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Saturday, December 4, 2021

For the LAST Time....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Answers to

Questions for Anna

I have read over these questions, and it is apparent that those asking haven’t bothered to read the source documents that have been provided ….. and if they didn’t bother to read the books or search the online searchable data base available to search over 3,000 Articles at, I have to ask some questions in return:

1.     Why haven’t you bothered to read Disclosure 101?   Or, at least, “You Know Something is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”?

2.     Every single question asked here has been answered multiple times in multiple formats that are available for free online or for a few bucks at

3.     If you didn’t bother to do your own research and come to your own conclusions so that you could explain why you are doing what you are doing, how can you hope to be a responsible member of your Assembly or teach anyone else to do the same? 

Special Note: The following questions are in no way an attack upon Anna, her credibility, or the validity of her teachings. We all agree she has provided a wealth of information, a strong foundation, and positive path for the future. The following questions have been asked of us, and in many cases we simply don’t know how to answer them.

See response above. Reading and learning are necessary parts of this process. I didn’t ask you to “just trust” me or anything else.  I laid it all out in terms of public records and documents and correspondence…. with the clear instruction and intent that you would start digging for yourselves.  Why haven’t you done that?

Didn’t you ever go to website and scroll through and read and see the books and products and links? 


In the spirit of full disclosure, “We the people” ask for clarification so we can continue with our mission of rebuilding the republic state by state.

Name 1) What is your given birth name, married name, and legal name? Please explain why you have utilized multiple variations of the name, Anna Von Reitz, Reisinger, Fritz, etc…?

Ironically, I have one (1) name.  It was given to me by my parents as a gift:  Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hannah Sophia Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck.

That didn’t fit the Standard Issue School Records, so the School Officials cut it down to: Anna Maria Riezinger, and started using that moniker.

Later, as I began to write things, I cobbled together a Pen Name out of my actual names, shortening von Reitzenstein to “von Reitz” and coming up with Anna von Reitz in 1981. 

Still later, as a joke referring to the frantic pace of phone calls, a friend dubbed my iPhone “Anna von Fritz” so when I text using my iPhone it comes back to you as Anna von Fritz --- as in frazzled, as in frantic, as in “I don’t have time to breathe.” And as it comes from my iphone named “Anna von Fritz” that is entirely appropriate and helps me keep track of where threads originate.

I didn’t have a “Legal Name” (and neither do any of you) until I went to Court and demanded that the Court change ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER to Anna Maria Riezinger --- the School Name I’d used for public purposes for years. 

[Take note that “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” is an illegal name, and so is any name styled in all capital letters, so the only time you use those names is when you are involuntarily obliged to enter Municipal United States enclaves and have to use them as a pass-through utility. ]   

That court action officially designated “Anna Maria Riezinger” as my “Legal Name” and I immediately recorded it as my Lawful Name, too, by reconveying it to the land records.

Obviously, I have had more than any normal reason to notice my name and be inconvenienced and troubled by it in one way or another for most of my life, and I never “adopted” my husband’s name because I figured I already had enough problems with names. So, I have no “married name”.

Ironically, too, the long struggles I have had with names has paid off for you, because it led me to delve into the importance and meaning and use of names and styles of names.

And that led to the Certificate of Assumed Name…. and all the paperwork conveniences that are available to you to be able to navigate the Snake Pit without going to court and going through a formal name change.  


2) Please explain your past and current associations with the pope, or any associates to the pope, any contractual agreements with the pope, and/or any blood oaths? Have you rescinded or terminated all agreements with the pope and/or any associates to the pope?

I went as a member of a group of Americans to complain to the Pope about the fraud and history we discovered; his (Benedict XVI’s) response was, “Nobody told me!” and he asked for our help to correct the situation. 

About 900 of us agreed to serve Notice on his erring Employees, (actually our employees acting under his direction as a Subcontractor) and I spent the next seven years accomplishing that Due Process action.  This is all fully explained and documented in Disclosure 101. If you bothered to read it… 

Again, it isn’t that the information isn’t there, you just have not cared enough to look for it and read it, and want to come back to me and have me write it all again for your convenience….  

So, I have to ask myself, why am I bothering to write it?  If you don’t read and don’t share the information?

