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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Press Release: American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy

 Press Release: American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement

February 23 from Adelanto Stadium in Southern California



    1. links dont open for me ready007.

      imo The "American" "Peoples Convoy" is being *STAGED* by ATTORN-IES and DOCK-TORS!!!
      if true, it would NOT be/ is not a "grassroots" movement by actual Truckers! IMO THEY ARE JUST USING TRUCKERS GOOD NAME AND REPUTATION, and the whird "FREEDOM" TO PIGGYBACK THEIR OWN AGENDA IN ON!
      isnt it just handy-dandy how this supposed "Trucker"-led General Strike /Convoy is set for Feb 21, 2022?
      isnt the "Great Reset" that the Headlines keep saying isnt going to happen because the people dont want it: actually (without our intent or agreement) being attempted to be pushed through against the will of the people TOMORROW, on 02/22/2022?
      OH gollygee, another coinkydinkadonka? HOW AMAZINGLY CONVENIENTLY THAT WORKED OUT FOR *THEM* ONCE AGAIN!!
      ESPECIALLY SINCE IT IS ATTORN-ERS WHO HAVE WRITTEN THE CODES THAT HAVE MADE covie and "immunities" for harm it may cause "LEGAL"smh; AND THE DAMNED DOCK-TORS WHO HAVE CARRIED IT OUT, complete with videos published of "nurses" dancing in the halls of hospitals.?! Together now, they get "The Truckers" to shut down deliveries to their own people "For FREEDOM!!"
      supposedly for a week, but who knows how long they intend to carry on ... at least it would be long enough to keep banking transactions to a minimum while they FLIP the switch on the GREAT RESET that the headlines keep saying isnt going to happen?

      yeh, now lets see how do lucifs do things?
      oh yeh, tha's right, they FLIP everything.


    Henry Makow
    Headlines for Feb 21, 2022

  3. repeating:
    theyre just bringing their crimeFICTIONS, if any, into
    their jurisdictionFICTIONS and their own Private courtFICTIONS only for the purpose of DISS-CHARGEFICTION'ING them, not for ProsecutionFICTION.
    remember: they are ALWAYS using PRIVATE LEGALFICTION IMAGINARY CONSTRUCTS; thats all theyve got:
    • they constructed a FICTION:YOU
    • constructed privilegeFICTIONS for themselves that they claim allows them to use YOUFICTION any way they desire
    • also constructed immunitiesFICTIONS for themselves so they claim they hold no responsibility for harm they do to the YOUFICTION they constructed.

    THE BIGGEST PROBLEM for them with that is: no matter how they FLIP things, twist them, lie or deceive, it doesnt change the very FOUNDATION that:

    we never agreed!!! this is a big deal!

    this is a BIIIIIIIIIG problemo!

    we never agreed!
    they didnt get our agreement!
    we have to agree (or they are cannot act on us/other, without being severely punished.)
    and they didnt get our agreement.
    they didnt even tell us.
    ... and then look at the punishments THEYVE put on people who did nothing wrong! the "sacrifices", horrors (if true).

    theyre in BIIIIIIIIIIIIG *trouble*!
    im talking bigbigbigbbbbbbbbbbig. BIG.

    remember that!
    its another KEY.
    ¿say it outloud 8 times a day?:
    "i never agreed!!
    they didnt get my agreement.
    i have to agree but i didnt agree!
    theyre stuck with their own mess."

    just a suggestion:):):) i do it :);).


    MY ASS

    If they going from California to Georgia (not at all sure of their travel routes) then how is it TRANSCONTINENTAL
    Unless of course you dealing with their made up fictionland world of international uniform everything here

    And remember that all logs of the truckers are now elogs their loads are all tracked and traced by electronic means
    Typically a trucker cannot move a load without electronic logs and the manifest to what is actually inside the trailor
    If these trucks move across country with trailors on them we have a BIG PROBLEM HERE FOLKS
    Those trucks could be carrying armies of men they have shipped in here from foreign territories folks

    Typically a trucker will not go from one location to another without a load waiting on the end where they drop the one they brought in to unload or drop the trailor and pick up another for their next paid load to move to their next destination

    And remember everything has a separate upside down and backwards meaning definition to these crooks

    We need all eyes glues to the trucks and where they stop and if they offload anything
    This could be their drop of soldiers at stategic locations for the onslaught for the slaughter they have planned
    I hate to be so blunt but you have to understand you are dealing with outright criminally insane people here
    There is no limit to what they will do
    And I say you keep your eyes peeled on fedex, ups, amazon and any other trucking logistics outfits as well

    Make no mistake they are up to something and I have not a doubt in my mind that moving mass amounts of equipment and soldiers via a trucker convoy could be a slight of hand folks and an insurgency HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT

    1. Read it folks they want it all make no mistake about it and they will pull every trick in the book to MAKE IT HAPPEN

      And remember the selling of military bases to 'unknown buyers'

      Defence Industry CONversion folks
      Disarmamament of all nations
      Arms Control and Disarmament ACT
      Signed in to 'law' by none other than Kennedy you fools in 1961 just before they transformed the nation and it's people in to slobberying balthering idiots from a LIVE (evil spelled backwards) televised BROADCAST event several years later

    2. Homeland Security is not about securing the homeland for all

    3. Transatlantic Agenda

      Joining agendas

      UN OneHealth and ZOONOTIC (AMAZON) diseases
      A virus from a BAT

      It was all planned out folks decades in advance

    4. And with saleman like this and others is how they get people onboard this train to hell while selling them the bait and switch

  5. Everything You Know About Freemasonry Is Wrong [Excellent video]

    In the video starting at 15:30, he states that these ancient families who believe they are gods made a decision that they would use Christianity for their own ends. They established churches that they themselves controlled and used as fronts.

