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Monday, June 7, 2021

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice -- Blood Money 25 -- Legacy Trusts

 By Anna Von Reitz

Among the more odious excuses that we have heard from the criminally-minded among us is the excuse that people have "died" to their inherent political status and "voluntarily" adopted both political statuses and conditions which were never disclosed to them. Despite this, we are not deceived and do not fail to object.
Let it come to the Notice of all Justices and Magistrates that the creation of GMO Humanoids by the injection of foreign genetically engineered mRNA has already been outlawed in this country as of January 1, 2020 and that this continuing assault against humanity must be brought to an abrupt and permanent halt.
Nobody who has accepted these injections was given full disclosure. In fact, they were deliberately deceived by WHO and other complicit criminal organizations that collaborated to change the meaning of "vaccine" to include an experimental genetic engineering protocol harmful to human life.
Those responsible are below the benchmark of sanity and they must all be rounded up and held accountable without regard for nationality or political status.
Each and every corporation functioning as a national government is responsible for the harm they have caused their employers.
This includes the deliberate spreading of false information and propaganda. The Media franchises of these so-called National Corporations must be prosecuted as accomplices and the Medical Doctors who have allowed and promoted this genocide as defined by Territorial Law -- see 18 USC 1091 -- must be held accountable.
The banks and commercial corporations that have sought to benefit themselves by claiming that people are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms by this heinous injection process, and as such, are patented property, subject to disposal---- must be liquidated. Immediately. Summarily.
This excuse by which they seek to legalize genocide must be recognized for what it is. --- a heinous and unjustifiable excuse, unlawful, immoral, and illegal to the core.
These outrages must be answered decisively and swiftly and without any further misinterpretation of civil law.
Despite any upheaval or confusion caused by The American Civil War, the First World War, or the Second World War or any self-serving legal definitions offered by the Perpetrators of these crimes against humanity --- herein rebutted--- the actual civil law pertaining to the estates of these people and their nature is already spelled out and has been for a thousand years:
Resoluto jure concedentis, resolvitur jus concessum: by the extinction of the right of the grantor, the right granted is extinguished.
Res nullius naturaliter fit primi occupantis: the property of no one naturally becomes that of the first occupant.
As we have observed, all right, title, and interest in our Delegated Powers and all property interests invested by delegation returned to the Delegator, our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, by Operation of Law -- and that includes all custodial interest vested in or presumed to exist or to be exercised by any instrumentality of the Queen or the Pope -- upon their bankruptcy.
As this is true for the nation as a whole, it is also true for the Lawful Persons of our nation.
Thus, for example, the loss of our Title IV Flag by a bankrupt instrumentality of the Pope returns that version of our flag to our custody, and not to the custody of any Third Party.
The bankruptcy of any instrumentality of the Queen has no impact upon the actual ownership of private property including property trusts belonging to Americans.
We call for immediate corrective action and determined disciplinary action against the British Crown Corporation and the Government of Westminster and the Roman Curia and their corporations in sum total for allowing these predatory, inhumane, and war-like practices and False Legal Presumptions to continue against their employers---- and failing that, we call for their immediate and permanent liquidation as corporations, and expulsion from the world community as organizations or governments of any kind.
We hereby provide Notice to The International Court of Justice, the Court of the Lord High Steward, and the Vatican Chancery Court, that all of this wrong-doing has occurred in the realm of commerce and has merely extended its reach into the territorial realm via constructive, so-called discretionary non-enforcement of the actual Public Law via another constructive fraud -- the purported existence of Special Admiralty provisions allowing the usurpation of the jurisdiction of the sea upon the land.
There are no such provisions in our Treaties with these Principals.
The actual Public Law is not subject to discretionary enforcement by any employee, trustee, or representative. The Public Law is a mandatory enforcement obligation of all trustees, employees, administrators, officers, and officials pretending any authority or association with the actual Government of this country and is an obligation of all Principals under both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America.
The above-described attempt to legalize genocide by these madmen is only the most recent example of their drive to mischaracterize living people and to thereby deprive and defraud them of their natural standing, so as to unlawfully seize upon their property assets and dispossess them as the natural owners of their Proper Names, bodies, businesses, and homes.
It is the responsibility of the Popes to immediately liquidate the offending corporations and return the purloined rights, titles, interests, and assets to the victims of these charlatans. The Roman Curia is in particular the organization responsible for the existence and definition of these corporations and is held to account for them.
As a result of earlier similar attempts to mischaracterize and defraud the living people by corporate entities, more than 5,000 so-called institutional Legacy Trusts holding most of the gold and silver and other assets of the world, have been presumed to exist and to belong to the Perpetrators of these schemes acting as "representatives" and "agents" of the actual owners --- without the knowledge or permission of the actual owners.
These convenient institutional Executors de Son Tort are nonetheless guilty of all the errors, omissions, and unlawful standing of all such Persons, whether individuals or instrumentalities, institutions or Principals.
We call for the immediate return of all such Legacy Trusts to the actual owners and depositors, including the return of all such primary asset deposits -- gold, silver, jewels, etc., owed to The United States of America and to all American depositors, without any pretense that they are or have been missing, whereabouts unknown.
The tax records of the Perpetrators of this scheme more than adequately demonstrate that the whereabouts of the actual owners, like the whereabouts of the actual heirs, have been known throughout this debacle, and have been deliberately obscured in order to promote fraud against the victims of these schemes.
All deposits of our assets on a worldwide basis are subject to our wishes and we wish for a full accounting from all the banks responsible.
With a worldwide corporation-sponsored genocide underway against the living people and with the Priority Creditors being mercilessly targeted by such international criminals as Anthony Fauci, M.D., and William Gates III, there is no time to be lost in lengthy deliberation by the High Courts.
We wish for the issuance of International Arrest Warrants for the immediate arrest of Dr. Anthony Fauci and William Gates, III, their collaborators, and associates, involved in this massive crime spree. We do not recognize any claim of contrary authority or non-participation by the United States or any of its corporations.

