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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Important Civil War News for All Americans: Tomorrow

 By Anna Von Reitz

Over time the complex system of quasi-military control of this country created by the "state of war" has been utterly corrupted and has broken down; present day inheritors of this system never knew the American Government as a complete, functioning reality, and they were not taught anything about it in the British Territorial-sponsored Public Schools. 

The tradition of teaching both American History and United States History in tandem quietly ceased in 1976, when then-President of the United States of America, Incorporated, Jimmy Carter, sought to set aside our sovereign American Government by donating our states and state offices to the United Nations.  See the International Organizations Immunity Act to see how Carter attempted to wash his hands of responsibility for this, and at the same time, hold the United Nations harmless for accepting his offer. 

Jimmy Carter was our Employee; he had no authority to surrender our sovereignty "for" us. 

He sought to operate America as a permanent British Territory populated by the U.S. Citizens -- all Subjects of the Queen and chattel properties used as collateral by the United States of America, Incorporated. In pursuit of this, he sold all the Municipal CITIZENS to the IMF, as additional collateral backing his plan. 

While the quasi-military government "presumed" that anyone who wasn't in the military was an Enemy Combatant, they arbitrarily conferred Municipal citizenship of the United States on everyone else, without the victim's knowledge or consent.  This is a conundrum yet to be corrected, as millions of American civilians were deliberately misidentified as Municipal citizens of the United States and treated as Enemy Combatants and otherwise impersonated and abused.  

Most recently, these military elements have conspired with other military organizations worldwide to steal private family trust assets to fund their own world government.  

These lawless acts of  theft, tyranny and treason against the national governments of the world are being promoted as something wonderful and good, when in effect, all they have done is to steal a lot of private assets under False Pretenses, and are now about to make themselves out as heroes for doing so.  

We, Americans, are the Donors of the Trusts they have seized upon.  The D'Avila Family Trust belongs to the D'Avila Family.  The control of the St. Germain Trust belongs first and foremost to the Saint Germain Family Donors and must be administered as an American Common Law Trust for the purposes stipulated by the Trust Indenture. 

The only way for the Generals and Admirals to make any of this right and go forward into the future with a clean slate is to admit that these funds don't belong to any Enemy Combatants and never did belong to any Enemy Combatants. They belong to us, individual American civilians. 

Their QFS System and its funky Company Store crypto currency is just another rendition of the Federal Reserve System wearing different colored spots.  It serves the same purpose of controlling the civilians and feeding their own civilian assets back to them as "rewards".   

Put another way, they steal the apples from the farmers, then take credit for this crime, and command control of the distribution of the apples. 

How is this any different from Communism or Fascism, either one?  

It's not.  The only difference is that this regime is being imposed by criminal elements of the military and the agencies spawned by the quasi-military government, instead of arising naturally as a political movement.  


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  1. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you Anne but you don't have any right or authority to instruct people on what to learn or direct anyone but yourself on" the way" to go. God gifted us all with the free will to choose for ourselves. Your tendencies to try and dictate and modify others thinking and free will choice to match yours is the opposite of a free and self governing people, in fact as a Christian you should know that Christ warned against judging and exercising ruleship over your neighbor. WITHOUT FREE WILL CHOICE THERE IS NO LOVE AND A MAN IS NOT A MAN .
    I CHOOSE BY MY OWN FREE WILL TO DISAGREE WITH MUCH OF WHAT YOU ARE ADVERTISING. When someone does not agree with you, instead of having a mature exchange you shut your lights off and hide and try to punish the free thinker.
    Lady with all due respect we are not your subjects or slaves and you have no right to appear out of no where as a savior and leader claiming to restore the Republic of America as free nation and free people then try to direct the people on why they are here, what they must know and must not know or study and what it is they are here for.

    See how this all looks and sounds ? Your pushing a free country and society yet the people are not to be free minded and test the spirits and accuracy of you and what your selling? Makes zero sense and makes you the only magician ( that a true leader would never call any people trying to learn and love how to be and learn what true freedom is). Here.

    Yes, magicians as you stated only want " their story and truth" to be , but free people who are truly seeking true freedom will settle for nothing less than the whole truth. It may benefit you to learn about humility and other things too. very important. Just a suggestion.