Again and again and again and again…. And yet again.  Where does my “responsibility” end and yours begin?

I don’t have and never had any “contractual” agreements with the Pope, unless you want to count the Postal Treaties that we, Americans, are all heir to, and The Constitution of the United States, which we agreed to as a service contract.    And I never worked “with” or “for” the Vatican at all.

My association with the Vatican is with the Vatican Chancery Court --- bringing claims and complaints to it --- and there have been plenty of those, addressed to their Chief Justice, H.E. Dominique Mamberti. 

As for “Blood Oaths” all Christians are under a Blood Oath to Jesus.

What in the %@$^# do you think it means when they bring forward the wine and bread and pass it around and say, “The body of Christ, given for you….. the blood of Christ, shed for you….” And you eat it and drink it? 

On one side of it, you are binding your body and soul to his body and soul, in a spiritual “communion” – a deep meditation on the meaning of his life, remembering him, and his love for all of us and what he taught us.

And on the other side, the other “interpretation” given to it by the insidious Mystery Babylon Cult, is that you are a cannibal, eating Jesus to gain his characteristics.

Shocking as this is, you’d better be aware that there are generations of priests of this other far more ancient “religion” who have been acting as cannibals while taking Communion. You’d better be aware that this “other” religion coexisting within the Roman Catholic Church demanded that the priests castrate themselves --- which is what the vow of celibacy --- started in 1139 at the Second Lateran Council, does.

Like so much else, nobody taught you this.  You have to study to make yourself approved and use your own brains and logic and powers of observation.

So start. 

What I have just said is brutal and I know it is going to slap many Christians and especially many Catholics up the side of the head, as if I hit them with a half-frozen halibut, but when you are mindlessly calling yourself a “Christian” and just as mindlessly bellying up to the Communion Rail, you’d better know the Alpha and Omega of what that label and what that sacrament can mean.   

Depending on what “kind” of Christian you are, you may be a saint or the worst kind of sinner----and depending on what your “Blood Oath” is, either a sacred immutable communion, or an act of cannibalism, you see the results – the fruits.

Now, why should I have to take you by the hand and teach you this, when even a cursory interest in religion and the history of religion, should have taught you this at your Mother’s knee. 

Where were the Protestant Ministers, when you needed to know about the evils of Rome?  And Mystery Babylon, too? 

Why didn’t you question the Pope’s little skull cap like the Jews wear as a sign of submission to God, the Creator, versus his ornate Papal Tiara and his office as the Roman Pontiff?

Where, I’d like to ask, have all of you “Christians” been? Mentally and spiritually for decades?   And why are you asking me about the Blood Oaths that you have all taken yourselves? 

What more did the Roman Catholic Church have to announce to the Public, after it announced the Doctrine of Transubstantiation?  The teaching that the Communion wine magically transforms into blood in the Communion Cup? 

Are you all asleep, deaf, dumb, and blind?  Stumbling your way into perdition, not noticing all this?

My knowing mention of my Blood Oath honoring Jesus versus whatever Blood Oath Cardinal George placed on the altar has caused people to question me and that has caused me to question them.

Since when is it “news” or even questionable that Christians take a Blood Oath every time they take Communion?   Don’t you mumble the words of your bond and oath every single time?  “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord…. “?

Are you all just mumbling, not thinking about what you are saying and doing?

Isn’t it enough that I have to teach you your own history and how your own Government is supposed to be structured and function, without also having to delve into the history of religion on Earth and the duplicitous nature of the Church of Rome? 

Yes, I have written voluminously about this topic, too.  All you needed to do was go to: and hit the search engine, but you couldn’t be bothered, could you?  

I have to spend my time, but you don’t?


3) Please explain your relationship with James Clinton Belcher, the Belcher family, any claims made by the Belcher family, and provide any material evidence validating those claims.

James Clinton Belcher is my lawfully married husband.   The Belchers aren’t a family. They’re a very large French clan, similar to the Clans in Scotland and Ireland. They are the people of Northern and Western France, and the head of the Clan is called “The Belle Cher”, in exactly the same way that the head of the Clan McDonald is still called “The MacDonald”.  

