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Saturday, May 7, 2022


Is this the key to restoring our Republic and our freedom? Listen as Anna von Reitz helps to unlock the secrets which have allowed two Corporations to steal our government and our birthright in the largest FRAUD ever committed in human history.


  1. SGT is still drunk on Q and Trump kool aid! There are no vicarious saviors!

    1. Well, you're right about the latter: we have to do it ourselves.

    2. Happy Mothers Day, all mothers, especially my mother, and most especially Anna!

    3. imo the right approach is to realize we are *man* and start living be-ing man.
      its going to take more than a few people. they apparently have hoards of otherwise worthless, often dr ugh add ickted

    4. thats: or other people who will agree to attack people they know nothing about in exchange for the promise of being able to parasite as little as a few "crumbs of daily bread" that comes from the labor of, and belongs to, another man.

      those nasty skank parasites, imo, who agree to harm, stalk, track, watch, report, slander and so forth, their peaceful, hard working neighbors, usu. for a cut in what gets stolen from those neighbors: are a big problem bec. generally, they are the ones who actually do the harm.
      also in "play" are good people who mean no harm to anyone, who are recruited as a Smokescreen, to give the Operation a facade of respectability; so we have to be really diligent about getting all the facts about people for the American common law trials we have right to hold and will eventually be holding right here upon the land of our own several "landStates".
      additionally, some people just "get set up" to LOOK like theyve done something wrong..... usu. because they are doing things that are *right*
      this is imo:
      im sensing that now is the time to ratchet our sense of fairness and dignity and level-headed coolness (being like our creator) up over and above even our very "right-eous anger" or were going to get it wrong. we who are PISSED are PISSED for a damned good reasons, yet were still called to right-eous-ly divide what is true from what is false. we are able to do that.
      speaking in general, im going by:
      the measure of mercy that they used on others is the measure of mercy that they selected would be used on them.
      all imo.


    5. Go to her website, all states are represented, click on your state, leave a message. Someone will respond and go over this information one on one, if interested they will take you through the steps, if not, say so and thank them for the information. Knowledge is golden. Maybe you are not in a position to take the leap, but learn what you can!
      In just a few months of gathering historical information, you will be sick to find out what less than 1000 people in our nation has been doing to its citizens. You and me! Government was involved in the sinking of the Titanic and lots of lives were lost for an evil reason.

  2. Trump won these states easily in 2016 and suddenly lost in 2020 (watch 2000 mules movie)

    Arizona – 207k vs 10k margin

    Georgia – 92k vs 11k margin

    Michigan – 226k vs 15k margin

    Pennsylvania – 209k vs 80k margin

    Wisconsin – 83k vs 20k margin

    1. but when are they going to stop the whole charade and let ALL men know what theyve done to man in secret? and start restoring man?
      until that is done, its just more charade no matter how well intentioned some people are, and i trust that some are.
      but its a simple fact: the man harmed has to be restored. and we havent been yet.

      it looks to me like they know this and they are trying to find a way to appease the people so they can keep what theyve taken from us ALL, without our agreement, too often using undue force, and causing massive and irreperable harm to us, man.
      we need organization and leaders and so forth in order to have peace, and have productive Society with one another, but it has to be led by people who CARE about other men, not by men who think its okay to harm others and then run away like a bunch of cowards, trying to keep what belongs to other men: that is not accepted.


