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Wednesday, February 16, 2022



    Here is an example of how one of our vintage videos has been repurposed on someone else's channel. Please feel free to do this on your own video channel.

    1. Its about coronavirus and Pirbright Institute.

    2. Chris James is Canadian. Their laws are QUITE dis-similar* to ours.
      *see my comment below if you dont know the essential differences and are interested.

    3. Canadian Brian Peckford says he was involved in writing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and his Speech this evening is on
      utub marcel irnie channel
      freedom convoy brian peckford.
      9:08 minutes.


      (sorry not able to furnish the link here.)

    4. utub: avi yemini, rebel news Australia
      never quit: HOLD THE LINE!
      the Brave Police pepper-sprayed an 80 year old man in the eyes.
      this "short" is the man's reaction for the crowd.

    5. the device (extremely well protected due to prior (presumed) hacking/targeting) does not allow it.

      2 hours ago, utub:

      "Truckers hold ground despite crackdown threat".
      the men arent moving.
      the whole world is watching.....

    • Christopher James is a Canadian Subject of the Queen.
    • He will be using **English** common law if he uses common law at all.
    • he has switched over to teaching people Commercial Process, using Affidavits and so forth: LEGAL FICTION "stuff"
    • He is not in his "capacity" being man as far as i understand is methods, but as a Legal Fiction the (corrupt?) Courts are willing to recognize and TAKE AUTHORITY OVER!!
    • English common law is mixed in with Kings Equity Law/Kings Bench and maybe even Exchequer/Treasury jurisdictions; our American common law is NOT mixed with anything it goes straight to the people for judgment and no authority is higher, except God, the only true Sovereign.
    • mixing Americans and Canadians could be an avenue to Gnnngrabbing since they have few gnnn rights, if any. imo. a time to be very alert?

    1. Nice assessment and correlation, on how "They" might be trying to pull a "reach around" trying to grab hold of, or get Us to unlatch our big gnnns from off our thighs(or calfs), and lay them on the table. Whereas "They" will promptly dispose of this appendage. Chop Chop.

    2. And remember the other guy is from London or so he says and he flies a US flag and a Swissy Land flag

    3. which guy shelby? the TROH guy?

    4. yes foscolos00,
      i listened to chris james years back when he was presenting himself to the Courts being man.

      i looked and looked for him for about 1.5 to 2 years and found nothing.
      then suddenly he pops back up, kind of bigtime like, but hes got a template of sorts with a "6 steps to commercial process for your claims" sort of schpeal.

      its an eyeroll-er to me because hes taking you right BACK into the same jurisdiction he had previously been discovering and sharing the way out of. now thats all gone as far as i know, and hes all about Affidavits and claims on Bonds type stuff. but arent those bonds GONE? in the bankruptcy?? i believe they probably are.

    5. so my point was, it looks like they may have been tryingbto set us up PERHAPS, to blend North America Can,Mex,Amer together, LKKE SHELBY HAS BEEN SAYING!!!, of course, they would want us all to be under the CROWN!?
      loololollloloooololol gasp lololoollolll loolololollooollo.
      NO. *THANKS!* :):):):):)

      OANN One America News Network!

      were separate nations, cultures, laws, rights, views:
      were NEIGHBORS, good neighbors, but werent not Countrymen and we dont want to be.
      lets just go visit each other alot!!!

    6. and no authority is higher, except God, the only true Sovereign.
      thank you. finally you get it.

      we know this "God" is not "grace" and notnew testament/christ because that went out with the monarchy, there is no church anyways, and it ends at aquarius anyways -- anyone who tries to change the words of "revelation" is damned

      we know from enoch, as well as the fact behemoth (great hippo), and leviathan, are still eaten at passover, as well as from horus/osiris/"jesus" on the mount, "most high god" baal, egypt horus/osiris on the mount, moses/shu on the mount, hercules, chrysomallus, ezekiel...that the supposed "ineffable" "god", as well as "jesus" was always just draco the pole serpent/dragon.

      jacob confirms this, moses does, enoch does, jesus does, the list is endless. abraham too.

      we also know draco is in charge from novus ordo seclorum, the "great seal" (there is no higher seal)...and the sibyll's song and virgil confirm, as does horus/jesus, as does mary, as does solomon, as does hathor/isis, as does...the just inherit the starry pole, the garden, the fields of amenta. the wicked drown every 2160 years.

      we know christ is out, and it wouldn't matter anyway because
      1) grace/new testament was part of the monarchy, america, never did that
      2) aquarius, jesus ends anyways, joins all the other pole dancers, he can rest with hercules and chrysomallus and baal, retired, had has 2160 years of fame

      so which "god" is still remaining? "the lord" is out, it is just baal "most high god" another retired pole star god. isis minus the "grace". "jesus" got rid of that 2000 years ago, "law" still cannot "save"

      looks like draco the good dragon is still the only "god" still standing.

      i read that shamans went beyond the pole star on their "ascension" to heaven. "the bible" never did, and ends at aquarius.

      so, as the great seal implies, as the sibyll sang, draco the good dragon still the only "god" in america.

      anyone have any other "great seal" ? draco the good dragon looks like that is it. the one constant that "everyone" agrees on.

