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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Police Placed in the Middle

 By Anna Von Reitz

Because various levels of "government" are actually acting as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, they aren't functioning as a government anymore and don't have the special immunities and authorities of government. All they've got are the same options as any other commercial corporation.
This is plainly spelled out at 22 USCA 286 (e). (They've changed the numbering system again, so you will have to look for it in editions prior to 2010 to find it,) This is also affirmed by the Clearfield Doctrine and numerous Supreme Court decisions.
Police who work for these incorporated entities don't have any special authorities or powers or indemnities, either. They are considered private security personnel, just like guards at a bank or floor walkers at a business.
Although they enforce things called "State Statutes" and Regulatory Codes and so on, these are internal private laws of the governmental services corporation that apply to the corporation's officers, employees, and dependents ---- and are not supposed to be applied to the General Public at all.
The police are not trained as lawyers and are not competent to interpret law, yet they often get stuck enforcing things they have no competence to judge.
The situation in Canada is a good example.
Mr. Trudeau claims that his corporation has authority to clear the protesters from the streets of the City of Ottawa and public highways, but the protesters own the land and soil that the City of Ottawa sits on and the public highways, too.
Both parties have a claim of authority and the police, including the RCMP, have no competency to judge which party has the superior claim.
What they should do is simply say so and extract themselves from the middle of an issue at law, which only courts of a competent jurisdiction can decide.
Otherwise, the police face both personal and commercial liability for their actions as employees of a privately owned foreign corporation, and their corporations are also fully liable for any injurious harm done to the actual owners of the entire country.
So this information should be passed around to the police and the police unions and the politicians and the military and anyone else who is being placed in the middle of a situation they have no expertise to resolve.

And then maybe it would become obvious to everyone involved that the people of Canada are the landlords and employers of all these yahoos, including Mr. Trudeau and his corporation.


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  1. What is website under non Google search for USCA editions prior to circa 2010 or how do you locate these editions on line....

    1. See:

      22 U.S. 904. 6 L.Ed. 244. 9 Wheat. 904

    2. [The government by becoming a corporator, (See 28 USC §3002(15(A)(B)(C), 22 USCA 286(e)) lays down its sovereignty and takes on that of a private citizen. It can exercise no power which is not derived from the corporate charter. (See: The Bank of the United States v. Planters Bank of Georgia, 5 L.Ed. (Wheat) 244; U.S. v. Butt, 309 U.S. 242).]

    3. Read your post. You’re more than a little confused. You appear to be in support of corporate authority. Double speak. Read your quote carefully. Where do you stand.? Don’t be dodgy either.

  2. how do i respond to someone who says canada is a vassal state owned by the queen, the british crown? thanks so much.

  3. police=government policy enforcers. They do not care about the damage they do for the corrupt courts have granted them qualified immunity. They have their own "bill of rights" and the corrupt unions protect them from any accountability. The police do not prevent crime. They are ant-freedom revenue collectors who enforce tyranny for the state.

    1. Absolutely correct, people are finally starting to see the cops for what they really are

    2. bringing our rightful American common law perspective and stand(-ing) forward before the people:
      from the point of view from American common law a man or woman may say:

      that their FICTIONAL "LEGAL, not lawful" Courts have "granted" (as a wish is granted) them "Qualified Immunity", another "LEGAL, not lawful FICTION":
      • and none applies
      • to any man or woman
      • without their INTENT.

      ***** intent. is a KEY!!!! *****

      • did the man INTEND to agree to _______?;
      • if not, it cannot be applied to him.

      we have right to stand using rightful authority: our American common law.
      and so it is.

  4. When the privately owned corporation is held accountable for the evil and injury they have done to the people then the police who work for them will also be held accountable and that's what the police need to understand. Any kind of immunity that they had is going to be gone. So it will be in their best interest to start working for the people who are their real employers.

    1. its even worse than that victor. we never even hired them. ever.

      the USConstit. that keeps being shoved down our throats so WE have to pay them for their "services":
      NO FIDUCIARY SIGNATORIES, only Witnesses. and its the same type of a fraud the as the birth certificates, except its on a national level.

      check it out, see for yourself.

      its a worthless piece of paper theyre using to fool people with in order to get the people, us, to pay them what we dont owe.

    2. You are correct janmarie,
      The ONLY Authority We The People decreed was to our Sheriff's who are acting like the (AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION) BAR's little bitch servants
      instead of upholding their duty of care to protect the Life, Liberty, & Property of We The People

      Time for a Bitch Slap!

