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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

For the Military Geniuses Among Us

 By Anna Von Reitz

Not one dollar of any military payroll, not one dollar spent on any military equipment or supply, not one dollar spent on armaments, rockets, tanks, jet fighters, or any other defense expenditure ever came from the Queen or the Pope or "the" Congress.
All that money came from one source: the American People.
And who are the American People? They are the State Citizens who signed the Federal Contracts known as Constitutions.
All the folks back home. The rank and filers who paid for it all.
Now, what happens to you, when millions of Americans die?
You don't get paid, because there's nobody left to pay you. Your budgets go the way of the Dodo. You are disgraced. Useless. Finished.
And that is what is coming to you if you continue to let these corporate managers lead you around like bulls on a nose ring. That's what happens if you let Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci get away with their Humanoid-GMO-population-reduction crap.
That's what happens when all those body bags that you and FEMA have put in place get used.
You become obsolete.
There will be no need for you, because you failed your duty to protect.
And that is the truth of the matter, boys.
Take a good deep breath and own it.
You've already failed millions of Americans whose lives are now compromised because of you and your lack of intelligence and leadership and guts.
You all stood there like dumb beasts and let all these innocent people be "vaccinated" by these monsters in suits.
You're still standing there mum as tombstones, dumb beefeaters, worthless as tits on a boor, without the sense to save yourselves, much less anyone else.
And you wonder why I am "anti-military"?
I'm not anti-military. I am pro-military, if I could find one worth its salt. I'd pay good money for half a dozen generals who could recognize the actual domestic terrorists in the room.
And let's get a clue, it's not me or any of the other old ladies pointing our knitting needles at you.
It's all the medical officers conscripted under Title 37 who have been misdirected and turned into an army to kill innocent Americans ---and this has been done on your watch; it's still occurring as I write this.
Elders and little kids, teenagers and college students, workers in factories and schools, being silently murdered and sterilized while you Worthlessers do nothing to stop it.
You couldn't recognize a domestic terrorist if one bit you on the nose. Or shoved a needle up your rump.
For all the trillions of dollars spent on you, you can't think your way out of a paper bag. You are all completely boggled by reams of paper issued by experts who aren't experts at all, by people occupying vacant offices on false pretenses, and political party sideshows that shouldn't exist if you were doing your job.
There's just one thing providing you with jobs and it is called The Constitution of the United States of America. If you can't read it and recognize who is owed all those guarantees, then what good are you to anyone?
Read it. See any mention of "public health mandates" anywhere? Masks? Coerced vaccinations? Experimental genetic engineering protocols? Anthony Fauci, President? Bill Gates, Vice President? When in blazes did these maniacs get elected to any public office?
That old musty contract is your contract, and if you dishonor it, guess who is next on the chopping block?
Don't talk about what you are going to do. It's past time for you to be doing it.
Bill Gates was being prosecuted by the Government of India for maiming and murdering 750,000 children in India via his vaccination programs five years ago.

And where have all you military geniuses been? Apparently in a gin bottle with your ear plugs on and a cork up your %^$&##%$.


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  1. Oh how I love Anna's no nonsense, no BS in-your-face style. I mean, I look back to Rush Limbaugh's "style" and yes, he pointed out some good stuff. But it barely scratched the surface. Don't tell me he didn't know how bad it really was. It isn't just about the front-facing politicians. It's a whole cabal of nasty, venomous creatures being paid the big bucks to systematically destroy us. But you know what - the cabal eats it own so there you go!

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    1. Trump has no authority to restore anything! Hes a Rothschild puppet!

    2. So trump, I knrw all along that all corp. Presidents signed agreed to conduct themselves, according to their EU DRAGONIC scheme, hollywood show.. while bonding everyone in chains, there's nothing new. Same blamed games forever. The devils had you signed their deceptive papers. Their idiotic agents 😈 only count your signatures, they never knew how their codes of contract supposed to work.

      They lied, they deceived, they robbed, They're the devils for centuries.

  3. no you have it all wrong "the Constitution" is not "The Constitution", you are evading the Truth of what is and what is not.

