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Sunday, February 20, 2022



  1. "If I was a slimy piece of shit like Mark Carney..what would I do...."

    Trudeau Calls In UN International Mercenaries To Brutalize Ottawa Freedom Convoy. PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTORS AND FOREIGN GOONS IN OTTAWA

    UN Planes now in Canada:
    Midnight Rider Channel

    UN planes at airport in CANADA - here's the 2nd one

    NWO Goons have taken over Canada

  2. Justin Trudeau Castro getting kickbacks from Big Pharma for "vaccines"
    Dr. David Martin's Urgent Canadian Trucker Update & Trudeau's Conflict Of interest, Lawsuits Coming

  3. CONFIRMED: UN Mercenaries Are In Canada - War Crimes Are Being Committed
    Is the US Military tolerating such a threat on their doorstep?

    @BeachMilk The United Nations Military (known as the "Peacekeepers") has invaded Canada.

    The United Nations is owned and controlled by the Rothschild family. The same family who owns and controls the WEF (the organization who controls Justin Trudeau). The same family who owns and controls the worldwide banking system (which is why Justin Trudeau is able to freeze bank accounts).

    Here's a video to help everyone understand who the "Peacekeepers" are, and what their agenda is.

    There’s no point even speaking to these foreign mercenaries dressed in police uniforms. They don’t even speak English or French.

    A tell-take sign that something’s up is that all identification has been removed from their uniforms.