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Monday, June 7, 2021

It's Not a Vaccine, People

 By Anna Von Reitz

What have we learned about the Liars Club?
Their entire modus operandi is to deceive, deceive, deceive. First, last, and always, their mouths are twisted. Their thoughts are twisted. Everything about these Devotees to the Father of All Lies ---- is twisted.
They are at fault, so what do they do? They blame the victims of their evil.
They did something awful, so what do they do? They accuse innocent Third Parties or the victims of their evil of doing the same thing.
The Truth and the Law is against them, so what do they do? They rename and relabel things to have different meanings.
And this is a case in point.
They have changed the definition of "vaccine" and presented something that isn't a vaccine as a "vaccine" under this new definition of the word.
A lie by any other name is still a lie.
So it is not a vaccine, and it's not even a virus.
The issue is that foreign mRNA is being injected into your body, just like foreign mRNA is injected into a corn plant to create a genetically modified organism (GMO).
And just as genetically modified corn produces its own pesticides, you are being altered to produce foreign proteins that attack the lining of your arteries and veins.
Is this illegal? Yes.
Is this immoral? Yes.
Is this unlawful? Yes.
Should everyone involved be prosecuted? Yes.
Are they being prosecuted? Yes.
And if anyone attempts to coerce you into taking this "vaccine" are you entitled to sue them? Yes.
If anyone offers to vaccinate you by force, are you enabled to respond with deadly force? Yes.
If anyone tells you that you have to be vaccinated as a condition of employment are you enabled to invoked Federal Law, including 18 USC 1091? Yes.
If anyone fires you from a job or discriminates against you in the workplace on the basis of whether or not you have been vaccinated, can you file a complaint against that employer with the State Labor Board? Yes.
If any business refuses to serve you based on whether or not you have been "vaccinated" or not, do you have the right to sue them for violation of Federal Law? Yes.
If anyone tells you that you have to shut down your business now or ever as a result of "public health concerns" to you have the right to tell them to leave your premises and not return? Yes, you have that absolute right.
The only contracts that Americans have with either one of these foreign commercial corporations are very explicit and easy to read.
The Constitution of the United States is your only contract with the US CORP in any form.
The Constitution of the United States of America is your only contract with the USA, INC. in any form.
Neither one say a single word about health concerns. Your health and public health alike are private concerns of the American People, and are not left to the discretion or interference of our employees or their dependents.
Be not like dumb driven cattle.

Look, listen, learn, and defend yourselves from these monsters in suits.


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  1. Thank you Bellerian1, it gets hard navigating things on my phone all the time(wouldnt even have a smart phone if it weren neccessary for work), but am I reading into this wrong?

    I was understanding the main part of this code states something along the lines of those "intentionally/knowing" is committing genocide can be charged, correct? Like the first part of ur post, subsection a uses the line "specific intent". Saying what now, they didn't intend to hurt/hinder us, but only help cure us of the virus? Making 18usc 1091 useless until you can prove a motive? Sounds like a long shot in their courts even for Americans. And then like you said it has to happen to hold em to it, what does that say about subsec (d) attempt and conspiracy.- saying to conspire
    or attempt is treated the same as those completing the offence.

    Eitherway thank you for posting the second half of that.

  2. Scratch the part about first half/second half, I didn't realise that was the whole code as written(it just looked different from what I read from until I just compared them). Thank you for posting it in its entirety, is more like it.