    3. I think a few people have been speculating that the trucker convoy was a setup, like a false flag. Truth is measured out in small doses at a time like this. The protest has been busted up by now, but where are all the kids, the families?

      janmarie I think you said something at one point like it was a false flag. The circumstances are different but I think there is a comparison between what just happened here and Jan 6. They may have used this to drop the veil and usher in a totalitarian response. The government is talking about making the Emergencies Act permanent. I think we just had our coup now too, parliament is set to vote on it by now actually but Canada seems to be the poster child for what was previously seen in Australia but with an even more extremist response. Its all very creepy, they didn't bust heads like they have here. Was it a legit protest, or a plan to get us to the point where we are now? It will have to unravel over the next period of time.

      One thing that is being said is that the feds will take over ALL vaccine mandates, where that is the jurisdiction of the provinces only. Very similar to Biden declaring mandates federally, or trying to. Trudeau has no more jurisdiction over public health than Biden does at the state level.

      It would be foolish of Trudeau to try that, the scandal is very close to blowing open with all the bad news coming out over the vaccine failure.

      It seems more likely that the Emergencies Act gives the government some kind of firewall to hide behind to shield them from hostile attacks due to their actions facing further scrutiny and legal action.

  5. Trump just take the guns we will deal with rest later
    Shows total incompetence and reason to uncontract.

  6. No one especially Canada with the press conference coverage should have told the dirty secret they are corporate employees bound by thair charter first and foremost but we now know like all good false flags it’s leadership is compromised of Jewish tribe.
    JFK fingerprints of intelligence all over it the CIA created by CFR.
    Should have gotten the common law Canadian William James but no a Donald Trump January 6 sucker trap in a foreign jurisdiction.

    1. im up bright and early this morning too.
      glad to see your comments again.
      i miss your input. wouldnt want to make a pest of myself but was considering emailing you to make sure all was well.
      i take it you have been going on that radio program with all your history information.
      really like your summary about Nimrod. (cutting to the chase!) that was good.

      have you collected any info on how to start our own banking-type of system?...because i dont wish to join the New World Order but people still need to be able to trade with each other somehow now.

    2. bubbapatric: If you are talking about history/etc. on a radio show, I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say. I always enjoy your posts here. Would you please post the link, or email it to me at ? I'd appreciate it mucho. genevieve


    Kevin Anette

    Rumble — Global Breaking News, January 15, 2022 (GMT)
    This groundbreaking announcement announces the conviction of those involved in global genocide. It gives every man and woman on the planet the authority to seize and destroy any and all Covid-19 paraphenalia. At the same time, we can arrest anyone who is named in the verdict for crimes against Humanity.
    International Criminal Court: Trying individuals for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression.
    The Judgment and Warrants of the Court are posted at under “ITCCS Updates” and under “Breaking News”.
    Brussels and Vancouver:

    1. creatorsdaughter (Hi "sis"!)

      bubbapatrics comment below is correct:
      those "defacto" Courts they have littered our towns and cities with are run by:
      "Nice idea but your fighting an army of brotherhood of the robe ."

      and the sheriffs are often/always "elected" the same way JoeBiden was; and then get paid to:
      "Sheriff seizing armored car of money transport carting from lawful medical marijuana manufacturer. Using civil assets forfeiture
      Dirty trick shows these defacto sheriffs are gangsters in uniform."
      as bubba has pointed out.

      we just have to quit using their construct, imo, and move ourselves back into American common law, where we belong from right.

  8. 10,000.00 REWARD FOR TRUDEAU. ...
    didn't specify DEAD OR ALIVE
    so I guess that's up to our discretion

  9. Nice idea but your fighting an army of brotherhood of the robe .
    Sheriff seizing armored car of money transport carting from lawful medical marijuana manufacturer. Using civil assets forfeiture
    Dirty trick shows these defacto sheriffs are gangsters in uniform
    All thinkers foresee breaking up into zones /cities by usually race like China town .
    Going to be huge zones places like Harrison Arkansas safe haven.
    The Smokey mountain chain Arkansas to Tennessee. costal is chocolate New Orleans Mississippi Atlanta Charlotte All chocolate Miami Jewish,
    It’s happening people flooding in
    Matter might Mike’s right the cabal will lock down DC protected by national guard and Army .
    Pretend to be lawful .
    We like the secondary land recorders office
    Will be our template an alternative society!

  10. yes, they *let* people "win" on occasion for the purposes of:
    • appearance of fairness
    • man is getting too close to the truth about how their SCAM is rigged up.

