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Friday, June 18, 2021

The Peacekeeping Task Force Issues

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have removed Eric Dingis and placed him on administrative leave, from which he has subsequently resigned. The interim Peacekeeping Task Force Director, Susan Hauck, has also been placed on administrative leave. We are reviewing the situation and the personnel associated with the PKTF to ascertain the cause of the problem(s) and the damage done.
There are a number of fundamental issues to be addressed. The Peacekeeping Task Force, as the name suggests, is supposed to be focused on peacekeeping. Peacekeeping is a function separate from any aspect of national defense or law enforcement.
Peacekeeping is the unique power and responsibility to enforce the Public Law.
This entire country has suffered for lack of civilian public courts and peacekeepers to enforce the Public Law.
We are facing a cataclysmic failure of justice and criminality in high places which results in crimes against the existing Public Law, not war in the absence of Public Law.
These are distinctly different things. Crime is apolitical. It harms everyone.
One responds to crime against the Public Law by summoning the civilian court authorities into Session and electing, deputizing and/or commissioning peacekeeping officers to enforce the Public Law---including the Constitutions.
This circumstance is largely the fault of our foreign subcontractors' failure to honestly and transparently inform their employers about the situation --- the absence of one-third of our government, the absence of half of our banks, and the absence of a complete judicial system, for starters.
As we rouse ourselves to restore our government, our banks, and our judicial system, there is a great deal to do, and much confusion. There are also multiple mercenary forces deployed under color of law, who have been misdirected to undermine and attack the people who pay their bills.
To explain how this works --- we, the American Federation of States --- have a contract known as The Constitution of the United States, with the Holy See.
The Holy See has hired a municipal corporation doing business as the United States, Inc., to do the work. The United States, Inc., has in turn hired "Agencies" --- BLM, FBI, FEMA, BATF, DOJ, etc., to do work for them. This is contractually illegal, as a contract distributes rights and rights cannot be subcontracted --- nonetheless, the Holy See has failed its duty, and these subcontractors-of-subcontractors have been allowed to murder people and commit other crimes without accountability and without oversight.
So when Americans are accosted by, say, the FBI, these Americans are being misaddressed by Subcontractors of Subcontractors of Subcontractors---- and because of this two and three-deep Middleman system, the actual Principals have hoped to insulate themselves from being accountable.
The Agencies, which have absolutely no governmental authority with respect to Americans, function largely as foreign mercenary forces acting under color of law ---- and they don't even know their actual duty or lack of standing.
They think they are doing the right thing and they think that they have standing to do it, and they haven't been disabused of this notion, for lack of our courts to administer the Public Law and for lack of our Peacekeepers to enforce the Public Law.
As a result, America has been riddled with crime foisted off on us by self-serving foreign corporate interests--- the same Principals responsible for this despicable Breach of Trust, their Municipal Subcontractors, and their Agency Subcontractors.
Like sharks smelling blood in the water, a host of other kinds of gangs and criminal organizations have descended and started operating on our streets and even in the halls of the State Capitols and throughout Washington, DC. We have become a Mecca for criminals and all manner of piracy and criminality has flourished.
The extent of this criminality is adequately demonstrated by Biden's admitted bullying and payola scheme with Burisma and the Government of Ukraine.
The fact that such a man could even be considered for the Presidency, much less elected by any means fair or foul, speaks volumes.
It is against this backdrop of criminality in high places that the whole issue of peacekeeping and the need for it must be considered.
Without our Public Courts in Session and without our Peacekeepers in place, there is no security and no safety in this country. We are at the mercy of competing "governmental services companies" and foreign interests operating under international law.
Restoration demands the support of the international community and determination on our parts. We are now exercising our right and responsibility to self-govern, and all fifty State Assemblies are in Session. Our Public Courts are reopening and our people have repopulated their States of the Union. In concert with this, our peacekeeping forces are also assembling.
Constitutional Sheriffs are waking up to their moral and lawful responsibilities, the State Assembly Militias are forming, and the international Peacekeeping Officers, our Continental Marshals, are organizing.
These three peacekeeping forces --- sheriffs, militias, and marshals -- need to work together to protect the American people from enemies both foreign and domestic.
The mission of the Peacekeeping Task Force is to support each of these branches of the peacekeeping services, to promote cooperation and networking across jurisdictional boundaries, and to help them secure educational and material resources needed to do their jobs.
In other words, the Peacekeeping Task Force is supposed to help and support each branch of the peacekeepers, individually and collectively. They are supposed to be doing this with full understanding of what "peacekeeping" is, and with commitment to the work of peacekeeping.
Additionally, the PKTF is charged with helping our Assemblies and Assembly Members to prepare for civil unrest, supply chain interruptions, and natural disasters. The focus of all peacekeepers is public safety and enforcement of the Public Law---- first, last, and always.
Our Peacekeepers are our first and our last line of defense against criminals and criminality.
We already have five branches of Armed Services and an illegally composed National Guard to fill the boots of every kind of soldiering imaginable. On top of that, the erstwhile Federal Agencies have been armed to the teeth.
And none of them are tasked with enforcing our Public Law.
It is our volunteers who hold the final line between criminality and justice. Our Sheriffs, our Assembly Militias, and our Continental Marshals.
It is naturally very damaging and disappointing to find that the Peacekeeping Task Force has been misdirected despite being given a clear and succinct mission statement and roster of duties. There is plenty of blame to go around, as usual, but we are focusing on correction and staying positive.