    At the end of World War 2, they went around to all the damaged churches and found 80% of the Christian churches had occult altars hidden under the Christian altars. These occult altars were never discovered until these churches were examined for damage. These churches had been built on ley lines and Satanic rituals had been secretly practiced within these churches all down through the middle ages and up to the present time. The Christian churches were simply operating as a front for human sacrifice.

    1. Well here's one too

      And it relates back to the information I posted below about modern day israel and what has been done to palestine

  6. And I find it very telling that both these convoys traveled from West to East

    Again it's the East versus West dialectic

    Back in the day it was north versus south now it's east versus west
    all four CARDINAL directions

    And a trucker CONvoy starting at a stadium where they have most likely underground tunnels where they can funnel UN troops in to the trailors of these trucks under the cover of night without anyone seeing a thing

    And remember all those ships sitting at the docks for the last two years off the California coast folks under the guise of a supply chain issue because of the made up thing
    Could not unload their cargo - just what might that cargo really be
    Ships can hold lots of slave soldier UN israeli cargo

    And just an observation on the Polly video of the UN and WEF joining agendas
    Backwards it says FEW NU (KNEW)

    As I said, the WEF is The Whirled Earth Federation has nothing to do with an economic forum unless of course you talking about your UBI and the dictates of how you will live, what you will live on, where you will live etc etc etc

    The Whirled Earth Federation hiddin in plain sight under the guise of the WEF

  7. And if you control the narrative of how the UNIVERSE and the 88 CONstellations work and the backend changes required to birth the new hell on earth the sky is the limit

    Redesigning godvernment has been ongoing for the last 60 years

    Read the friggin articles it has been ongoing for decades

    These mother fuckers don't care about any law

  8. Now you take a look at this report she is flashing on the screen

    You see the address and the latitude and longitudes coordinates of those who reported this 'rock' being tossed out of a military aircraft carrier?
    You have to make it look real and no one knows if this is a meteror or not
    Just like fake ass space x and his flying car around a planet they can toss shit from planes and tell you anything they want after all they control the narrative and the jerks helling them pull this shit off

    By the way those latitudes and longitude coordinates are all tied to the new NAC codes assigned by TROH when you join there movement

    So your address has been converted from a physical address to positioning points and renamed NAC codes

    NAC codes are international and tie you in to the grid with precise positioning coordinates

    Folks I have no doubt I'm a gonner
    I have no intentions of living out the rest of my life under these terms
    This is beyond insanity

    1. SPACE to go where no man has gone before
      Teach them astology and all this horseshit to conjure up the reality backed up by some fake science and like magic you get a shew folks

      And check this out

      Call 101 folks if you should feel anything
      And by golly gee see the dates that this took place the last time 1927 according to what she flips through on the screen

      Hmm when was the Balfour Declaration signed and Palestine now REBRANDED as Israel born? 1917
      Funny isn't it that this all took place all at the same time as we got our new banking system and a great depression

      By this time Hollywood and the chosen ones had complete control of the media IT HAS NEVER BEEN ANY OTHER WAY (mid 1800's they took control and have had the airwaves,space ever since)

      And when was it that the rocky boy built that there museum to house all their artifictions over in Palestine before they rebranded it?

      Shrewsbury decoded artifications and the BABYLONIA tablets

      Shrewsbury information

      The Clay Tablets From Babylon
      St. Swithin's College
      Nottingham University
      Professor Franklin Caldwell,
      Care of British Scientific Expedition,
      Hillah, Mesopotamia.
      October 21, 1934.

      Might I also add that the Rockefeller bunch built and opened a museum in Palestine (1938) in the same geographical area as Syria just prior to the give Palestine to Israel and massacre those on the land now so they could create israel

      Funny too that earthquake monitors is what ole Trump reserved that there Oregon forest for too
      Earthquake monitors or people monitors to ensure you never enter the fucking forest again under the guise of UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

      As I've said many times this is a set up to get you to go along
      It has absolutely nothing to do with God or Heaven on Earth or sustainability or saving the earth
      It is a whirled wide CON

      And I suggest you self governing fools read it

  9. This is probably one of the most truthful videos you will ever watch or listen to

    Follow your gut people
    I have done this from the start and I will continue to do so

    They had to get you to participate and this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was the bait/ticket
    Money the root of all evil

    1. It's a very very long video but it is spot on when it comes to the video I just linked above