    7. interesting too, with aquarius, bibles no longer have any authority. (not that they ever did, but it ends, over, finally)

      "the lord" "most high god" "god most high" baal the bull is long gone, retired pole star god. jesus will be gone soon.

      do we get draco the good dragon-based bibles or what? he's the only "god" still up in heaven for the pole star precession system -- all the other "gods" have drowned, "the lord" baal the bull drowned a long time ago, "jesus" will drown shortly with aquarius.

      alternately, are we supposed to switch to whatever the shamans do?

      they went beyond pole star gods, "the bible" never did, "the great seal" novus ordo seclorum/sibyll's song never did.

      looks like draco the good dragon is the victor of "the bible" -- he survived hercules, he survived athena/minerva, he survived baal the bull aka "the lord", he survived jesus/pisces, he survived the "lamb of god" chrysomallus...he even survived the "illuminati" novus ordo seclorum

      he will survive saint germaine of aquarius as well.

      is "america" still doing draco the good dragon as "god", or will it try some shaman system that goes beyond pole star precession?


      typo, corrected. t= not to= -- at least one shaman system of "god" went beyond draco the good dragon.

      the bible is finally over at aquarius.

      to pole star god or not to pole star god -- which will america choose? bible ends. there is nothing there at aquarius but drowned prior "gods"

      stick with draco the good dragon, or try some other "god" ? which will america choose?

    9. Still waiting for ewer answer Xerces/Xerxes;
      Here it is in case ewe forgot;
      *****Did Jesus Christ (The Living Man) rise from the Dead? Yes, or No?*****
      I wouldn't imagine that this question would be too hard for ewe to answer, but I've been mistaken about others in my past being capable as well.

    10. xerces my friend, do you even read my comments all the way through? :):):)

    11. have to look closer at your comments later xerces.

      the answer to who is Americas God is within:
      first and last paragraphs, DeclarofIndep.

  3. also heard Elon Musk just accessed $5Billion and these "reporters" say its not been traced yet as to what he did with it some speculation he is investing it in Truckers Convoy.

    these "sleuths" premises and question go like this:
    • Truckers are too independent bec they can buy fuel on their own and dont have to ask the Corp., therefore their travel is harder to control.
    • elon musk is a "leader" in apparatuses that use non-physical fuel, so stands to gain ENORMOUS amounts of money if gaso. is taken away.
    • Truckers having a Convoy that needs Martial Law called due to impede-ments to Commerce and ShutDowns (by Truckers who are too indep. and therefore DANGEROUS?) must be controlled via how much fuel/energy the Corp. alliws them to have!
    • might be used as the Fabricated PRETEXT for switching everybody over to Corp Controlled "FREE ENERGY".

    1. im having to move over here, the Convoy Article wont accept this above comment.

    2. oh, yeh, and then elon musk wins big, is the point in question.

    3. the "leaflet" the Ottawa Police are handing out telling the Truckers to leave or be arrested:
      • the text is surrounded on all sides by a wide blue border
      (ref: THEIR "four-corners rule": everything enclosed within the four-corners of a boxed in area is not part of the document.)

    4. For those who are new:


      • there *IS* no agreement.
      • no agreement = no obligation.
      • and it is just as UN-effect-ive and just as UNLAWFUL as their FIAT "CURRENT-cy" and their U. S. "CON-[in-]STITUT[E]-IONS.

      its actually is as simple as that.

  4. Reflections and Warnings for Canadians and Humanity, see below........​

    ​Gulag Canada - Commies Imprison & Drug Vancouver MD

    ​​"​This is where we are folks; a complete crisis of legitimacy of government and institutions. Unquestionably dangerous and deadly injections are being forced on the masses. Even children are being targeted, injected, damaged and killed. Like the rest of us, even pregnant women are lied to, coerced and injected, before many of them give birth to dead babies.

    Meanwhile, a wise responsible physician, one of our respected elders, who stands up for the truth and our well being, is handcuffed, drugged, and locked up.

    Doctors, police, nurses, politicians, media and business leaders, and anyone else who has been going along with this, you need to wake up now. Repent and abandon the criminal covid enterprise. Join the solution, regardless of the apparent costs. IF we lose this war , we lose everything. Continued compliance will not save you."

    Justine's Putative Father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Was Also a Commie Prick

    Justin Trudeau: Mind-Controlled Illuminati Poster Child?

    New First Comment from D (an insider):(Pierre Trudeau a satanic pedophile protected by his fellow high level pedophiles) Can you imagine walking in on the following:
    "While in university, friends from West Vancouver knew Margaret Sinclair and her family. I was told by Margaret's friends, some years after the event, that very early in her marriage to Pierre Trudeau, while living in the Prime Ministerial home in Ottawa, she had arranged to be away for a weekend, but something unexpectedly came up, and she returned home to walk in on a full-blown orgy, replete with little boys and at least one goat. Let your imagination run wild, for apparently everything imaginable was well underway. In shock, she was promptly ushered away by Trudeau, and was soon at the Allen Memorial Hospital, in the care of Ewan Cameron, who made certain she had a well managed "breakdown". This is what is behind the nervous breakdown she supposedly had, which was dutifully "handled" by the press for public miscomprehension. Yes, Trudeau was a satanic pedophile who was recruited early on in his life to serve Luciferian intent. By the way, he met and became a good friend of Fidel Castro not following his election as Canadian P.M. Rather they met at a communist training camp in Algeria in 1948. Castro, when meeting Justin at the age of just a few months, is on record as saying, "It's a pleasure to be in the presence of the future Prime Minister of Canada." Yes, absolutely, Justin was subjected to whatever conditioning was needed to create this Manchurian Candidate who is currently performing his long ago programmed role to advance the satanic agenda."

    Justin Trudeau Castro - a pedophile like his "dad" see the following...
    Justin Trudeau Signed An Agreement For $2.25 Million To Silence a Girl “Much Younger Than 17”