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Friday, November 19, 2021

To All State Assemblies -- and All State Coordinators

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have a job to do. That job is to restore our lawful American Government, including our States, which are all defined as States of the Union and are all members of the Federation of States.
Even if you are an American born and bred, if you don't agree with the purpose (restoring the lawful American Government) and the definitions ---State means State of the Union and member of the Federation means what it says --- you don't belong in a State Assembly.
Just as you wouldn't join the Knights of Columbus if you are not a Catholic, or expect a vote in the Chamber of Commerce without owning a business, you don't automatically belong in a State Assembly just because you were born in this country.
There are plenty of other people who were born in this country who don't belong either--- Marxists, Insurrectionists, Secessionists, Anarchists, Communists, Fascists --- they all have their own flavors and they all need to keep moving right on past our door, because that's not who we are and that's not what we are doing.
State Coordinators need to clamp down and evaluate people coming in and present them with the three choices they have as Americans. Ours isn't the only Assembly. There are two other District Assemblies that they can join, and if they want to, they can go form whatever groups they want--- "The Brotherhood of Secessionist Californians" for example.
If they are confused about what a State is or confused about what the Federation is and only want to fight, fight, fight --- chances are they belong in a District Assembly. So send them on their way and don't delay or wishy-wash.
We are building the American Government and bringing our States of the Union into Session according to the blueprint --- we function by committee and aim at building community on a statewide basis, we are the peaceable, law-abiding people of this country, exercising our right to self-govern.
We aren't trying to build something "new". We are repopulating our land and soil jurisdiction and operating our institutions according to the Public Law, enforcing the Constitutions, and minding our own business.

We are not here to fight, cheat, lie, steal, control, manipulate, slander, gossip, or indulge in any of the sins of the corporations which have acted "as" our government. We are here to stand for peace, community, good faith, common sense, and to be the government---which is quite a different thing.


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