    1. stanley,
      i believe you are right.
      i posted three short comments earlier today and someone wiped them out just minutes after they published... i sincerely doubt that it was paul stramer.

      what i said that for some reason was wiped out by someone is that:
      us, the men and women living under the laws of nature and of natures God, under authority of our unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, July 2 (two), 1776 and our Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, DONT HAVE:
      1. a Hereditary Head of State: that is COLONIALISM!!! Foreign!
      2. a Fiduciary: that is Vatican:Canon Law Trust Law type /Sea Law:Legal: Corporate FICTION! Foreign!
      3. a National "Grandma".
      4. Self-Appointed "Officers", "Judges", even if "volun-teering".
      5. any Rome/Papacy-issued "Sovereign Letters Patent":
      we dont need to ask the Popes permission to live on the God-created land God formed us from and chose to have us born upon;
      nor do we need another mans permission to use what God created and gave each of us our own portion of to use as we so-choose!
      6. two flags [one for war and one for peace, BALONEY!!]
      7. a Republic, ...we have chosen to create Free and Independent States.
      China is a Republic
      Congo is a Republic
      Cuba is a Republic
      Ukraine is a Republic
      Bangładesh is a Republic
      Afghanistan is a Republic
      Uganda is a Republic
      Singapore is a Republic
      Serbia is a Republic
      Rwanda is a Republic
      Nicaragua is a Republic
      Korea is a Republic
      Kenya is a Republic
      Iraq is a Republic
      Indonesia is a Republic
      Turkey is a Republic
      Guatemala is a Republic
      El Salvador is a Republic
      and on and on.

      and it is so.

    2. We, Americans, are **NOT** "Donors of the Trusts" the Pope and His Army of A-TORN-ers made up!!

      How dare you keep on trying to blame us for the harm YOU YOURSELVES have apparently CHOSEN to cause to other people??!!
      The harm, if any, YOU have caused, YOU will stand for, not us.

      And the Pope is just a man.
      Americans dont Donate PEOPLE to men!!
      Whats the matter with you?
      have you LivingLawFirmers flipped yo' wigs up there in alaska?

      Where is the lawful agreement recorded showing the mamas "Donated" their new born sons and daugters/ gifts from God to the Pope and his Attorn-ers /other?
      yeh, thats RIGHT,
      if there is, where is it? put it out here for the people to see.

      the man they call 'jesus' said its better to hang a millstone around your neck and throw yourself into the sea than to harm one of his little ones.
      if you dont have an agreement with the mother from her intent to "Donate" her baby to you and your Masters, i believe y'all have moved yourselves in to what my dear cradle-Catholic bosom buddies and my cradle-Catholic family members explained to me is called MORTAL SIN.... And forget it: no man can tell you to go harm another man, and then turn around and forgive you for hurting someone HE told you to go harm!! you know thats just stupid.

      And pentecostals might warn you that youre getting dangerously close to committing the UNPARDONABLE SIN... blaspheming the Holy Spirit of God... that will not be forgiven in this age or in the one/s to come.

      since jesus said youre better off to go drown yourself than to harm one of his little ones, maybe y'all better rethink this "The Mamas Donated their New-Born Babies to Us We Just Decided Not To Tell The Mamas" schtick??
      its not lookin' so good for ya.
      just a lil friendly unsolicited "Heads-Up", tryin' ta keep the flames from licking at your feet.


    3. We are absolutely not donors to some Trust the commie pope calls a gift to Americans to operate In commerce, to try and save himself from the noose. Let's think about this. Shall we? ..Why would Anna want to label us as donors? One who gives something without receiving consideration for the transfer. 2. Settlor. A person who makes a settlement of property: especially one who sets up a trust. Who is a person? Who set up the trust? who's trying to settle as the settlor? As donors are we giving something without receiving consideration for the transfer? What are we being deceived into giving? Transferring what and to whom? What say you Jean-Marie?

    4. To: Stanley Merrill, women:janmaire, Trace - Not one of you is a donor, factually because you claim to be not donors? Thus not inheritors of your lineage?; But, alternatively or by default you may well inherit the whirlwind?

      (refer KJV Hosea 8:7 For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.)

      Maybe watch the movie (for entertainment only) "Inherit the wind"

    5. . . . and then for more amusement, watch "Gone with the Wind."

    6. King James Bible. Proverbs 11:29
      He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.

    7. John Adams, observed,

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”1

      He wasn’t the only Founding Father to hold this view. Indeed,

      James Madison wrote that our Constitution requires “sufficient virtue among men for self-government,” otherwise, “nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another.”2

    8. reality factor,
      in your opening paragraph, it sounds like you are trying to say that because we Americans know and say that our mothers did not "Donate" us to the Pope and his gaggle of Parasiting At-TORN-ers that we have "lost our inheritance"?!!!
      you cant have meant that! so, what did you mean? i really want to know... you sound like youre trying to make an important point that you believe has serious spiritual consequences. would you mind re-wording your main point?
      thank you!


