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Saturday, May 28, 2022

New Foreign Agent Registration Act Administration

 By Anna Von Reitz

I was contacted today under ambiguous circumstances and presented with the news that the newest administration of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) requires people to sign a Blank Wet Ink Signature Template --- must be attached to all e-filed registrations. 

You all know that I am no fan of registrations of any kind, and I am especially not in favor of this one, because it invites very serious abuses. 

The idea behind the Foreign Agents Registration Act was to force hidden foreign agents out of the woodwork, so that the General Public would know who they are and where they are working -- and most of all, that they are working in a foreign capacity. 

In real life of course, the actual Foreign Agents that were the targets of this legislation did not come forward and did not comply, with the result that the vast majority of attorneys, medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, real estate agents, pharmacists, insurance agents, psychologists, psychiatrists, morticians, coroners, and others subject to licensing have not registered as Foreign Agents. 

Most of them don't know that they are acting as Foreign Agents. 

I can verify from my first-hand experience that only one (1) guy out of thousands of attorneys and judges that I and my compatriots talked to over the course of seven years knew what we were talking about, and had his FARA registration in place.

So the Foreign Agents Registration Act was a bust.  Virtually nobody complied and to be fair, if people don't realize that they are acting as Foreign Agents, why would they register?  

Fast forward, now the Federal Government is ramping up for enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, but what they are now requiring goes too far and exceeds any intent that the legislation ever had.  

By requiring the wet-ink signature template -- unattached from any actual contract or specification --- these people are being required to literally sign their lives and all their property interests and Power of Attorney away, too. 

They are being placed utterly at the mercy of the "entity" --- whatever it is at this point --- that is forcing them to register, simply in order to engage in occupations of common right, and that is not why FARA exists. 

FARA exists to raise the awareness of the General Public of the presence and activities of many people working in licensed occupations in this country, who are being influenced and coerced by foreign governments.  

Those same foreign governments, which are actually commercial service corporations, are requiring licenses to provide services to their employees and dependents and then "offering" to subject those who care for all of us -- Free Men and Slave alike -- to enslavement and threat of loss of their own tenuous political status and private assets if they don't tow The Company line. 

This overreach is not within the intent of FARA and it will likely be challenged by any attorney or doctor or psychiatrist who isn't brain-dead.  

Nobody in this country --- not even a snake of a lawyer -- should be required to sign over everything they have as a pre-condition of conducting business or engaging in a profession, because it allows the Unknown Authorities to capriciously and arbitrarily punish people and invites politicization of the professions.  

Doctors and lawyers and other professionals would be enslaved and would have no recourse to defend against political manipulation.  And the same filthy "system" of hidden enslavement could be extended over time to manipulate scientists, political candidates, immigrants, and others. 

Public Awareness of the hidden menace that can be caused by having hidden Foreign Agents at work in our communities and an equal Public Awareness of the pressures these people are facing because of closed shop unions like the AMA and mis-administration of laws like FARA are like a two-edged sword -- and the whole situation calls us to action.  

We must object to the licensing of occupations of common right and to the coercive, hidden, manipulative demands that are being placed on these other Americans, because if their rights are endangered, so are ours.  If their Powers of Attorney are being stolen in the process of complying with a Federal law, then it is time for the Federal law to be overhauled. 


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