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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Russia and Ukraine in 2022 = USA and Cuba in 1962

 by Walter Burien


Orchestrated propaganda is a very vicious human trait contrary to light and the human condition.

From day one the only issue for Putin and Russia was that the Ukraine wanted to join NATO whereby NATO could and most probably would allow offensive ballistic missiles close to the Russian boarder that could strike Russia's primary Cities in a matter of minutes, including Moscow. This was totally unacceptable to Russia.

Putin said we will not allow this to happen. If done, they would stop it by invasion and takeover of Ukraine. If it did not happen, then not a problem. The one thing Putin wanted in writing from NATO and the Ukraine Government was this would not happen and then the issue would be resolved. He emphatically stated this was the only option.

If in the mainstream US News this point was omitted or clouded over, it gives the definition of FAKE news, and propaganda to its maximum degree.

We all remember the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Russia was going to place ballistic missiles in Cuba that could reach major US Cities in a matter of minutes.. Direct and imeadiate confrontation occurred from the US first with a blockade of Cuba and with it made clear that if Russia maintained this course of action, war, and in effect WWIII would occur imminently between the US and Russia if this course of action was not reversed immediately by the Russians. With the threat of WWIII close to the brink, Russia capitulated and removed any ballistic missiles from Cuba.

So here we have the same in reverse and Putin was very clear per not allowing ballistic missiles to be placed in the Ukraine on the Russian border. No other issue of importance period. It was not going to happen! It would be stopped by whatever force if need be, and as a showing, he amassed forces on the Ukrainian border in the event they were needed to prevent the threat implied by Ukraine standing.

So again, just to be clear, if Russia was guaranteed in writing that offensive ballistic missiles would not be placed in the Ukraine, situation resolved. If not, an invasion by Russian forces into the Ukraine would be imminent to make sure the threat of ballistic missiles being placed on their border would not occur under any circumstances or by any party.

Picture this somewhat far fetched idea. Let's say for whatever reason relations between the US and Mexico deteriorated, a revolution took place in Mexico, and the people there were hostile to the US, Then Russia entered a mutual defense pact with Mexico where they now were going to place offensive ballistic missiles in Mexico close to the US border that could strike many large US Cities in minutes. Would the US allow this to happen? Not an ice-cubes chance in hell. Full US Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force Military mobilization, combined with CIA ops would be utilized expediently to stop and destroy any chance of it happening.

So please cut through the misdirection from the FAKE news and make it perfectly clear to your elected representatives to:  "Cut the agreement at-this-time with Russia that offensive ballistic missiles under no circumstance will be placed under the eye of NATO by any other party in the Ukraine that would be an imminent threat to Russia." There is no other option as would be the case if roles were reversed.

Our roles as Americans is not to be entertained by propagandized BS news on the TV and radio, but to take a stand where a stand is due specifically per reality, especially when not doing so could escalate into WWIII. As Russia has stated, no other option is acceptable, we will not allow offensive ballistic missiles to be placed by any party in the Ukraine on our border.

I believe if the Ukrainian people were given a chance to vote on this issue, 98% would gladly give Russia the guarantee they require. The strings though are being aggressively pulled by outside players to Ukraine and Russia.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created in 1949 by the United States, Canada, and then several Western European nations to provide collective security through political and military means against the Soviet Union.

Please share this communication with all that you know and ask them to do the same.. Clarity of the sole outstanding issue is of paramount importance. The clock has been ticking way to long in this situation..

Sent FYI and Truly Yours from,

Walter J. Bubien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona


  1. "I believe if the Ukrainian people were given a chance to vote on this issue, 98% would gladly give Russia the guarantee they require. The strings though are being aggressively pulled by outside players to Ukraine and Russia."

    yes, always trying to split the people up into smaller groups.

    1. there is a place in the 1960s book: Tragedy and Hope by Carrol Quigley (WmJClintons mentor) where Quigley talks about/ acknowledges that: it is extremely difficult if not impossible to control people who are diverse in their thinking.

      the jist that i took away from reading that segment was that you have to, physically, get people huddled up in like-minded groups in order to exert maximum control over them.

      i dont think he came right out and said it, but i was left with the thought (that remains with me to this day) that it makes it easier for "governments" /others to eradicate certain groups of people that they dont want if theyre all physically located in one spot.

      this concept of "luring", then identifying, then dividing, and finally isolating/worse: like-thinking people into small/smaller groups is so very,very important their overall "The Plan" since one could then just go "round-up" or eradicate an entire town.
      Paradise California? who knows? i dont.
      i believe this method has been called "Balkenization".

    2. we can almost literally "watch" how this is being done in Ukraine:
      drop the hammer, back off.
      drop the hammer, back off.
      drop the hammer, back off.
      hammering away at the peoples psyches, wearing them down.
      putting them on high alert, calm down, come back again tomorrow with tension again. over and over, use falseflags, faked hurt people along with actual harmed people... make it impossible to find out the difference. report BOTH: that "shedied" but also that "she got up and walked away on her own".

      read the third paragraph of the Declaration of Independence for more examples of how they wear the people down.

    3. these people are dirty.