  11. The Balkinization spiltting up like the Soviet Union
    Massive robo cop ZOG will controld the entry points one way Iorn curtin invaders in prison planet for occupants.
    Everyone ponders we’re are our hero mp’s in parliament senators or congressmen 2 silver star congressman Paul McClusky declared “ American Israel Political Action Commite (((APAC))) (((CPAC))) TERRORIZE Congress”.
    Our blood bath of other potential groups no one talked about the Elephant in the room with red star red shield .
    Only honest alternative commentators like pastor Dankoff who as a boy picked up his dads red phone and spoke with John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    The greatest president since Jefferson and Jackson

  12. I say they were all sent out to gather up new prisoners and actually feed the system not to mention about 1/2 way through the video they actually took and sold the guys home and stuck him with $150,000 bill

    I cannot stress enough that you listen to this

  13. Check it out

    And now you know why CMAP is in play
    And these are in play all over the nation state under the councils of governments

    She does a great job of putting some of it together

    Put that together with this

    'on the states' [without the United States] THEY have laid Administrative districts [old postal districts] onto the map or overlayed The states called: United States Districts...
    all districts are registered corporate entities/subsidiaries of the District of Coloumbia/the Roman municipal corporations...
    There are 94 districts of the DC, each with a United States District Attorney and UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT (Art. I)for the specified district within the geographic boundaries of one of The land mass states...
    it replaced the district court of The United States (Art. III)


    And then add this technocratic tyranny information and the whole God awful plan comes in to full view

    Make no mistake this trucker shit across the nation is a ploy and there is data behind it all folks
    As the people come out in support they are tracked via their cell phones and cars and purchases along the path and this will be used to formulate their reputation in this INCLUSIVE CAPITALISM BULLSHIT

    Everything is tracked EVERYTHING
    If the participants in this CONvoy are wearing a digital watch or carrying a cell phone etc etc etc it will be used to flag their digital file

    This is where their new product of on line reputation defender comes in to play
    So in other word all my commets on here have been logged to my profile and they apply a score or a flag or other things to the digital profile by which I will most likely never get a job in the digital arena because I am oppossed to them using my data and my very thoughts about this whole scheme as a weapon against me
    This is how they reduce you to nothing and not being able to buy and sell no matter how intelligent you are

    Like I said I loved my job in electronic data set up and processing

    The HUMAN Face of Big Data

    1. More of her stuff



      The Regional Planning Act of 1965
      670 Regional Planning unelected associations with Board of Directors carrying out the UN Agenda behind the scenes

      Good example of 16 Regional Planning Councils
      This one is for North Carolina

      Thats 16 regions in one state
      Texas has 24 last I looked
      24 Councils of Government

      24 + 16 is 40 in just in two states which should not be hard to see how they layed out 670 of these councils across the 10 FEMA regions on top of the states on top of the 94 districts

      They are doing this all over the whirled

      Their next step is BLOCKCHAIN everything and Medici Ventures and the Minstry of Lands and Natural Resources is front and center in this so called land registry system and all things BLOCKCHAIN

      The objective was to get the sheep to go along with all of it and put gurus out in front to recruit and bring the brain dead on board to volunteer their time and services and their money to build the final rung of the shit ladder to your total enslavement

      THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what you are being fed

      Blogs and comments and subscriptions and all this other shit were put out to get the PULSE of the whirled players/workforce and confine any kind of break out of their shit shew


      I don't know is it just me or does the guy in these videos look an awful lot like John McAfee?

      And if you scan down through his videos you will see he also did a video with RDS

      And in the second video why is the guy so damned blurry?
      And he's started a non profit?
      Why would you do this in the first place if you know how all this shit works

      And I might add you can SUBSCRIBE to his channel and get exclusive content but only if you SUBSCRIBE

      Like a SUBSCRIPTION to a magazine and all of it links back to your IP address and all the other shit

      I'm not knocking this guy but it sure as hell does appear that they are leading the herd in the exact direction that they want you to go?

      They never come down to the source of the entire issue

  14. And hour and 20 minutes in listen to the shit about the early 20's and PROGRESSIVE shit

    Remember these are the commecials that advertise HEAVEN ON EARTH

    Right at the same time they swiped the land putting everything in to land trust and remapped everything including medical, schools, banking EVERYTHING

    And notice how you can access more of these criticle informational talks by subscribing and paying a fee to gain access
    It's a way for them to make money it is creating whole new economic sustainablity for those in the know while the average Joe gets to pay for their services

    Now I don't know about you but the time for talking and talking and talking is over
    Same shit different day and more and more criminals get outed and yet NOTHIN and the same game moves forward and the same money changers still control the purse strings