Both the Roman Civil Law and the Territorial Code are clearly stated, and there can be no doubt that these above-named Persons and Parties are in criminal violation of both.


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  1. hey!!! : the people get gatesfauc first!!

    we're the superior authority on the land.

    you FICTIONS can have 'em after us American men and women bring our own courts and laws and claims forward to be judged by our equals!!

    man first.
    Fictions after man.

    'back o' the line' ya go! ; )

    1. also, the actual American people, not fiction, cant participate in trust fictions anymore than they can enter into contract fictions; trusts and contracts man-made and therefore inferior to man; he cant be joined to whats inferior to him its an abomination.

      show this to be wrong please if you have information proving that it is. thank you!

    2. how interesting!

      1. everyones comments are allowed to post,
      2. then select peoples comments are deleted.
      3. then NObodys comments are allowed.
      4. then a SINGLE article allows various posts again.
      5. now it looks like perhaps the only ones being allowed to post are TWO of the previously ousted posters whose comments were wiped out of the advertised public domain space?

      thats all in just a couple days!!

      because some of the claims made on this website really seem outrageous...! people cant be expected to not have opinions/ strong opinions about them, and you all chose to put the comment section in the public domain for comments from everybody, not just your Society members.
      why not just go ahead and allow the comments that your articles incite stand in the public domain where the authors placed them? unless the commenters are stalking, harassing or otherwise committing trespasses/ "crimes" upon other commenters?

      you really cant expect to publish some of these things and open them to comments in the public domain without receiving differing perspectives can you?

    3. hehe yep thats how Stramer rolls... hes a good obedient type to the seeming authority...

    4. Oh hell goodE2boots almost all my comments are areased deleted which pretty much tells me I'm on target

      My hope is that people get to read them before they get taken down

      I'm constantly being attacked by antjraf
      I've got thick skin I can take it

      The obsurdity of all of this is just insanity and if folks think these hollywood nepotistic ego driven freaks wouldn't do these acts tot he people they suck money from think again
      They get paid well to shh keep the brotherhood secrets

      Hynotism through television and all their other owned media sources is critical to pull off the end times and their new age BULLSHIT as they have planned for decades


      The state they after is your mind has nothing to do with physical state and recreating the damned wheel

      Pure outright theft on a grand scale and the new age is you rebuilding the shit from the ground up while they slide out the back door with all the loot and you get the new world of UBI and humpty dumpty playing his role as the savior that they will paint as such in the dome of the white house it they don't decide to blow it up

