how the history of France and Continental European nations have been connected to this country far more extensively and intimately than the current generations of Americans have been led to believe. 

Investments of blood and money have tied America and Europe together for centuries before full scale colonization began— and we must understand that the English and Dutch colonial activities violated marital “sacred” treaties that the French, especially the Normans, had with the Native tribes for centuries before 1492. 

And, yes, there is a reason that America is called America. 

The Roman practice of creating a war, then enslaving and indoctrinating their victims through “education” so that they forget who they are and where they came from, has been going on here for a very long time.  Such a rootless and clueless group of people can much more easily be conquered and integrated into the Fourth Roman Empire —- otherwise known as the Fourth Reich. Or “the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.  

That sounds so much better than “Insane Asylum Four”.  

We have reached the point in this process where most of the people reading this have never seen two separate volumes, one entitled “American History” and the other entitled “United States History”—— clearly demonstrating that these are two separate subjects. 

But it is crucial to our survival as a country and to the survival of many other countries that we all wake up and remember who we are and our whole national history— not just whatever the would-be Slave Masters pay to put in front of our noses in “schools for the public”. 

Wake up, now. Don’t wait another hour. 

On September 20th the Federal Reserve will make a Fatal Decision, by September 30th, the Pope will have his wagons circled and all liquid forms of wealth will be collected into the Vatican Bank, by mid-October the stock market will shudder, stall, and then cease to function as a stock market, all commerce and trade will be impacted, supply lines cut, sources of basic commodities shut down, factories idled, and the last surpluses sold out. 

Massive unemployment will be the result at the same time as inflation skyrockets to unimaginable heights. Think of Weimar Germany.  That is what “they” have planned for us. 

If these monsters succeed, millions will be “sacrificed” to their Money God. 

But instead of standing around listening to their BS and excuses, and instead of accepting their new version of Hitler, I suggest that all the people of the world put a stop to it before it gets going again. 

Arrest Jerome Powell and the members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors before September 20th.  Follow up by arresting all the Board Members of all Central Banks and the Board Members of all the corporations that are members of the World Economic Forum. 

Issue new National Currencies that cannot be subject to surveillance and which are the property of nations, not governments. 

Go Icelandic and pay for everything with cash. 

They will try to confiscate or invalidate cash because those Federal Reserve Notes  are physical evidence of their gross debt to you.  Instead, hold them accountable and never be silent again.  

Save yourselves, save your countries, and put these insane people  away where they can’t hurt themselves or harm anyone else again. And if they try to sell you any Hitler-like “Savior” —- learn from the past. 

You must be your own saviors and not believe anything these wretched liars tell you. 

Just remember that these same people told you that America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian mapmaker. 


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