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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Clearing the Bank Hurdle -- The Basics: Setting Up Your National Trade Bank

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last week, I sent a heartfelt message to the people of Ireland, who have been restless and rioting and sensing yet another British-led debacle in the making. They aren't far wrong, in that British Corporations are at the root of most of the evils we are now facing, yet we also have to remember our own power, and remember that the British people are overall victims themselves.
We all retain the ability to think and to act on our own behalf, to get organized to do so, and to "show up" in our lives --- take responsibility, and take charge.
This is what I called upon the Irish people to do, and what I call upon every nation on Earth to do: start solving the problems for yourselves. Begin by declaring yourselves to be living people, standing on the land and soil of your country, and recording that fact.
We have opened up our international Land Recording System (LRS) so that nobody is left without the basic tools needed to record your claims.
Next, open up your own National Trade Bank. I outlined the basic process in the article entitled "People of Ireland" available at: . You need three people who have declared their standing and recorded it to act as Founders of the bank, and four volunteer employees to run it. The paperwork is templated and ready to run.
All you need is three people adopting their proper political status, four volunteer employees, names and addresses, and a name for: (1) your National Trade Bank and (2) the wholly-owned commercial bank subsidiary that goes with it. For example, we might soon see: The Danish Restoration Bank, an International Trade Bank, and DANSK, a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary bank in operation.
This Bilateral Banking System is what is supposed to be in place worldwide. The International Trade Banks all function under Public Law, and as the owners of the Commercial Banks, they keep them in line. Without this oversight, the Commercial Banks succumb to criminality --- as they have.
We all need to do this, because as it stands, nobody is safe - not the corporations and not the living people, either.
So, every country on earth and all the people on that portion of land and soil should be highly motivated and encouraged but also moving at breakneck speed to revamp their banking operations.
Once the bank is named, staffed, and formed, it's time for the officials to sign a simple Universal Bank Treaty, which will connect them to The Global Family Bank and all other member banks in our global network of International Trade Banks.
And then, guess what?
You, too, will have access to pre-paid credit cards that aren't welfare and aren't "benefits" ---- but are funds owed to you and to your parents and grandparents before you. These Vendor Cards will be available to discharge various kinds of debt --- mortgages, medical bills, utility bills, and college loans, for example, and they will make a crucial difference in millions of lives.
So if you weren't motivated before, get motivated now.

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