The Great Seals of both the United States and the United States of America are part of our armorial array and belong to us; every ship that has ever sailed under our seals also sails under our flag, which we provided to this fledgling country, and vouchsafed to it for its use and its prosperity forevermore so long as it adheres to The Declaration of Independence. Just look at the Great Seals and look at our Coat of Arms.

Our claims to our individual sovereignty go back to the Dark Ages and in more recent times, with respect to any claims by England, to William the Conqueror.  The Belchers were among those who received “sovereignty in their own right’ as part of The Norman Settlement upon William’s death. They have been free men and “sovereigns in their own right” in England ever since, and just as William gave them this gift upon his death, they bequeathed the same upon all the soldiers in the Continental Army and upon all those who are born on the soil of this country.  This is how the people of this country became recognized as “sovereigns in their own right” even within the European system of Monarchy, and this is how the head of the Belchers became the Head of State --- though in fact he is sovereign in exactly the same way as any other American.

It's his Clan’s Coat of Arms that was adopted to create the Great Seals; the Great Seals and flags attached to them have been donated via trust to this country and are held in trust by the Donors and the Beneficiaries. As the chief Donor my husband becomes Head of State in International Jurisdiction and Post Master of the land; he’s the one who has standing to enforce The Declaration of Independence against Britain and all Treaties with the British Monarch, Holy See, and Lord Mayor of London as an Equal Principal. 

And all this has been written down and explained, too. Multiple times. In detail.  Get off your butts and do your share! 

What did you think the Great Seals were?  And who did you think issued them? And why do you think they exist?   What do you think they are used for?  Under what authority was your Navy and Armed Forces and your merchant fleet and Post Office and Seat of Government recognized by the rest of the world? 

Are you all simply blessed with an extraordinary lack of curiosity?

Federation 1) Please explain the entire federation authority structure from top to bottom? When was it started, who started it, who are the current members, what positions do they hold, were they appointed or elected, who appointed or elected them, were they vetted, who vetted them, what their responsibilities are, and provide a possible diagram of the overall structure?

No such thing exists.  At present, about one thousand Americans who are progeny of the soldiers who fought in The War of Independence, and who claim their birthright political status as Americans, make up the body politic of the Federation and are the Last Men Standing as heirs to the Treaties and Constitutions in international jurisdiction, and to the public trusts in global jurisdiction.  As more Americans come home to the land and soil jurisdiction, the State Assemblies will get organized and fully seated and elect Congressional Delegations for their States of the Union and The Continental Congress will be Assembled to conduct business as the Federation of States. Until then, the Federation is operating with a skeleton crew of hereditary Donors directing operations and organizing the effort to alert other Americans to the overall situation.   

This, too, has been explained ad nauseum.

These people came forward and identified themselves when we put out the call several years ago.  They claimed back their States for the people and in the Public Interest, because they had the provenance to do it.  They don’t gain anything “extra’--- they just saved all our rumps by doing so.

Since then, a wide variety of research has been conducted and many defensive actions have been taken to defend this country and its people against foreign commercial claims and false claims that our American Government “is absent” and “in interregnum” and “missing, presumed dead”---- and additional claims that our land and soil and natural resources are chattel assets of the British Commonwealth, subject to claims by their Commercial Creditors.

Defending in the international and global jurisdictions is the main duty of the Federation, so that is what we have been doing.  Defending all of you and defending ourselves in every international dogfight for the past 13 years with no help from the States aside from the individual volunteers who have stepped forward and the donations that individual people have given.

Like most of the American Government, there is very little hierarchy in the Federation and little “positional authority” --- which is what you are trying to assume.  Instead, our ancestors did jobs and the jobs had both rights and duties attached to them.  Those who do the work, inherit the rights of the offices. Those who have the ownership, inherit the duties.

How did I become Fiduciary, for example?  By doing the work of the Fiduciary Office.

That has also been explained and explained and explained. 

How did your State Coordinators become Coordinators?  By living in your State and loving it and volunteering to do the work. 

The Federation is not some big corporate conglomerate.  It’s people doing work that has to be done in order to self-govern.  Please get that through your heads and instead of fussing and farting around about who gets the “office” think about it in terms of who gets the work and responsibility and the non-existent pay scale.

Who pays you when you mow your own lawn?

Think about it. 

