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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Important Civil War News for All Americans: Today

 By Anna Von Reitz

In seeking to end "the state of war" that our Employees created and to reinstate the actual government of this country requires a number of epiphanies and corrections quite apart from any solutions being offered by the military--- whether it's the active duty military or the hidden Shadow Government of the GAR. 

First, we must recognize what has actually happened and where we are and who is in charge. We must admit that the American train came off the trolley 160 years ago. 

Second, we must realize that all members of the military are by definition U.S. Citizens and they are obligated by that political status to act as British Territorial Subjects owing allegiance to the British Monarch. 

Third, their political status as U.S. Citizens means that they cannot act as American State Citizens. 

Fourth, their inability to act as American State Citizens means that they cannot make decisions for the States of the Union and cannot, for example, reconstruct the American Federal Republic. 

Fifth, the most that the military can do is to create a new British Territorial Federal Republic and call it "a" Federal Republic.  

Sixth, the political status of the military also requires them to operate under Federal Code, including the United States Code of Military Justice; and, as British Territorial Citizenry, they don't have access to any Constitutional Guarantees.

Seventh, the political status of the military limits them to residing in "States of States" which are British Territorial corporations operating in foreign legal jurisdictions, thus they can "legally but not lawfully" reside in a British Territorial State of Illinois, but they cannot actually live in Illinois, the physically defined State of the Union. 

Eighth, these States of States are called Confederate States and over time people have lapsed into calling them "States", but it is important to realize that the States of States in operation now are not American States of States --- they are British Territorial businesses ostensibly conducting business "for" the States of the Union in our purported absence -- and they are not actual States, much less sovereign States of the Union. 

Ninth, this state of war that we have been living in for the last 160 years can never end without action by Americans who are competent to act as State Citizens declaring the peace among the Several States of the Union and ordering their Employees to stand down --- and this has been accomplished:

Tenth, there is no longer any legitimate basis, lawful or legal, for anyone to maintain the idea that a state of war exists in this country, no basis for any presumption of enmity or conferring any "Enemy Combatant" status on anyone or anything--- and then using that as an excuse to confiscate their assets or suborn them into compliance with foreign citizenship obligations. 

More to come.... 


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  1. mankind has been in a perpetual state of 'war' ever since & continually ignores this voice of instruction; Yehshua said: Is it not written in the prophets, put your burn't offerings & away with them, & cease you from the eating of flesh. For The Eternal One said: I spoke not to your fathers or instructed them, when I brought them out of Egypt concerning these things. But this thing he commanded saying: Obey my voice & walk in the ways I have instructed you, & you will be my people, & it will be well with you. But they harkened not nor inclined their ear. [Essene GOP] ...