    2. I was an electronics hobbyist (early nerd) in SoCal back in '62 when I read about Kern County being one of the first governments to use 'optical' ballot readers. I knew from that moment that we could never trust another election, because people with technical knowledge of the system COULD alter the count. If there's one thing we know from history, if they can cheat, they WILL cheat. And because few people at that time would know how to do it, nobody would suspect it. In fact, the technology would be used to make the claim that it's 'foolproof'. So I've never voted, nor have I even bothered to register. At first it seemed that anything higher than a small, rural city-level election could (and would) be corrupted, but now even local elections seem pretty shady to me. I used to do machine code-level programming in the mid 70's, and know how easy it is to change code, and hide the changes if you're competent AND thorough. Whoever designed the algorithms for the November 2020 'election' obviously didn't take into account the possibility that landslide numbers would be counted - and that's why the counting 'mysteriously' stopped, so they could correct the algorithm for larger numbers than expected ("gee, we have to add another bit!"). That's also why the surreptitious WiFi internet connections were necessary, though the election officials will deny it to their dying day. It's amazing the poll workers had the temerity to adamantly claim that the voting machines were NOT connected to the internet, when poll watchers, of those who were not illegally shut out of the buildings, pointed out that there were clearly visible ethernet cables connecting the voting machines to routers. And that doesn't address the ones which were already pre-programmed to falsify the count. Skeptics who obviously don't know how easy it is to reprogram these machines are referred to blackboxvoting dot org for a good example.

      But, as Anna pointed out, these elections are NOT for "our" government. These are elections for foreign corporation's officers, whether rigged or not. And putting on Kabuki theater to appease the masses is like IBM telling its factory floor workers they can vote for the officers of that corporation, then ignoring their 'election' and holding the stockholder's meeting and the REAL election the next day. It's all to appease the workers, giving them the false image of having some kind of control over their lives.

    3. Watch 2000 Mules documentary movie trailer. This will give you an idea how organized the communist/democrats were as Biden says "the greatest voter fraud organization in history". I do not give two chits about it was "their foreign election" there won't be any thing left of the country for us to govern when Biden's regime is through. WE Americans need access to our assets, our SIA checks, and Vendor cars so we can fund our courts, assemblies, and enforcement - NOW!

  3. What does it matter who got selected as CEO of a foreign corporation? Trump gave us warp speed,bump stock bans and record 6 trillion banker buddy bailout! We have to get over this false 2 party illusion of choice.

    1. yes, its actually a Foreign Election!!

      yes, and im still waiting to find out what ever happened to the 2 plus BILLION dollars that Trumps son in laws father was inprison for stealing from Medicare,.. after Trump pardoned him on Trumps way out the door.

      say there was a usual(?) 10% grift for "BigGuys" -- that would be a quick and cool $200 MILLION just for saying 3 words: "I pardon you."

      so where is the 2 BILLION $ JaredKushners father stole from MediCare, anyway? what "Ac-count"/s did it get put into?-- just asking.


    2. There's much I question about Trump like his debt to the jews thru Rothschild with Wilbur Ross as his Commerce Sect and his unquestioned backing of the Zionists against the Palestinians and more. I believe JFK jr is in the picture with Trump playing everyone in order to decieve the deep state and eventually all will be reversed. I'm an American born in Texas State so I'm not a 14th amendment U.S. PERSON/property so I don't vote but I supported Trump/JFKjr 2020 flags and bumper stickers posted everywhere I went for years. I feel this will ALL be made whole soon.

  4. at the top, click on find your state coordinator. Fill out the contact info and you will be contacted by your states coordinator.

  5. Theoretically my post thank you joogle👿
    They are Sabatian as was Jacob Frank claimed to being the reincarnation of Sabatian Zefi half of the known Jews enthusiastically accepted him as messiah,he thought salvation through sin .
    Undoing of gods law , this is how they can commit murder with ease

    1. thank you bubba,
      youre comments are always relevant... Hidden Gems.


    Peacefully? Before the bullets start flying? Yes. It WILL be restored, one way or the other. Whether the oligarchs and their minions survive is up to them.

    1. jake,
      i think theyre figuring that out and have switched over to "Plan B";
      and are now featuring their "Were Your Saviour" Play/Act/Game in their [as you said>] "KabukiTheater".


