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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD - Talks About How This Whole Fake Pandemic Was All About the Vaccine Shot!


    one of several "global citizen passports" which include health records and digital currency. Remember "apps" are contracts, this is the goal so as this doctor says another outbreak will occur and this will be forced on all the world. The Governments are operating under emergency orders for the past 18 months?

    1. skip,

      during the first week or two, mike pompeo said its a live exercise and donald trump said it was a hoax.

      i wonder if that is going to be their claim of disclosure...?

      the facts as i have found and understand them are:
      men and women cannot enter into contracts, only corporations can contract.
      again, contracts only apply to Legal Fictions!
      a citizen is a Legal Fiction/ Fiction At Law: made up.

      a man is not a Fiction that can contract.

      man is man and is superior in authority to imaginary Persons of all kinds!

    2. also, man being superior in authority to ALL Legal Fictions: imo their collectively coming at us from their "1000 points of light" imagery where they hope you feel like you cannot escape! its inevitable! GIVE.UP.! you cant change anything! evil is too powerful! come with us... well take care of your every need! was supposed to have made us all do their zombie-walk to get "tagged" as their property...
      its an EMERGENCY!!!!
      WE WILL SAVE YOU!!!! (from the monstrosity we created!?)
      here, we have your health passport all ready for you...
      youre a global citizen...
      we marked you as SAFE...
      we have everything ready for you... health records, money.... well, NNNOOOOOOO, you *cant* see them... theyre our property, were just letting you use them.... oh, and uh, *YOU* are our property too,... so just step over here to be safe from the next "outbreak"..... uh,... yes you DO have to,...
      you entered into contract with us when you ordered toilet paper online... GUARD!!! I THINK WE MAY HAVE A SOVEREIGN CITIZEN HERE!!!

      hopefully that wasnt planned, but if it was, it didnt work.

    3. Good and Shelby- VERY sad to report here my daughter rolled up her sleeve today and I feel this is the only community who will understand how and what I am feeling. [She is so smart but brainwashed at college.] My son went to the same college and said mom they are brainwashing people there and almost dropped out.
      So-so sad. I am happy she even told me but sad because of what is inside of her now.
      I called my friend who also understood and we realize it is all a personal choice but talked about divide and conquer.
      Lastly- her reason.....I trust the science.

    4. bpinmm,
      my heart goes out to you.
      your son sounds like hes escaped the heavy cognitive dissonance... can just imagine the pounding to "CONFORM!" the young people are subjected to "if they want to get a good job"... that are too often "outsorced" anyway... misspelled on purpose.

      they always create or are supposed to be creating the antidote as they create the serums/other... we can pray they did.

      before she takes more jabs, john rappaport "no more fake news" website has tons of "science" about the msm "science".
      its technical, but easy to read. the man is a genius.

    5. Bpinmm, that's very unfortunate. I don't know if I could truly understand your pain, but there's a lot of us in the same boat. Reach out with out fear of ridicule. Those who do, will serve as a warning to stay away from, unite with those who welcome your concerns. Be proactive, herb gardens can be grown in small areas, such as apartments. And learn/teach the difference between academia (the majorities beliefs of "fact") and science (actual fact/law). Today's "science" allows debate for flat earth, round earth, as it was once believed to be flat by the majority, right?. Real science does not care what the majority believes. I truly wish the best of luck to you.

  2. Interesting note on Stone Mountain in Georgia

    And yet another interesting note from the CDC and where these zoonotic lunatics meet up

    Go look up a cbs news article about stone mountain georgia confederate carving staying for now
    I cannot post the article link as it would appear they are placing disclaimers everywhere protecting their copyright on any lies they report as truth
    bottom of the page says the following
    First published on May 25, 2021 / 8:12 AM

    © 2021 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    Oh I wonder if this monument if a SHRINE TO DEMOCRACY like MOUNT RUSHMORE is proported to be according to the wicca?

    The Final Frontier
    To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
    Cyber Space and the Internet and Internet Governance
    Cloud Computing CC = 33
    The actual control of the air meaning the airwaves of cyber, internet, cloud computing, etc etc etc

    1. shelby,

      imo, the fact that the men and women whose previous (well-researched/ heavily- documented/ informational/ other, lawful) posts have been deleted here but are allowed to resume posting the exact same type of comments indicates;
      1. there was nothing wrong with the comments or the information that was deleted
      2. and they should not have been deleted from the public domain by the blog owners in the first place;
      and also suggests that
      3. the information deleted is something the blog owners are perhaps involved with actively and intentionally spending their time, and effort, and resources to keep out of the public domain., and if true: i wonder why.

    2. shelby, (cond)

      i dont think blog owners can register their comment section as being in the public domain and then remove comments that commenters elect to put in the public domain for other men's and women's consideration just because those comments dont agree with what the blog owners perspective -- Even though/ if they are paying for the website -- i think they can only remove, and also have DUTY to remove, comments that are stalking/ threatening/ trespasses/ "crimes".

      ... because/if they registered the comments section as being public domain, well... they have no control over the public domain.

      except if the comment is its offensive/ threatening and so forth.

      and THEN THEY WOULD BE *BLOCKING* THE POSTER FROM EVER POSTING AGAIN because if they are allowing felony stalking and harassment posts, im pretty sure the blog owners would be could be held responsible too.

