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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Mandates Are Not Laws 2.0

  By Anna Von Reitz

Mandates are written (and sometimes verbal) contractual agreements which do not take effect until they are accepted by BOTH parties.  In other words, you are not obligated to accept a mandate, and it only becomes "mandatory" when you consciously, knowingly, and freely accept it.  

It is the "consciously, knowingly, and freely" part that puts the nix on all the so-called "mandates" issued by Governors of State-of-State organizations and also President Biden's attempts to coerce compliance with his demands.  Especially the "freely" part is inconsistent with the coercive and undisclosed nature of all these demands, but also "knowingly" is at issue.  

How can people "knowingly" accept anything that is undisclosed? 

The nature of the purported threat is undisclosed, as no physical virus has ever been isolated and identified. 

The nature of the purported cure is also undisclosed, as the definition of "vaccine" has been repeatedly altered.  

Finally, the audience purportedly subject to all these "mandates" is undisclosed. 

As the President of a foreign corporation, Joe Biden has a right to demand action from his employees and their dependents, just as the President of IBM can require his employees to take various actions, but obviously, neither Joe Biden nor the President of IBM has any authority to address such demands to the General Public--- all the people who are not his employees or dependents. 

By failing to make it clear that he is only addressing his own employees, Joe Biden is following in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who made a similar deceptive omission when speaking about the Social Security Program and claiming that everyone needed a Social Security Number in order to have a job.  

He omitted saying that he was speaking only to Federal Municipal Employees. 

And this omission resulted in a fundamental lack of disclosure, both to Federal Municipal Employees and the Public-at-Large, which was left to assume that his pronouncements applied to them.  

A similar scenario is presented by Joe Biden and his "mandates".  

No doubt his demands as an employer do apply to his employees, and they are free to accept them or find other employment---- but his demands and mandates do not apply to the General Public.  

His demands may also apply to US CORPORATIONS including franchises of his US CORP, as they are considered US CITIZENS; however, again, these corporations are limited to compliance of their officers and employees and must first and foremost comply with the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution while operating on our soil.  

They cannot force any American to surrender any of their Constitutional Guarantees either as corporate officers, or as employees, or as customers. 
That is, the Supremacy Clause overrides all private arrangements, contracts, laws, codes, and statutes within the physical boundaries of this country.  

If Joe's employees are Americans, including Dual Citizens who are American State Nationals and Municipal Employees, they cannot be coerced or deprived of their Constitutional Guarantees as a condition of employment. 

The only question is --- are you an American?  Are you claiming your birthright political status, or "voluntarily" adopting a foreign identity?  

Most Americans, including Federal Employees, have left that question hanging to their detriment.  

Most Americans are unaware (and have been deliberately kept unaware) of any need to declare their political status and nationality as Americans, but such a need does exist if they wish to claim and invoke their constitutional guarantees. 

This is because --- until now --- their government has been assumed to be "in interregnum" and they have not taken steps to record their own political status in public and they have not served Notice on the UN Secretary General and the US Attorney General that they are not Wards of the State, and not voluntary Transactors in Commerce.  

And not subject to military occupation by their own employees. 

Our State Assemblies are now in Session and all Americans are called to stand up for themselves, reclaim their birthright political status as Americans, record it on the public record, and join their State Assembly.  

This is the lawful government of this country to which all public employees and contractors and corporations owe good faith service, and to which the military owes fidelity.  These State Assemblies composed of declared American State Nationals and State Citizens have the right to invoke and enforce the constitutional guarantees owed to all Americans --- and they have done so. 

The only question is--- are you an American? 

Even Federal Employees are protected from gross trespass against their Natural and Unalienable rights, if they claim back their American political status and operate as Dual State National-Federal Citizens. 

Dual Citizenship is allowed to Federal workers for precisely this reason.  

For example, they can operate as an American State National (a Texan, New Yorker, Wisconsinite, etc.), and a Municipal citizen of the United States who works for the Post Office, or, as an American State National (a Pennsylvanian, Floridian or Californian) and as a Territorial U.S. Citizen who works for the U.S. Army.  

These American Federal Employees are owed all their Constitutional Guarantees, and as long as they claim and publish their birthright political status as Americans, neither Joe Biden or any other corporation "President" can trespass upon them, make any improper demands, or issue any mandates as a condition of employment. 

Just as Federal Employees are protected by the Supremacy Clause so long as they claim and record their birthright political status as Americans, members of the General Public are also protected and owed their Constitutional Guarantees when they reclaim and record their birthright political status.  

And no corporation, foreign or domestic, has any right to discriminate against any American for any reason while operating on our soil.  

The Supremacy Clause protects all Americans at all times.  

The only question is --- are you an American? 

Go to: today and start answering that question. 


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