      But I forgot his ugly ass is painted on the denver airport walls as a young jewsuit boy foretelling the future


    5. I've said all along I wonder who is under those red and white tableclothes they parade around as kings

      Wrap a friggen table cloth around their heads and call them kings on tell lie vision and the goy believe it

      Make up, costumes, prostetics, you name it they can make up anything they want and televise it and even create you tube channels and bloggers telling you the 'truth' and you must do this else they are coming to kill ya and steal your life estate

      Sick of their sick ass shit

    6. My posts are being deleted on a low traffic private blog = I am "over the target"

      My goodness... shouldn't you be out on a ledge somewhere?

    7. Create a whole new Saudi Kingdom to steal oil while the actor wearing the tablecloth makes all the deals to steal the wealth of the nation

    8. antjraf how pothetic, go somewhere else why don't ya
      I could give two shits about this blog but I do give a shit when people are being lied to which is exactly why I post here

      You want to follow this nitwit to the end of the fake state she is making have at er but I'll be damned if I don't try and put a stop to innocent people being ripped off of the little money they do have for this CON job

      And no you will not bully me or deter me either
      Nor will I succumb to your little innuendos of my being mental, in need of meds or on a ledge somewhere
      Save your bullshit for someone else

    9. Don't see your ass harrassing anyone else on here, now why is that?
      Hitting some nerves am I?

    10. I do not get told where and when I can post comments by anyone, least of all by someone like you.

      For someone who "could give two shits" about this blog, you spend a lot of time on it. Your opinion that people are being lied to on this blog is just that - an opinion. Not a very convincing opinion by any measure I might add.

      You lie, as always, since NO ONE is required to send ONE RED CENT to Anna in order to complete the process she provides.

      The fact that you assumed the "meds" comment was for you is very telling to everyone.

      My "ass" is not "harassing" anyone here and the ego-maniacal suggestion that you are the only one I comment to is delusional in the highest degree.

      You couldn't hit my nerves with a 10' spear.

    11. man (includes women) seem to be able to furnish "*notices* of information": being a man/wo to the doj. youll have to check things out for yourselves though to see what you think is right and correct for you because this is NOT advice! im just sharing what i have done for myself.
      use of electronic comm. devices to harass, annoy/ other others seems perhaps to fall under the fed commun. act, in partic., THEIR 47 US CODE ss 223, and every or most states have similar legis., "remedies", and "enforcements".

      i am not making a referral,
      but just saying that i found the following most interesting for
      informational purposes and for REFERENCE:
      consumer protection /purchases
      privacy rights
      how to deal with telephone harassment (legally): [REFERENCE ONLY!!!!]

      use of any electronic communications device to violate a mans property, privacy, or other rights does seems to me to be included in THEIR "law".
      comment line: 292-353-1555.
      i am not telling anyone to "do" anything, but am just sharing how i:woman talk to the men and women at the doj who are "Acting As" fictions: that is,:
      notice of information: (rather than either a "report" or "complaint").

    12. also, it appears that a cyberstalker does include those you have told three or more times to stop using electronic devices to contact you.
      similar legis. in all almost all states.

      just for an example:
      Class B misdemeanor in texas.

      "...likely face extensive jail or prison time, large fines and fees, and the charge permanently being on the criminal background."

    13. excuse me:

      the area code for the doj message line is NOT 2*9*2,

      ITS 2*0*2. i think all wdc is 202 area code.

      my apologies!

  2. How about we tell the courts of who the jokers are ripping off the masses
    Like this lying ass prick in South Africa

    They're everywhere milking the masses and draining the treasuries and chances are ther foundations of one form or another are for money laudering

  3. This is interesting

    1. And at 53 minutes in, low and behold you've got the MEDICI'S


      Medici Land Governance anyone

  4. Or maybe nobody wishes to deal with the childish antics and delusional postings.

    Delusions of Grandeur added to the mix...

    It appears that the proper balance of meds and therapy has yet to be achieved.

