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Friday, May 6, 2022

Nuke War Close, FOX Ignores 2000 Mules, Inflation vs Roe


  1. also it looks like maybe "John Durham" (anybody ever *see* John Durham?.... :)...i havent) is in Their FICTIONCourts now with a couple'a "filings". :)
    dont forget everybody: in spiritual law, they HAVE to tell us what theyre planning and we HAVE to agree. if they skip either step, they have penalties/ punishments. they didnt tell us last time they tried to ATTACH to us and are trying to get out of "reaping what they have sown"... so far its not working. Everything they try to do is failing.

    they owe us.
    i didnt make that law, i just agree that it is right and, YES!!, should be carried out on them.

    they are blasphemers of our creator... may creator's mercy toward them match the mercy they have shown to their fellow-man; and it is so.


    1. does anyone happen to know which of Their "Jurisdictions" John Durham has "filed", i believe he is the "Special Counsel" --- but maybe not. since he was appointed by the Corps "Attorney" *General*(??).

    2. also concerning UNDESERVED curses/ judgments -- judgments are curses by the way,
      here is one thing: ref:
      in the KJV: proverbs 26:2:
      like a flitting sparrow,
      like a flying swallow,

    3. also, i read year ago that a writing Named "The Book of the Ded", that those who send out curses on a man, dont do it very often unless they are sure it it will be received:
      • because once the curse is spoken by (a) man
      • it HAS to be accomplished; that is: when it was spoken, it was "created", and now it has to fulfill the purpose it was created to do.
      • and its creator sends it out
      • but if the man he sdnt it to doesnt accept it/sends it back being "not received",
      • then it goes back to its creator and its creator receives the curse he created, upon himself.

      ref:kjv proverbs seems to indicate that even if you dont even know a curse was sent upon you, if you did nothing to deserve it, it just flutters around like a bird and doesnt land on you,... youre protected from it!!!

    4. that reminds me of the references in kjv:
      mark 16:18; "...and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them..."

      these are my opinions only!!! just sharing -- always, do be safe and re-search things for yourself!!


    5. at around 13:45 he starts talking about Israel being punished for "k/lling bbs" and the ORGAN HARVESTING, and how now they want to keep the bbs alive for several months so they have live ORGANS.
      i had heard several times that they wanted to be able to k_// them for two or three YEARS.

      all that reminded me about how in the Talmud... people think it says a bb girl can be r_p_d at age 3.
      the passage is Yebhamot 11b... "sexuL in___co___se with a little girl is permitted if she is three years of age."
      there is alot of argument saying it doesnt mean that.
      reference from:
      i tried to open the's article: "Talmud Pe _______ia..." march 2, 2014 that says "....the rabbi must wait until a day after her third birthday." but it goes into an error mode and wont open.
      there are alot of articles denying the verse's apparent meaning.
      i used brave beta search engine.


    6. so it sounds like what the plan for the food shortages is/WAS is to drag it out over another five years, slooowly, so "people wont realize its actually being carried out" it almost imperceptibly, in increments ... so people "get used to it""... dont remove it all at once... just take one thing at a time over five years.... remind them how lucky they are to still have______.

    7. John Durham
      Bruce Willis wearing a CGI mask
      It's his new character
      They build their new persona from the previous old one