  4. Everyday in this country several people or organizations ie. the Empower movement have instituted Common Law actions, "Notice of Liability" Actions against those "officers" in public office who have violated their oath of office. In many cases these public servants have resigned positions in lieu of being subject to personal liability and forfeiting their assets.

    In other cases, the insurance companies holding the bonds for these officers have paid large sums of money to settle these claims which become judgments, then instituting subrogation claims against these "officers" to collect the damages paid. In situations of professional liability these "officers" would find it very difficult to maintain or gain employment with now a civil and/or criminal record.

    These actions in Common Law are referred to as "CAP"s or "Commercial Affidavit Processes" which are not conducted through a judicial proceeding and considered to be " very potent weapon" not familiar to many Attorney's.

    Seems like this process "gets attention" even by GENERALS UNDER OATH TO THE CONSTITUTIONS...

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    1. Draco Constellation by God design? NO I don't think so. That was the Satan intrusion, now by his agents Great Deceptions.

      They like to co_exist, I believe God casted the Devils down to earth. See the bible, the falling angel, the Satan location was up in heaven at one point, now they're down in this middle world.

    2. If "God casted the Devils down to earth", Then what did all of US do to receive the same sentence or be here also? Jonathan Kleck has also made this assertion and has scriptural verses to back it up, that all of US are here because we are also part of the "Fallen". Sounds farfetched but is it.

  9. People don't think that the cabal will ever relinquish their power to control anyone. Hell Canada and Australia has enacted laws that allow foreign troops to assist in controlling civilian unrest.
    Please look up extraordinary laws.
    These laws can be used when any citizen tries to change their status.
    If a large number of citizens wake up the cabal will call on foreign forces that will kill all who resisted.

  10. There has never been freedom of speech, the Anglo-Saxons are known for their hypocrisy, duplicity and meanness. They lied about Saddam's "chemical weapons," Colin Powell Trask's UN "proof" - a test tube of laundry detergent. After this lie, they entered Iraq, killed 1 million Iraqi civilians, brutalized, raped. Julian Assange brought out the entire dirty shirt of the US, and instead of thanking him for the truth, they put him in jail. What kind of "freedom of speech" can we talk about? For the murdered black police officer war veteran Ashley Babit (unarmed) you are silent as a fish.What about the "leaders" of BLM - suddenly millions out of thin air provided for purchasing luxury property near LA???? Where have all the "American democracy values" gone a long time ago?The answer my friend is blowing in the wind!

  11. Hello Bellerian1, In which state assembly do you participate? Pick one. We are waiting to hear from you.

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    The knowledge of we’re the relics are told to initiate only only after a long indoctrination,when they can be trusted not to betray the worshippers of Baal.this was the true origin of the mystery’s from which Albert Pike notes in “ Morals and Dogma “all Masonic rites originates..
    90% of Attorneys are masons care to guess how many attorneys are in government?

  13. The Military is fed propaganda forced to read required blue check mark commie books never breaking out of the matrix of total book / magazine/electronic propaganda you have to read what Paul Graig Roberts suggests David Irving who knows more about WW2 than all other researchers combined!!
    Can’t read prescribed by military propaganda it brainwashes the soldiers so bad the will argue with you forever true believers !
    “Modern day events can be understood only if we can trace their implications in a direct line from the earliest records of antiquity “
    Eustace Mullins.

  14. On all top nationalists channels trying to guide them the don’t know thair history been lied to by public indoctrination system or gulags or better known as schools.
    The masons don’t quibble the Italian top mason Gaballi who Lincon tried to pun in charge of his army , he wanted to go with Satan as thair leader Top US mason Albert Pike Wanted Lucifer Lucifer won out.

  15. Belligerent one , we shouldn’t have to do land recorders entry simple entry on family bible is sufficient.and office shall be by oath or affiliation sufficient.
    But in an upside down system you might need to fight fire with fire.

  16. Counter counter propaganda, not getting it all nations have been conquered.
    And if you don’t know by who there’s no hope available the psychiatric establishment is considered a Jewish institution .