    1. Go screw yourself you douch bag

      For your information I am prefectly healthy and of sound mind and your psychological babble and insinuations of I need therapy is the norm for those who are pushing the plan - goes along with their UN One Health and Georgy boys plan to have everyone including children mentally evaluated

      I've got your delusions hanging bub

      Maybe you're one of the delusional actwhores and need to deflect upon me to make yourself look innocent and trying to help

      You'll reep what you sow

      Pretty telling when I seem to be the only one you are attacking and I find it quite funny

      You're all being exposed like you should be

    2. Here about 1/2 through see what the brotherman are working to build with the newfound knowledge of building those 'states'

      You're walking right in to their trap

      If you build it they will come

      You're all being lied to

    3. Be careful... you are dangerously close to having a notice sent to the "DOJ" spelled out in all lower case letters regarding your "criminal" and "felonious" posts.

      Also, why did you assume that you were being addressed in that comment?

    4. Your post is of a "sexual predatory" nature while at the same time "cyber-stalking" with vulgar personal insults.

      I feel so trespassed upon... could someone please summon the FICTIONAL "DOJ" to help me?

    5. "I've got your delusions hanging bub"

      Funny, I always thought you were a female - not sure what could be "hanging" with XX chromosomes. I guess in this day and age it doesn't matter anyway since you can "identify" yourself as either sex whenever it's convenient.

  5. Expect this morass of unaccountability to stick around till October 2024.

    Details here:

    1. Nobody gets held accountable in seats of authority until they finish this Psyop.

      42 U.S.C. 247d-6d(b)(2)(B)

      Liability immunity for any respiratory protective device approved by NIOSH under 42 CFR part 84, or any successor regulations, through means of distribution, as identified in Section VII(a) of this Declaration, other than in accordance with the public health and medical response of the Authority Having Jurisdiction, begins on March 27, 2020 and extends through October 1, 2024.

      Liability immunity for all other Covered Countermeasures identified in Section VI of this Declaration, through means of distribution, as identified in Section VII(a) of this Declaration, other than in accordance with the public health and medical response of the Authority Having Jurisdiction, begins February 4, 2020 and extends through October 1, 2024.

      Liability immunity for all Covered Countermeasures administered and used in accordance with the public health and medical response of the Authority Having Jurisdiction begins with an emergency declaration and lasts through (1) the final day the emergency Declaration is in effect, or (2) October 1, 2024, whichever occurs first.

      Authority: 42 U.S.C. 247d-6d.

      Dated: April 10, 2020.

      Alex M. Azar II,

      Secretary of Health and Human Services."

      Quoted from the federal register.

    2. no one will likely be held accountable then either, in their jurisdiction....

      that is to say:
      "crimes" are fictions
      "money" is a fiction
      their "courts" are fictions
      their "legislation" is fictional
      their "judges" are fictions
      their "senators" are fictions
      their "laws" are fictions...
      hell, they made them all up and they control their own creation,
      nothing wrong with that,...right?
      its their playground... they can do whatever they want.


      ... like i have said before, their officers and courts (fictions) seem to be perhaps "discharging" (fiction) each others' "crimes" (fictions),... perhaps
      using a method similar to how they say they have discharged (fiction) their own debts (fictions)..
      that would be:
      convert (fiction) their crimes (fiction) to money (fiction) value (fiction) and have the officers (fiction) of their courts (fiction)
      discharge (fiction) the value (fiction) of the converted (fiction) crimes (fictions).

      if that type of thing is happening, thats all well and good for them i guess ... if theyve actually intended to agree to that type of nonsense,...

      but so many of us never did... i know i sure as hell didnt!! and i being a woman do declare that none of it applies to me or my property or my family's property, and it is so.
      we have to realize
      1. their "magick" is created with words that are not true.
      2. being man, not fiction: when we come together speaking what *is* true in superior authority (the laws of nature and natures creator) then their man-made paper world is moved back into its rightful position.

      imo, THATS where were at right now!

      comeon everybody! line up with what is true! lets peacefully and lawfully stand in our rightful "3D" position!

      Fer-git about "4+D" "conversions" for now... weve already got that and always have!! its our unbroken connection to and with our beloved creator!

      we already have what theyre trying to sell us... theyre trying to sell us our own stuff.
      AS USUAL?!

  6. Replies
    1. great observation Ed.

      funniest thing how that kindathing happens so often, isnt it : )??

      do you think theyre doing a beta test to see what kind of ridiculous mental gymnastics they can push the people through?

      geez,... these *people*.

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