    9. We need you each: women:janmarie, We need you Trace, we need you Stanley Merrill. We need all of you, or so I believe: To thrive, survive, flourish and to prosper? But, I may be wrong?

      Most importantly to me, women:janmarie, thank you for invaluable inquiry - imho.

    10. reality factor,
      If "The Pope and his "B'rith- ish" Attorneys" are worshipping "The SunGod or Saturn/ Lucifer/ Snake/ other", then they and anything they have to do with are NOT "American".

      we Americans are under authority of our creator.
      he is the same one who created our home, "The Earth", for us to enjoy.

      we, Americans united and declared to the world through the States we created for our benefit: (whose ONLY power is that which is derived from and is ENTIRELY dependent upon us, the governed, giving the People/Elected/ Electors our consent for them to do so !!!--- DofIndep, parag.2):
      that we *...assume among the powers of the earth our seperate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of natures god entitles us.*-- DeclofIndep, first para., paraphrased.
      ... in other words, if the Basis of someones Claim of Authority over us Americans is other than that, then, it is not part of the united States of America and it is therefore FOREIGN to us American people and DOES NOT APPLY TO US AMERICANS.

      if someone else wants to go under FOREIGN authority, please... GO!! Enjoy yourself!! Americans will not stop you.
      But us Americans, we are staying free and independent/ NOT dependent [<<<< a JOHN111 point] and are staying under authority of our creator.
      OUR CHOICE!!


    11. reality factor,
      you are welcome!
      your ideas are very interesting. hope you keep commenting.
      i agree with you, we need to consider everyones ideas and input in order to "Get it Right".


    12. trace,
      i say:
      it looks like you have been studying and perhaps have alot to share with people?
      concerning your:
      "why would "annavondottemoc" be trying to make us into Donors?"
      wow, fantastic!! :):).. and in addition to using "Donor" and "Settlor", i believe they also throw the Term "Grantor" around.
      i believe you are asking questions we can all benefit from knowing the answers to. following up a little on those questions, ive stumbled across the Trust Act of 1939 (or something like that) ....then it looks like maybe "they" passed "laws" negating it!!! ...not for sure tho... will be looking into it over this Holiday weekend.
      either way though, it doesnt actually matter to us Americans because it is FOREIGN to us, as well as being FICTIONAL Vatican-Created dead entities.

      we do not have to participate with the Vatican / B'rith-ish in order to participate in commerce (or trade either).
      we participate in both, from right:
      concerning commerce:
      Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union:
      [Decl of Indep, last parag.]
      Article Four, "first mention".
      Article Nine.

      one more thing,
      i would be interested in the future in hearing your overall assessment about how THEIR Trusts are Structured.... in particular, your thoughts about what i believe they Named: The *Contents of the Trust*.
      im interested in comparing notes with you if youre interested.


    13. Correct me if I am in error, please.

      Assembly versus? Society:

      Assembly - To Build. And/or a coming together of the non-affiliated, non-affinity groups to construct (re-?) by use of those few (or many) tools they in fact they DO share in common. For their broader common well-being and defense. Although they do not form a "society."


      Society - a close affinity group of affiliated and of like minded (or commanded), who are divergent from others or other groups:" Perhaps even so divergent as to be un-willing to form in an Assembly of others who are "not of their society" YET with whom we are challenged to share the the same Life support/game field (earth/world/whirl)

      Assembly - is inclusive (by necessity)
      Society - is exclusive (by intent)

      . . . but I am simply guessing.

    14. Reality factor, you are absolutely right not wrong. We need each other indeed, we were created to love one another as much as we love ourselves. Must be serendipity meeting such one as you in such an unkiley forum. Can you give a contact email in order to perhaps move on to the next level. Please do if you will. Am pondering your correspondence Jean-Marie, will let you know.

    15. Is this now, not a suitable forum? Pleased to interchange here: ideas, prayers, hopes, dreams, inquiries, puzzles, truths etc. - General discussion and learning.

    16. Then again scratch that request, I would not want to give my personal contact on this platform. We can just continue through ESP and Telepathy. See you 😘 there brother. One more thing...We are neither donors or non donors of anything of this world. We are servants of Jesus the Christ. Would never , even unto death, sell out my Inheritance to my lineage☆☆☆The seed of Abraham. Only the souls who fail to do the will of our Father will inherit the whirlwind you speak of in Hosea. Those who default/ sell out their Inheritance ( majority of earthlings)for a bowel of mullet and continue seeking after IDOLS shall be under Curse, and indeed are under curse, for not Living Up To the Terms of God's Covenant. Deuteronomy 28.