By what “right” do you act when you mow your own lawn?  Or sail your own ship?

Think about it. 

Just the nature of the question reveals that you are still deep, deep, deep in the Corporatist mindset, imagining that there “must” be some highly organized and compartmentalized bureaucracy involved in the Federation of States, but there’s not. That’s all foreign to us and our American Government.

We have a very few functions that have to be done, and those functions are getting done by the grace of God and volunteers.  


2) What authority does the federation have, does it have authority over the states, if so in what capacity? Can the states challenge the federation’s authority, and in what venue? Who established the federations authority, does that authority have checks and balances, who established those, is there a committee or council to govern over that authority, or does the federation have endless power in all decision making?

The Federation operates in international and global Jurisdictions.  Get that through your heads. With rare exceptions, the States and Federation occupy completely different jurisdictions so all these questions are moot.  

The Federation is telling the States what to do and how to get their Assemblies organized, because the Federation preserved the knowledge and exercised the Summoning Authority --- which also adds up the “Summoning Responsibility” to make sure it gets done and done right.  But normally, we don’t talk to the States except to ask the States what they want to do with respect to issues that come up in our jurisdiction.

And by the way, the reason that we can act as the Summoning Authority, is that calling a countrywide assembly process is an interstate/international action. Use your brains. Think. States are nations. 

There are all whole bunch of people who think that someone died and left them king. They  think they suddenly have the right to do whatever they like, and that’s not the deal.  There are definitions and requirements in play.  Our American Government has traditions, definitions, contracts, treaties, assets, obligations, and on and on. You have to learn the ropes and put up with the limitations and accept the responsibilities of self-governance. 

The States are generally responsible for what goes on within their borders and if you manage to do a good job of managing that much, you will be justly proud of your accomplishment. Your States are also called upon to vote upon international and interstate issues that impact them and the people living within your borders, but those questions are comparatively less frequent and usually impact only a small number of people in each State. 

If you don’t understand the relationship between the States and the Federation of States as an instrumentality of all the States acting together, you will never realize that this question was answered over two hundred years ago. And you are, again, asking questions that are obvious and which have been answered and answered and answered for over two hundred years, and I really do draw the line with this.

Get an American History book --- not a “US History” book --- and read.

3) What are the current assets and debts of the federation? How much funding is required to run the federation currently, where does that funding come from, who provided that funding, does the federation have a treasurer, who is that person, how much funds are in the account currently, where are those funds seeded, who has authority in directing those funds, is there an annual account summary, and can the people have access to all financial statements in the spirit of full disclosure?

We have spent twenty years locating and claiming back American assets that have been trafficked offshore “for safe-keeping” and used for the enrichment of foreign interests. We, Americans, have been the goats. It’s our assets funding a large percentage of everything, but we have not been in possession or control of our own assets and have largely not benefitted from our assets since the Civil War. We have had to do this alone, out of pocket. So far, it has been all outflow and has come out of our own pockets.

Nothing to report on that, except how much we are owed.

We have, however, found the missing assets; and we have staked the American claim for everyone; and we are progressing the claims.

Our American Government is not planning on collecting taxes or supporting any large bureaucracies, rather, we are in the process of recouping assets and credit owed to our people and returning it.  For that we don’t need a huge bureaucracy, don’t need any Congressional appropriations, and we don’t need permission or budgets or anything of that sort. Whatever reasonable and customary expenses are involved, we’ll deduct them, and pay out the rest.

We believe in keeping it simple. The State Assemblies will get their share of money recovered for their operations and for infrastructure and social programs and have control of their own public assets, based on their per capita population and the square miles they have within their borders, and they will be expected and required to take good care of their own assets from now on.  The people that are coming up now will be fully educated and will not put up with anything less.  

The Federation will be working with other governments in international jurisdiction to clean up the environmental damage and health damage that has been inflicted worldwide.  This will require a mammoth international effort over the course of decades, but new technologies will be unleashed.  And somehow, with goodwill and some common sense, it will all get done.

The entire scenario that you have known in the past, with political piggies at the trough and lobbyists running to Washington to pad the pockets of their constituents, is about to go the way of the Dodo, so a lot of the assumptions that you are making about money and management of public money will no longer apply.  The people of each country will have a direct voice in how their money ---both public and private -- is spent, and won’t, generally speaking, require a lot of “representation” or middlemen at any level of the government.

