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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Not Rocket Science -- They Are Giving You AIDS

Anthony Fauci was the lead researcher into AIDS caused by the HIV virus, which was also a botched "accident" released to kill homosexuals, Africans, and other "undesirables" --- quote the Nazis in charge. 

And so, what do we find in the "vaccines" that aren't "vaccines"  ---- HIV.  

Particles and pieces of HIV, not Corona, are the only bits of  any virus in these injections. 

And this has been fully verified in Australia and in England. 

So now, what puts you in the undesirable category?  

Being a --- quote Bill Gates---- "Useless Eater" and a "Priority Creditor" ---- both. 

These injections are not vaccines.  The purported "Covid-19" virus has never been isolated and identified, so there is no possible way that a vaccine based on any dead virus has been developed.  In fact, the existence of any "Covid 19" virus hasn't even been proven. 

As in so many other examples, the rats just changed the meaning of the word "vaccine" to expedite acceptance of the poison and legalize their crimes. 

These "vaccines" don't protect anyone from infection or reinfection.  

But they do cause immune system exhaustion and organ failure and heart disease and blood clots, all of which kill people in large numbers. 

This is just another example of their diabolical logic --- kill with the cure.  

Give them nice, warm blankets --- full of smallpox. 

It's estimated that all those who were double jabbed in the first wave will be dead within two years of the injection.  Know this, because unlike all the media hype, it's based on actual science, actual math.  

What can you do about it?  Join the movement to push these vermin into the sea, bankrupt and liquidate their corporations, jail and execute those responsible, and never, ever take the jab. 

If someone you love took the vaccine, fight fire with fire.  It is a nano-science poison, so employ a nano-science interceptor to collect and remove the graphene oxide and other contaminants from your blood.  Look for food grade Fullerenes, like those available from SES Research. 

The vast number of deaths will implode the housing market and the stock exchanges, so do what you have to do.   


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