    17. It all depends how you define "suitable" and why what and who you are here for.

    18. Our creator birthed here, among his mankind, legacy, lineage, a perfect messenger angel "(The) Christ" with a perfect name "Jesus" (Yashua, Yeshua, Joshua, etc.) meaning "the Lord Saves."

      And he came with a wonderful counselor description "Immanuel" (Lord/God with us?)

      And Jesus informed us (so the bible says?) "I am the way, the truth, and the Life . . ."

      May I invite you, if ever you seek and Jesus seems insufficiently near to, seek also "the way, the truth, and the life" and you may find you are nearer to Him.
      Or so it seems to me.

    19. Your lineage, legacy seems to have been very cleverly stolen away from you? I suppose you will pray and receive reply as to how you may recover what has been stolen, and perhaps one day recover what is yours, His, ours?

      Truthfully, I do not know.

    20. I Am One fully Indwelt and in armony with the Holy Spirit of God( the reL one). Nothing has been stolen from me nor have I sold out. S

    21. Meant -Harmony. Perfect Harmony. Nothing lost here. For anyone who believes they need to blame or recover something stolen from them they have already forfeited their Inheritance. They can not be. In the light of God and truth without virtues like humility and forgiveness, THE NATURE OF GOD.
      We may all need to realize the need of Repentance and then take a honest look at what side of prophesy they are really on.

    22. Are you for real?Nobody can destroy the seed of Life that is in the BLOOD! Unless you sell out to Evil and exist as a slothful swine allowing yourself to be bkind being led by the blind! How about you . Do you walk your talk? IF Christ showed up with a recording g of your life today would it show you were a doer of his word? Would you be in his book? ARE YOU SURE? FOOD FOR Your Thought. Well back to taking care of the widows and orphans without the world's help.

    23. 1) Hallelujah - Nothing, from you has been stolen, nor sold away, nor given away. But you do full well know full the thief may have an eye on what you have, and an eye upon what thief wants. You do wear the armor, yes?
      2) Pray there be no destruction of the seed of life, that is in the blood - do not receive injects of genetic adulterants. Do no eat genetic adulterants. Do not commit any from of adultery. When asked what do I need to do to get to heaven, Jesus replied,"if you want to enter life, obey the commandments, if you want to be perfect and enter heaven SELL everything, and follow me."
      3) . . . you may prefer to pray for answers where your questions remain. I have no answers for others doubts. For those who believe no answer is necessary, for those who do not believe, no answer will suffice.

    24. woman:janmarie - finally somebody answered my challenge 'define American'.
      reality - correct on 'assembly'. That's why the early townships and counties formed them.

      It's not that Anna's wrong, it's just there's so much ignorance AND misunderstanding of the basic concepts she's trying to get people to grok. Many of them from The Informer's research (which needs further discussion, as I see there's some discontinuity in her presentation). Go to THAT source on YT's RUAI AND in archive (.) org's captures of ATGPress as well as thinkorbeeaten (where Vyzygoth's material was hosted). She's just trying to TEACH people what they need to BE self-sufficient. Kinda like a history teacher, and not a brow-beater. We MUST get this correct, this time, with FULL understanding, not the half-baked stuff that went on back in the late 1700's that left the poorly educated common people out of the loop.

      BTW, Clif's post today on 'noosphere' is one of the best I've read in a while. We NEED to really think, and clearly, about everything now, and not let somebody else do our thinking for us.

  2. Is it really so easy to deprive someone of their free will? When Mr. Merrill puts forth his own substantial and clear offerings in rebuttal to Anne's immense contributions to our understanding and freedom, rather than whine that her mere words endanger his free will , he might be taken seriously.

    1. Dasa, thank you for your response. Who said anything about deprivation dear? Is not for me to infringe on others free will to choose, just as God never did so with Adam and Eve . He did give fair warning.
      Many are seeking in a fallen world , a guru or savior. Anne is free to offer her hearsay just like the rest. But I have found that what she is advertising is just no so. Only fair that I have a right to free speech as do you.

      Was merely reminding her, it is not Righteous to degrade and or silence others who may not see any immense contribution from her works.
      Baby's whine and cry when they are hungary for something, or even afraid, I have not been a baby for a long time now.
      A little contribution**** The only endangerment I see is in putting our trust in a mere human instead God Our Father. When we do this we are in my opinion cutting ourselves off from true freedom and the truth that only comes from God and is the only one that can Make us Free. It is through compassion we learn to care about our neighbors freedom as much as we care about our own.