Again, if you were thinking of this as the American Government instead of envisioning all the complexity and crappola of the ‘US Government” you would already know that your questions are based on a foreign system.

4) Recently a diagram showing the federation is on top with the people listed as second, illustrates the federation has endless power until each state has assembled. Who determines what an Assembled state is, what are those requirements, and are those requirements set in stone, or do they move, and why would they move?

I don’t know what diagram you are referring to.  Any diagram of our government should show the American Government on top of the Federal Government, and the American people are the American Government, so they don’t show up as a separate component.  What do you folks think that “government of the people, for the people, by the people” means?  You ARE the American Government!  Wake up!  Get the concept! 

5) If the federation is listed at the top of the diagram, how do the people trust the federation will relinquish power at some point, understanding these same people have been fooled by the de-facto government for a 160 years.

Again, I don’t know what diagram you are referring to.  Quite possibly you have mistaken a diagram that deals only with the Federation and its relationship to the Federal Subcontractors and are confused because you still don’t realize that the people are the government --- so you are wandering around wondering where the people fit in, and don’t realize that they are there right in front of your face as the Federation.  All levels of the American Government are staffed by the American people.  We mow our own lawns. We sail our own ship of state in all jurisdictions.


Constitutions 1) Please provide an original copy of all 3 constitutions (1787, 1789, & 1790), along with specific differences between them, when were all three discovered, who discovered them (members of the discovery team), where were they discovered, and who has confirmed these discoveries, has any current government agencies confirmed the existence of all three constitutions, and where can we the people access this information? In the spirit of full disclosure, this is of the utmost importance in establishing validity to the overall mission of the American State Nationals!

This information has either been made available multiple times already, or, as pertains to who discovered it, is none of your business. If I had original copies of all these documents in my personal possession, I would certainly not turn them over to you.  The known copies are in libraries where they belong and where they will safely stay.  The contents of these documents together with the respective text have been published and photographic jpegs of the pages have been published so you can read it for yourself.  If you are sincerely interested, you can spend a couple years tracking down copies like the rest of us did.

Vendor Cards 1) You have publicized your ongoing negotiations and/or demands in acquiring previously stolen funds from the united States of America. Who are you specifically negotiating with, what country, head of state, or representative? Have you determined how much was originally stolen and how much is still available, and how did you determine that?

The united States of America refers to the Federal Republic, not to us.  See? Even in this, you reveal how little you have studied, and how unfair it is to expect me to keep on answering people that don’t do their own homework.

No money was “officially” stolen from the Federal Republic that we know of. The assets of the Federal Republic were cashiered in State Trusts and managed as public trusts by the British Territorial States of State--- and still are, to this day.  So we don’t have to search for the assets of the Federal Republic, which have been used to fund gigantic slush funds and resource funds.

There are records, which the rats attempted to destroy --- but failed--- that show the resources of the actual Federation of States, including the manifests of the gold that was transported and where it went.  Just like any financial record, these things involve receipts and the receipts have come down to us.  So, it is like tracking a cold case --- where did the gold, credit, silver, etc., go from the starting point of the deposit?  Because our country is the starting point of the deposit, it’s possible to recoup at least some it, and because the gold that comes from this country has its own DNA, its not hard to identify. 

We have no idea how much will ultimately be recovered or recoverable, but we do know how much we, Americans, are owed out of the global slush pile. And we have been able to identify more than enough to fund recovery for our people and our country as a whole--- for starters.


2) How much money have you secured or been promised? I have placed liens on trillions of dollars worth of assets which counts as “securing” these assets, but nobody is “promised” anything.  Will the funds be coming in one lump sum or broken into separate payments?  If separate payments, will they be dispersed over months or years? Obviously, recoupment is an ongoing process and many payments over many years will be required to correct this whole Mess.  3) Who from the federation will have access to those funds, will it be one person or a group of people, and who are those people? Who will determine the amount of funds dispersed to each state? What formula is utilized in determining how much each state will receive, who decides that formula, and what authority does that person or persons have in determining that formula?  Since the funds are coming in from international jurisdiction, all that falls under the authority and responsibility of the Federation and Office of the Fiduciary. Disbursement includes the factors of number of people in each State and land mass of each State.  Yes, California will get a bigger share than Rhode Island.  We will just have to do our best and use common sense in determining what’s fair.  A far bigger problem are the large metro areas and how to deal with the needs caused by population density--- but, the people who live in these areas will have to come forward with plans and means to deal with their own problems. 