  7. Anna, is there some trick the INA or this website is using?
    This is a serious question I have, as I do not want to fill out satanic system forms.
    Why would we have to fill out the forms, record that we were born on the land when...
    "All US citizens are US Nationals" as defined by the INA:

    1. There are US nationals and state nationals, and are not the same.

  8. You're dealing with psychopaths folks and a very long list of shit they've got planned

    For example

    Hmm break up family because their mom is taking all the internet bait?

    Now I'm not immune to this either, be forewarned that all of this shit was an absolute set up

  9. Monkey see, monkey do?

    They need your consent

    1. Witch book are you in

    2. Or are these CON 'ART'IST playing both sides

    3. It's time we all call their bluff

  10. Can't say it enough he never falters from his message

    World Godvernment and DEMOCRACY

    The Democratic non military godvernment run by these psychopaths
    Their new charter the Earth Charter, Earth CONstitution

    1. Say these on the stage fucks are really all big fat friggin lying ass actors and they have CONNED/FOOLED the world?
      These schmucks can keep this friggin play going indefinitely until the LAST MAN STANDING is eliminated for their end game of THEY OWN EVERY LAST BIT OF THIS PLAN(IT) and noone is the wiser that they were one big fucking family of nothing but CONS the fake jews
      They'll jew you out of everything you got including the fake fiat money they created and claim that we're all debtors
      And these two schmucks were who signed the fake ass New Deal for their WWII land grab

      These schumcks even created the band of thieves know as The Who and one of the schmucks played the starring role in the dallas event decades ago

      These mother fuckers literally are laughing their asses off at the sheer stupidity of the people not to be able to see through the mask they all wear
      Even put mask on your fucking faces and jabbed millions for their end game
      They know the friggin play and the score because they wrote it and created all this shit

      And they've preplanned the end game big time

      Fake ass biden is ready to sign our so called healthcare system over to the UN and the WHO
      A member of their families feeding the sheep to the wolves of braindead healthcare providers who are just as dumbed down and blind as the rest of us

      The believers are still sleeping

    2. It's just more and more shit to fleece the people of that fake money these counterfeiters print

      Insurance companies these fucks own and stealing lands and properties is what they do

      Progressive commercial - we'll make heaven a place on earth
      That is their heaven NOT YOURS
      It will be hell for anyone not of the families unless you consent and go along with the program(ming)

      Step right up, sign up and get on board the mother earth ship that we chartered, it's the new and improved UN, WEF, WHO
      DEMOcratic World Parliament and the Earth CONstitution
      All liars

      Have to demo everything to make way for the new

    3. Here's their global health 'germ' team to the rescue
      Right on cue (Q) oh the irony
      Ramp up their 2030 agenda with more shit

      Fraud Biden/Astaire ready to sign over the healthcare system to the UN and The WHO
      Right on cue (Q) oh the irony

      And they have absolutely no authority to do so
      They're all frauds/fakes
      It's all a fake and broadcast to the whirled for the soul purpose of brainwashing the masses and stealing everything in their path as they go

  11. Union,Federation, Confederation
    Land sea air

  12. MonicaMcGuire/CaliforniaMay 8, 2022 at 3:23 PM

    It is good to clarify that this video is not new, it is from March 20, 2021 (or possibly earlier - please edit the title to show the original date this was recorded.) Also, people will benefit with further added info via the article by Deborah (using many compiled Anna articles) explaining how what we ARE is a republican form of "Government by Committee"

    1. IMPORTANT!! See: our Articles of Confederation:
      Article 9, paragraph 5 for use of "A committee of the states,..."
      appointed in Congress assembled, "to fit in the recess of Congress."


    2. the only place "a republican form of government" is ever mentioned is in their FOREIGN "U.S.Constitutions", and their FOREIGN U.S. Constitutions are not American common law!!

      theyre not common law at all!!
      How could they be?!!:):):)

      Anonymous said "
      "...AnonymousMay 8, 2022 at 6:53 AM
      Why is it so difficult for you guys to understand living things are of land jurisdiction and dead corporations are of the Sea jurisdiction. Sorry you weren't taught this in school but it's really not difficult to understand."

      it is difficult to understand in a way though because even though its so simple, were constantly barraged with information like this that calls some Man-Made creation "common law"!!!

      they need to give it a rest already imo!