      Of course we all have the right to choose who we shall follow man or God. the scriptures clearly state we cannot serve both.

  3. Anonymous j. You and those of us who are studying this priceless information should be the DOers

    1. "anna" probably cant comment on or "re-butt" what is posted in the comments here due to not having sufficient lawful and "verifiable" sources that prove the Articles' claims!?? just guessing.
      they rarely, if ever, provide any.
      Perhaps that is a tip-off that the LivingLawFirm/"anna" are not writing about actual, provable facts, but rather, what comes from their imaginations??!?
      are they just men who are the Federalist Society Members '/B'rith-ish, BAR Society Members/ others trying to Construct a Federated Republic under authority of their own *not- agreed-to -by-us*, meandering "Constitution"/other Construct, to lay over the top of our Confederated Union and smother it?
      if so, thats not working for me.
      we Americans have our own Confederated Union that we created under authority of our beloved creator, from consent from the people.
      i:woman do say it be in effect.
      Americans do not agree to anything else... if we do, we will write it ourselves. :)
      a Federated Republic under authority of some mens Construct: his "Constitution"/other, belongs to the men who Constructed it, not Americans!... let them live under it themselves, in peace!

      i:woman say true that:
      we Americans are free of other mens whims and preferences and commands and threats and institutions/Constitutions! our creator gifted us with rights that no man or other can just simply take away or deceive us or force us into giving up without severe penalties and punishments coming upon them from our creators own hand: and so i:woman agree and say that for i:woman:
      such penalties and punishments due for such harms done to i:woman, if any, is right and just, and i:woman do agree that the penalties and punishments be done upon those men who cause l:woman harm.

      and YES, if anyone is wondering, i:woman just:
      • returned the judgments and curses they (may have) laid upon me without law-full reason, if any: back to AND upon them where their Constructs right-full-y belong
      • so they can work their *magi-ck* upon the sender, not upon i:woman
      • in full measure, with a multiplied harvest: 10x;
      and i say and agree that it is right and just to punish and penalize men and women who knowingly participate in causing harm to peace-full men who have harmed no man.

      here are some "supporting" examples and refs and "exhibits":
      • jude 4, "For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old, ordained to this condemnation,..."
      • john 3:19 "...and this is the condemnation, ... [that] men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
      • john17:6 "I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world:... and they have kept thy word." • john 17:9, "... i pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.":

      and it is so:

  4. jake,

    about your "define American":

    parag one, in the unanimous Declaration (Declar of Indep):
    • the Representatives from the States (last parag.)
    • who were using the Good Name and Authority of the States' "People/Electors /'Voters' " (last parag.) :
    • that was derived from consent of the governed (parag. two):
    did Declare the States' People's agreed upon idea about who and what they believe is a free and independent man born under authority of his creator upon the land of one of the States of America.

    in parag. two they listed the basic principles that brought them together, "We hold these truths to be self-evident..." and listed mans basic God-given gifts/"rights".
    Then they moved on to declare what they agreed was how to:
    • protect those gifts/rights:
    "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men..."
    • what form of power their Government would use to accomplish that:
    "...deriving" (and all derived power can be taken back)
    • the limits upon that power:
    "... their just powers" (must be just; not unjust, coercive, deceitful, use of force)
    • and the source that they derived the just powers from:
    "...from the consent of the governed." (...not the Representatives, Delegates, Deputies or People, but the governed. the governed who are under authority of the laws of nature and natures God are our only lawful authority source.)
    "Americans", like "Mexicans" or "Canadians", means (a) man who is born upon the land of one of the States of America (likewise, on Mexican or Canadian land);
    and the word "Americans" used that way, differs from someone born upon the land known as South America or Central America because the nations upon those "continents" are not united into a Confederacy or other another type of "...firm league of friendship with each other for their common defense......" ( wording from Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the States, Article Three.) like we are... they also do not present themselves to man (as) being "one people" (parag one unanim.Declar.) who agreed to unite their seperate (sever-al) countries/States together for certain limited purposes (unanimDeclar and ArtofConfed&PerUnion), but they remain seperated: Mexicans, Jamaicans, Chileans, and so forth; so that while most of this whole hemisphere is known as some 'direction' of "America", only people born upon the land known as the States of America are commonly called "Americans".

    interested in comments.