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Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Letter Back

 By Anna Von Reitz

---This is a letter written in reply to a letter from one of the California Sympathizers in Colorado, and I trust it will suffice as answer to all those who are similarly inclined.----
A Letter Back
I am unaware of any Four Questions being asked of me. I have never knowingly failed to answer any questions.
If you have questions instead of blame to offer, ask the questions and I will answer. Don't beat me about the ears and neck with a lot of suppositions and "gut feelings".
It may interest you to know that the independent State known as Colorado is just over a year old. It was never formally enrolled as a State until our efforts got that job accomplished and took Colorado out of the status of a Territorial "State" of State.
This means that you can now own your land outright and are no longer under direct Territorial administration. That, in turn, means that they can't enforce property taxes if you claim your exemption, nor can they force things like vaccination on you.
That effort by the Federation is just one of the things that Colorado and Coloradans, (which is grammatically correct, though "Coloradoan" may have been used historically) have benefited from as a result of the Federation and its work.
The original States started out as completely independent and sovereign entities in July of 1776, but by September of that year, they realized that they would be picked off one by one if they didn't join together for their mutual protection and benefit. The Federation of States was created to implement that mutual protection and for over two hundred years, it has stood the storm.
Do you fully realize that there wouldn't BE a Colorado State Assembly, or a California State Assembly, without the Federation taking everyone by the hand, qualifying the people to stand again as Electors, and providing the blueprint and assistance to bring the State Assembly into Session?
The purpose of the Federation is to conduct the nation's business in international and global jurisdiction. We only got saddled with the "extra" job of helping the States get assembled because we were the Last Man Standing --- the last institution of the American Government still functioning.
And to put it politely, having to deal with fifty squabbling ignorant groups of "patriots" that on average don't know their own history and could care less, is not something any of us looked forward to when we started the process, and it still isn't now.
We've had to deal with thieves and liars in California, insurrectionists trying to build an army in Texas, cronyism in Michigan, impersonators in Oregon, and a consistent bunch of power-mongering, strident, rude, and self-important people in Colorado, who don't want to cooperate with the other people in Colorado to get the work that has to be done, done.
I hate to break it to everyone, but cooperation is necessary. It was important for the States when they formed the Federation to help each other through The War of Independence and everything ever afterward, and it is just as important now for individual people to do the same: come together. Commit yourselves to the task at hand and to helping each other, or go away.
Believe me, we've all got enough to do without putting up with petty criminals and would-be gurus preaching Patriot of the Day nonsense.
We are here to restore our lawful American Government to full function Period. We are not here to do something new or different or other than that. We have made it perfectly clear from Day One that that is our goal. Anyone who doesn't share that goal is welcome to walk on down the street, live your life as a stateless person, join a District Assembly or a Municipal Assembly of your choice, do whatever you like, but don't think that you are going to come into our Assemblies and cause trouble and "redefine" our efforts.
We are doing what we are doing and we are making no bones about it. We have told you up front what we are doing and why, and if you don't like it or you don't agree that it needs to be done, or you want to do something new and different --- there's the door. Please get out and stay out, the faster the better for all concerned.
There are some very simple definitions to be observed.
First, you don't get to be an American without claiming and recording your birthright political status. Being an American is a very precious political status because of the rights and guarantees that go with it, and if you don't claim it and shoulder the responsibilities that go with the rights, you aren't in our bailiwick. You may be an American, but until you own up, you are an "unknown person" and have no "standing' to say anything about what goes on in this country.
Second, your State of the Union is physically defined and has borders. It isn't some airy-fairy "legal construct".
Third, being a member of your State Assembly is an honor and it is due respect. You don't have to sign up and join the State Assembly, and by the same turn, if you do, you are expected to be loyal and honorable and to work with the other members as part of an extended statewide family, all working together to restore your lawful State Government --- first and foremost --- and then, to reconstruct your American State-of-State and the Federal Republic.
The Federation (land jurisdiction) is inextricably tied to the soil of the State (national jurisdiction) of this country. That's why we say, "land and soil". You can't have one without the other. You can't be a State without being a member of the Federation, and you can't be a member of the Federation without being a State of the Union. All these boneheads wandering around spouting off whatever their egos want to spout, can't change that fact.
Every person you meet on the street either is, or potentially is, every bit as "sovereign' as you are, but with such powers come great responsibilities and burdens. If you are silly enough to think that such powers exist in a vacuum, or exist without form and responsibility, think again. If you think that you are free to just go about this process willy-nilly, think again.
Your State has obligations to the Union and the Union of States (Federation) has obligations to your State.
We would not be doing our duty owed to your State to let a bunch of crooks come in and claim to be the State Assembly and steal you blind. And if we did, you'd be first in line to blame us for not providing practical oversight.
We would not be doing our duty owed to your State to let a bunch of cronies come in and rule over the rest of the population. And if we did, you'd all be there yapping and crying like a combination of angry dogs and babies wanting a bottle.
We would not be doing our duty owed to your State to let wild-eyed rebels come in and build an army and use a 'peaceable" Assembly as a storefront to do it. And if we did, you'd all be misidentified as dangerous insurgents, arrested, and hauled off to jail.
It isn't part of the Federation's responsibility to take care of the States like babies, but we do, because some of the State Assemblies are not protecting themselves from activities like those cited above. It's actually your job to make sure that your State isn't overcome by con men or misled by popular patriot myths or used by agents wanting an excuse to attack the effort. That's your job, not ours, but we get stuck with it by default during the assembling process.
The protection that the Federation offers the States--- and you---- comes at a cost, and if you aren't sensible enough to want that protection and to welcome our guidance through the assembling process, by all means, leave.

Let your feet be fleet and your mouth be closed. The State of Liz won't be coerced to join the Union.


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