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Monday, August 29, 2022

The Union, The Federation, The Confederation, and the Federal Republic

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Union in this country was created by two important dialectics converging as one. The first was the unanimous acceptance of The Declaration of Independence by the delegates to the Continental Congress in 1776, the second was the American response to changes in Great Britain's political and juridical structure.
Our Forefathers resisted incorporation, because they knew that it led to further oppression, expense, cronyism, lack of accountability, and distress for the General Public. Who could look at the present situation and disagree?
The British were facing their own crisis because the Admiralty Courts had become so corrupt that their debacles like the Bottomry Bonds Scandal threatened to topple the Monarchy. They had to do something. So Lord Mansfield moved the bulk of the disputes in Admiralty to the Land Jurisdiction Courts, and left only four (4) subject matters in the control of the Admiralty Courts.
The Americans objected to this, because while the Brits were attempting to clean up the Admiralty, their means of doing so meant the pollution of the Land Jurisdiction Courts with foreign subject matter and resulted in Land Courts having to deal with Split Jurisdiction cases, often rendering one decision "on the land" and another decision exactly opposite "on the sea".
As one member of the House of Burgesses put it --- "This reform by Lord Mansfield is not ending the disease, it's spreading it."
The "disease" was the endless corruption of the Admiralty Courts invading the hitherto sacred space of the Land Courts.
Amid the pressures created by the British "incorporation of government" and these dangerous changes to the British Court system, the American Colonists embraced The Declaration of Independence, and based on that unanimous acceptance, created The Union.
From the very beginning The Union operated under various names -- with one entity, the original Union, operating as The United States, the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, while another entity, the Confederation, acted as what we would recognize today as a cartel or trade conglomerate representing the States-of-States as the States of America.
These three "instrumentalities" --- the Union of States, the Federation of States, and the Confederation of States-of-States are the three branches of the American Government and they always have been.
British Bunko Artists have attempted to confuse these "three branches of Government" with their own version which counts the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial functions of their corporations as the three branches of their Government.
Once again, deliberate confusion has been engendered so as to obscure which "three branches" of which government we are talking about as Americans versus the three branches they are talking about with regard to the British Territorial and Papist Federal Subcontractors.
Don't be confused any longer.
Beginning in 1787, in addition to its own business, the Confederation of States-of-States began operating the Federal Republic. The Federal Republic was the American Federal Subcontractor operating under the first, sometimes called "original' Federal Constitution issued in 1787. This Constitution has largely disappeared from view. It is distinguished by its name and the way its name is styled as: "The Constitution for the united States of America" and its date in 1787, and also by the fact that it contains the original Titles of Nobility Amendment ratified in 1819 as the Thirteenth Amendment to the Federal Republic Constitution.
So now, you have three branches of the American Government, and one American Federal Subcontractor owned and operated by the Confederation of States, doing business as the Federal Republic and also known as the States of America.
That's the way it's supposed to be when the whole American Government is functioning:
(1) The Union doing business as The United States;
(2) The Federation doing business as: The United States of America
(3) The Confederation doing business as the States of America;
(4) and the Federal Republic owned and operated by the Confederation of States doing business as the States of America.
To this day, the Confederation and the Federal Republic have yet to be reconstructed. Only the Federation and the Union remain. The powers delegated to both the Confederation and the Federal Republic have returned to the Federation by Operation of Law.
We are now responsible for "mowing our own lawn" until such time as the missing portions of our American Government are reconstructed and put into operation by our Federation of States acting to restore the Confederation and the Federal Republic.
This is well-known in other countries and to the Holy See and other governments, but has been well-hidden from the people of this country --- and we, conveniently, are the only ones who can act upon these issues and reconstruct our American Government to its former pre-Civil War functionality.

We cannot allow our Papist or British Subcontractors to establish "a" Federal Republic "for" us.
Such a Republic would not be an American Federal Republic, which Reconstruction demands. It would instead be another "look alike, sound alike" substitution fraud foisted off on us.


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