We hope to emerge renewed, with a firmer foundation and understanding, and greater fellowship among our peacekeepers at all levels. Meantime, keep the faith and the vision and stay on the sunny side of peace and Public Law.


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  1. James, you are also one that has been removed by a vote of your Assembly for cause.

    1. And...
      Does it make his observations void?
      Seems like a large game within a game. False hope and false dreams built on certain aspects of truth mixed with a lot of garbage.

      America ( the world) is being played both red and blue.
      i would suggest starting at the 44 min mark. Listen, then go back to the beginning, listen to it all. Pray for and use His discernment throughout,
      Behold The Red Horse of War!

    2. Darrell, these things, as unfortunate as they are, are just what was needed. I stand in agreement with the decisions, including the separations. Subversive attacks against Anna by Holmes or anyone else should never be tolerated, ever. Keith Pierson, Assemblyman.

    3. Sounds like he got voted out for exercising the 1st? When will you end the contract with the criminals. I mean your already booting members, you must have the numbers to correct the wrongs committed, otherwise this is appearing as a mere cult, is there somewhere one can go and observe how you guys behave in your assemblies, or are we expected to blindly "correct our status" to see how tribalistic this community is? And as an American he still has the right to assemble, or no?

  2. First and foremost.... we need to stop the petty bs. Everyone knows nothing. We have all spent every moment of our lives being lied to and pointed in the absolute wrong direction. Everything we think and do has to be filtered through this one filter and that is , what we knkw is 100% wrong.
    If we are able to put aside the preconcieved ideas , bs pride and truly open our hearts and have constant discern,ent we can move forward.
    I am both disheartened and hopeful about this process. I have watched good intentioned people do and say incredibly stupid things. We need a " textbook" . We need a simple clearly written outline published so that everyone has the plans and rules....What do you say Anna and team ? ... someone compile the information in a small volume of easily read books.
    I have personally bought and given away more than 10 copies of " You Know Something is Wrong...." because it reads fast, easy, is comprehendable and you remember the illustrations that gives the mind a picture to remember the content...
    Simplification and pictures is what we need, we are incompetant and ignorant...truly.
    I have made a request.

    1. Print a text book is what I got from it... or just avoid acknowledging he has a point and ask what can still be done?

    2. Thank you James..
      Many of you are new and some of us have been here since the beginning.
      I have been involved since the beginning , through the ups and downs and disagreemants with Anna, Payl and others..yet I am here.
      After many mnay hours of praying meditation discussion ...I believe this is our only available and logical way through the immense lie we ( globally) have been told.
      Time to put aside tge petty bs and get our asses in tge game.
      I can assure you that there are many more benefits than you all will ever know to " the red pill ". We are all " Kings" with no subjects although Employers with many out of control employees. Get that through your heads and start acting like the Benevolent ( Jesus like ) Kings and Queens that we all are. Do not fear, step hasnt killed me yet so I am a testament to its safety.. Dig around the website if you want to call or email..I made it public because I am unafraid and have only ever wanted to help.

  3. Have you ever looked up the origin of the term

  4. patriot = fellow countryman

    Context is what matters - anyone can [re]define any word to fit their own narrative.

    Propagandists do this constantly at a highly skilled level - have been for many, many decades in the modern era.

    1. Its funny your the one stating this...

  5. Have you ever looked up where the word government derives from or what it translates into?

  6. ....ugh.....they went off the rails and ad libbed. You absolutely must know jurisdictions, spelling, law ,Law and never confuse any of it..there were 9 good folks who did not follow the rules and they have paid for it with their freedom...I was there then and watched it unfold in horror. They were warned and refused the warning....This is what we are trying to avoid....needless entanglemant with the criminals...make no mistake, theynwant you dead. Theynwant their game to continue...the solution is to not play the requires re-education and never taking the bait.

  7. I can think of no better time than to use our American Common Law Courts to get to the bottom of these PKTF issues, especially when someone’s integrity is being thrown under the bus without one shred of evidence presented to prove that what is being presented as truth, has any bearing whatsoever. Why not use this very disturbing turn of events to summon an impartial grand jury to prove that we are all capable of self-governance? The entire reason I first declared myself an American State National was due to the ridiculous enactment of The Patriot Act which said that anyone can be grabbed, jailed indefinitely without a trial because “the government” claims that person is a threat. Sorry! Eric and anyone else deserves a jury trial by his peers just like any one of us does. If the evidence presented proves the claims, then American Common Law should certainly provide the justice.

  8. corporate statutes it a business.
    Only large groups are powerful enough to win communication stable email is so far been hands off !

    Texas Governor signed into law complete safeguards on 2nd amendment.
    On top of that open constitutional carry no permits!