    So is democracy really self government

    Hmm The Word Foundation??

  14. AZ woman just watched '2000 Mules' Now that's the anger I wanted to see for over a year now, now we're getting somewhere.

    "“Good morning. My name is Lisa. And I watched 2000 Mules last night and I’m a voter in Arizona. I’m so angry this morning I’m shaking. But I’m going to try to get through this without saying the F word. And if you follow my page, you know that I like to smile and try to keep it all positive. But this morning… many of you people may know who this is, is Dr. Shiva. He has four or five degrees from MIT and all kinds of fancy stuff. And as a mathematician, I understood his empirical data that he collected from the digital database of the states of where the anomalies occurred. Okay. Now, as a mathematician, I understood that a lot of people would not be able to interpret that data correctly, they could see the blips and the glitches, right. And as someone who voted on voting day for Donald John Trump, I noticed anomalies happening at the polls, there were tech support there, their tabs were down, I made multiple phone calls, I even tracked to see if my vote had counted.

    Okay, so this is not something that I’m not familiar with. And coming from the state of Oklahoma, I knew had worked in the poll stations out there, how it’s done, and I knew something wasn’t right. Okay. Then I went home that night, and I watched the glitch occur. By the way, I’m going to call out Bret Baier, how dare you? How dare you Bret Baier, put on ash on your forehead and call yourself a Christian? You’re the reason we’re in this mess. Fox News called Arizona 7:01. I knew they were wrong. And that what that did was cause everyone else to have cover.

    If you are in a country, anywhere on this planet, you need to watch this movie, it will explain to you how these governments have committed treason against our countries. This is organized crime at its finest. And the fact that the law enforcement field has done nothing just proves to me that laws don’t matter anymore. So they don’t matter for you guys. They don’t matter for fucking for us.

    It’s time for the blindfold to come off Lady Justice. And let’s get this shit figured out. I am not leaving this shit for my kids and my grandkids to deal with. And I’m on a mission from God. And I’m telling you right now, you’re about to vote on the 22nd the WHO is to strip our sovereignty and I’m telling you right now as God is my witness, he will raise an army like you have never seen before. And there will be no fucking deals in the end. You better fix this. Somebody better fucking fix this. And if it has to be people like me, you’re not going to like how we fucking fix it. Watch the movie. You’ll understand why your school boards, it’s all fucking crime. All of it. It’s over.” – Angry Mama Bear on a Mission from God"
    "Here’s the link to watch 2000 Mules right now, for free. Click on “ let me view this content first”. I just finished watching the movie (1hr, 28min) and it is VERY compelling!!"


  15. if this woman is actually for real and not just a part of the "MamaBears" who have made the rounds onto all of the "Influencers" youtbue channels then just THINK how righteously angry she is going to be when she finds out its NOT EVEN A VOTE FOR THE LEADERS OF OUR OWN COUNTRY BUT IS JUST A "MONOPOLY MONEY"-type VOTE THAT IS AS FAKE AS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATES, COMMERCIAL COURTS, THE FOREIGN U.S. CONSTITUTIONS, FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES AND SO FORTH.


    1. i mean seriously, when people find out that its an election for a FOREIGN CORPORATION, where its actually the FOREIGN CORPORATIONS CORPORATE POLICYMAKERS who are the only ones whose votes actually count--
      that theyve INTENTIONALLY PLAYED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, by pretending to the American people like the peoples "vote" counted for anything besides maybe a "poll":
      your polling place
      see you at the polls
      it will be veeeery interesting to see how that gets explained to the people.

      thats how their FOREIGN Corporations "republican form of government" is run though. again, See: Plato's "The Republic". its a caste system. india has a caste system. people dont even know what a republic is.