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Monday, June 7, 2021

Incorrigible Corrupt Judges and Other Matters

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I was asked --- is Public Law the same as Common Law?
We've gone around and around and around about this and nobody was getting it.
I finally said--- the Public Law is ice cream. The Common Law is the kind of ice cream.
I am not sure if that went over some heads or not, but really, people need to understand that "common law" is a catch-all phrase used to describe many forms of law that use prior cases and their results as the basis for deciding current cases.
In a fundamental way, that's all that the phrase "common law" means, and so you can have civilian common law of various kinds, ecclesiastical common law, even military common law.
The actual magic is the Public Law, which is meant to apply equally to everyone at all times. It is this "commonality" of the Public Law that so many people are searching for, and mistaking for "common law".
Some forms of common law are dreadful. For example the Spanish Law of the Inquisition is perfectly sound Common Law ---- it uses all sorts of former decisions as the basis for decisions today, but that in no way suggests that those decisions were ever wise or humane or just to begin with.
So instead of mucking around trying to herd squirrels, let's just focus on the endgame. What is it that you are actually searching for?
And common law is no guarantee that justice will be served, as we just demonstrated --- enshrining and perpetuating bad decisions and prejudices is an inevitable danger of common law of all kinds, so it behooves us to be sure that the kind of "Common Law" that we are searching for and taking refuge in, is our own Public Law.
Public Law in this country assumes the obligation of justice for all. Private law assumes no such thing. Both can be executed in the form of "common law".
As so many people have learned, you can have chocolate flavored ice cream or chocolate flavored pickles, and you should never leave it to a judge in one of these foreign courts to divine which one you are asking for.
In America, you need to stand on your feet as an American and invoke the Public Law. Don't let these crafty judges weasel around and interpret your calls for "common law" to mean, for example, military common law. Or Arabian common law. Or Noahide common law.
Also, remember, particularly in Mortgage cases:
(1) The actual mortgage and paperwork never leaves the hands of the original Lender, so don't let them substitute a Third Party Bill Collector as any real party of interest. You don't have a contract with that Third Party. Say so. Demand to see any contract between the "Servicing Agent" and you. Always drag the original "Lender" into the proceedings by naming them as a the True Party of Interest.
(2) Always go directly to the bank CFO acting as "Lender" and tell that executive in no uncertain terms that his bank has misaddressed you as a Municipal CITIZEN of the United States, and it is his responsibility to make correction. You are in fact exempt from Municipal debts and presumptions and you wish for the entire matter to be corrected and any mortgage debt to be discharged in your favor through the Fed Window. He can lose his licenses and credit ratings if he messes around trying to defraud you.
(3) Tackle the State Judicial Council (Territorial) and, if there is one in your State, the State Banking Commission and Judicial Commission. Tell them all in no uncertain terms that you are an American, not a Municipal CITIZEN and not a Territorial U.S. Citizen, either one, and you are being deliberately misaddressed. Send your complaint with copies to your State Secretary of State, the head Clerk of Court, the Department of Public Safety and the State of State Governor.
And take no Low Ball Offers.
We've seen Sharpies like Black Rock, Inc., come in, buy up bonds that are worth billions of dollars, and come around and offer the people those bonds actually belong to a $10,000.00 "settlement". These are rapacious, ugly, mean-spirited, greedy, power-hungry corporations, and the only thing they deserve is liquidation for criminal activity.
Tell your friends and neighbors the same. Beware of any and all "settlement" offers, and accept any hand-outs as gifts. Keep on your toes.

Some of the rats are saying they are going to give you back "as much as" $70,000.00 out of the billions they owe every average American. Tell them to go pound sand.


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