    3. shelby (cond)

      so, the only reasons i know of blog owners are allowed to delete comments entered onto the public domain portion on their website is:

      1. because they are trespasses/ "crimes"; and the blog owners know its their responsibility to keep the agreed-to public domain portion of their website safe and crime-free
      2. to hide the informational content contained within those deleted posts from the people in the public domain.
      im pretty sure a blog owner "editing" 'non-felonious' comments cancels the blog owners protections pertaining to being shielded from liabilities for blog content.

      additionally, the author of the comments does not lose their property rights when they use their own property in the public domain!

    4. shelby, (cond)

      and finally:

      ones rights to ones own property (including their intellectual property; in this instance, ones comments, research, findings, compilations, and so forth) do not end when they step from "the private" into "the public domain"... and any author, unless under lawful agreement, should be perfectly free to freely share their research in all places voluntarily registered to be the public domain;
      and all authors contributing non-criminal comments to the public domain (wherever it may be) have a right to expect a crime-free area without theft or molestation or of their intellectual or other property.

      i believe thats the law,...and codes follow.

      if anyone has verifiable proof that what i have authored in this comment and my three comments directly above this one, is not true, please share your information so that i can make appropriate corrections, if any are necessary! thank you!

    5. oops! correction:

      "so, the only reasons i know of blog owners are allowed to delete comments entered onto the public domain portion on their website is:

      1. because they are trespasses/ "crimes"; and the blog owners know its their responsibility to keep the agreed-to public domain portion of their website safe and crime-free
      2. to hide the informational content..."

      SHOULD BE:
      "so, the only REASON i know of blog owners are allowed to delete comments entered onto the public domain portion on their website is because they are trespasses/ "crimes"; and the blog owners know its their responsibility to keep the agreed-to public domain portion of their website safe and crime-free...
      OTHERWISE to hide the informational content...."

      my apologies for the confusion!

      janmarie the woman

    6. Shelby, you notice how stone mountain looks like a man of some sorts when turned sidways, with the reflection of the water mirroring it?

  3. Hopefully, most people are starting to wake up to this entire farce of a "pandemic". There was too much info and too many clues from the beginning to not clearly see this for what it was - intentional false fear and propaganda campaign by worldwide bad actors who are hell-bent on squashing the only bastion of quasi-freedom left on earth, America.

    Sheep mentality and Cognitive Dissonance has run rampant this past year and a half - I still cannot believe how well the "plan" worked.

    Too many people still wearing masks after ALL of this time; it is hard to believe.

    While I do not put much faith in any BAR attorney, the Class-Action lawsuit(s) being led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich may be the undeniable disclosure process that finally wakes people up and exposes the planned agenda of the "COVID Criminals"

    Nuremburg 2.0

    If it actually occurs, that can be a game changer. We shall see.

  4. Romley has a new video out be sure to read the comments section specifically as it pertains to the SURNAME game


    One could say that having any "name" at all puts you in the category of "person or thing".

    Does declaring that one is using "my Christian Name" make a difference when using the above etymological definition of the word 'name'?

    If the word 'Christian' is a qualifier sufficient to negate the original definition of 'name', then shouldn't the word "Family" have the same qualifying effect when using the name of one's house or family?

    Do we not have the inherent right of self-determination?

  6. First Name: JOHN; Middle Name: HENRY; Last Name: JONES


    Christian Name: John Henry; Surname: Jones

    Given Name: john henry; House: Jones



    John Henry Jones

    john henry, House of Jones

    Is there not a difference between these?

    We have every right to use WHATEVER name we wish as long as we declare it with confidence and competence.

  7. Watch amd listen to this

    The way to WIN in this game is NOT TO PLAY THEIR GAME

    1. And what she speaks about sure as heck sounds something like Yellowstone and Iron Mountain and digging themselves in

      They will try and pull off the most massive hypnosis that the world has ever seeen

      I think James posted a video the other day about the Q the reset the QFS UBI and fa la la la la la la la la la la
      And Trump is supposed to be the savior
      IT'S A SET UP

    2. :P

  8. The discrepancy here lies with people's different interpretations of what is "THEIR GAME".

    The articles posted on this site provide ample history, research and information to study, think and come to a logical and sound conclusion.

    One must be mindful and knowledgeable regarding one's true nature, name and standing in order to live in this world while at the same time not being of this world.

    The use of tools and creations of man does not automatically translate to "PLAYING THEIR GAME". Said "GAME" is only an illusion when the curtain is pulled back. The "keys" are intentionally hidden through deceptive schemes, however, the living people are mostly known to be Mandatory Exceptions to the rules of "THEIR GAME".

    Confidence and Competence after diligent prayer and study renders the creations of man nothing but "tools" that one may, or may not, choose to utilize in order to make one's way through this life on earth. The MANNER in which these "tools" are utilized, NOT the "tools" themselves, determines the outcome - for the most part.

    Unless one chooses to live isolated in the woods or the mountains using nothing but what God created, you will find yourself having to use man's "tools" in one form or another. The use of a computer or phone with the ability to access this site and others is direct evidence of the use of man's tools.

    Food not hunted or foraged for
    Shelter not made by your own hands
    Clothing not made by your own hands

    All of these things are available in modern society by way of "THE GAME". It also takes a medium of exchange (money) to obtain these things - another "tool" of man.

    What's your answer?

  9. Cars- depends on what year
    Electricity- yep solar
    Gas- ?? For
    Sewer -
    Water - yep abundant
    Food not hunted or foraged for
    Shelter not made by your own hands
    Clothing not made by your own hands.

    If it gets too bad of course the basic is shelter, water, food and clothing but when the SHTF how many city people could really make it in nature. 99.9 will not.


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