This idea that someone else can or should solve your problems for you is foreign to the American Government.  


4) You have stated a building has been purchased in Alaska, and will be converted into a bank to hold the vendor card funds. No, I did not state that. Funds for the Vendor Cards will be processed through a credit card-like facility.  The property we are purchasing will house a bullion bank and computer nerve center for the Blue Dot Bilateral Banking System on the West Coast and Pacific Rim. Please disclose the details of the transaction, who purchased the building, for how much, where the funds came from, who is titled as the property owner, is there any other financial arrangements surrounding the purchase of the building, leases, rental agreements, etc…? Since you didn’t contribute a penny to any of this, you have no business asking, but it will be properly assigned for the benefit of the people of this country and this State of the Union.  5) Please explain why a copy of a birth certificate is a requirement in being eligible for a vendor card? You didn’t need a birth certificate to correct your status, so why do you need it now? If you have corrected your status and recorded it properly you have corrected your status and no further proof is necessary for a Vendor Card. 6) Are the funds used for the vendor cards coming from our individual Cestui Que Vie trust accounts? If not, where are the funds specifically coming from? The fate of the Cestui Que Vie Trusts is unknown at this point; the “US” Military seized large quantities of gold “in our names” and the most recent trail leads to Hong Kong, where they purportedly sold it all in exchange for credit.  If so, this will be another issue to discuss with our employees, once the rest of you wake up and get off your butts. 7) Does the 928/1776 paperwork in any way allow the federation or any representative access to someone’s individual Cestui Que Vie trust account? No, it does not. Read what the paper says and if you can’t read, go back to school. 8) Can someone receive a vendor card and access their individual Cestui Que Vie trust account simultaneously by any means necessary, without any conflict? No, the Vendor Cards are pre-paid credit.  The Cesturi Que Vie Trusts were paid in gold.  Different things entirely. Summary to Anna: Many patriots have worked tirelessly for many months and years as volunteers, promoting the mission of rebuilding the republic, all in an effort to free the people from slavery. These questions and answers are simply a validation we are all on the same path together.

And please remember, you may have received these exact same questions a hundred times before, but we’re hearing the answers for the very first time. To avoid any misinformation or distractions, we look forward to a face-to-face meeting via zoom call. We certainly appreciate your time in answering our questions and Thank you for your time.

You think nothing of imposing upon me and stealing the better part of a day of my life and work output, answering your questions, when 95% of what you have asked about is already published and easily accessible via simple search engine inquiries.  I repeat --- where does my obligation to you end, and you obligation to yourselves begin? 

You talk about “many months” and a very few can claim a couple years of work --- compare that to fifty years in these trenches?  And you think I owe it to you to slog through your little tribunal? I am here to tell you all that I don’t owe any of you jack - diddly.  You owe yourselves and your State and your country your due diligence and that means reading things and learning things for yourselves.

Did someone answer all my questions upon demand?  No, there was nobody there to ask, except the dead and dusty records, old books, faint memories, law libraries, and a few other scholars who similarly took up the cause for America.

And Americans.

You are still in “entitlement” mode, making demands from “the government” without realizing that in this country, you are the government. We are serving in different jurisdictions, but you are no different from me.  We are all just Joe Blow Americans doing the work of self-governance, some within a State, some in international jurisdiction, some in global jurisdiction.

The fundamental difference is that I am educated enough to function in international and global jurisdiction while you are still confused and expecting (and fearing) some giant foreign bureaucracy coming to defraud you, at the same time you are making demands of “it”--- or rather, what you mistake for it. 

The idea that the Nanny State doesn’t exist in the American Government is clearly foreign to you and you will have to get over that hurdle before you will be able to experience the joy of individual freedom and a freely associated community.

I have gallantly wasted an entire day repeating myself.  Read what I have said and then go research these topics using the resources I have pointed out to you.  


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