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Friday, November 19, 2021

Clarity About Article 3 Court

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let us be very clear, all "district" courts are still foreign courts by definition. I have not encouraged people to search for or enter into Article 3 Courts, because I don't know what you will find there. By definition, this court belongs to and is part of the defunct Federal Republic, which hasn't functioned in 160 years, so what can we expect when we address it? Silence? Or imposters, entering its vacated offices under "conditions of emergency" ---- and only God knows what their agenda or obligations may be.
Our "Supreme Court" is a jury of our peers, and has never been anything different, but note, that in order to have a "jury of our peers" we must have twelve honest and impartial Jurors who enjoy the same political status as ourselves, so once again, I bring everyone's attention to the fact that ALL district courts are foreign and also the need for us to conduct our own courts and assume responsibility for our own justice system. As soon as we do that we can invoke Ex Parte Milligan 2 USC 71 and remove our people from THEIR courts and THEIR presumptions. Until then, it's an uphill battle.
Instead of wasting more time and more energy trying to answer or otherwise address their foreign courts, we all need to be forming our own jury pools, electing our Justices, Clerks, Coroners, and Sheriffs ---- get it done, people! Stop messing around and trying to avoid assembling your own Jural Assembly. You are only prolonging the misery of dealing with all these carpetbagger courts unnecessarily. I know you are all buffaloed and think that this is something someone else has to do for you, but you are wrong. You have the right. It is already agreed that you have the right. So do it and serve notice that your Jural Assembly is active and your Courts are convened to serve the population of Florida. Stand all the other courts down and take reference to your own "Supreme Court" --- the jury of your Peers.

Anna Maria


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