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Monday, June 7, 2021

Administrative Leave Imposed Effective Immediately


Eric Brian Dingis will no longer be acting as Director of the Peacekeeping Task Force. Effective immediately, Susan Hauck will be Acting Director. Eric will be on Administrative Leave until further notice and completion of a training course.
The simple fact that the Continental Marshals are commissioned directly by The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, has been consistently misinterpreted by various parties.
This is not only a mistake, any such misinterpretation of the Marshal's position and authority results in a dangerous commingling of jurisdictions that would lead to prosecution of the individual Marshals and to the organization as a whole.
The States, acting individually, have no say in the administration or deployment of the Continental Marshals and never have had any such authority.
Any attempt to undermine the authority of The United States of America in this matter is an attempt to undermine the structure of the American Government as a whole and must be recognized as an immediate threat to all concerned.
Please inform all Marshals and Peacekeeping Task Force Members and conduct your operations accordingly. Eric is asked to immediately report himself and his activities to our Federation Liaison Officer and to stand down pending further investigation.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America


  1. the name The United States of America belongs to the descendants of the militiamen who ratified The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, that is still standing;
    and being daughter and descendant of such a man in law, fact, and nature, i do peacefully and lawfully require lawful proof that same is not true;
    and failure to post such said proof will count to be agreement that same is true with no exceptions whatsoever at all; and so it is.

    janmarie the woman

    1. looks like website may be shutting down now?

    2. fyi:
      my research shows "heads of state" to be a ceremonial position with no duties, representing (fiction) a sovereign nation (=fiction) unless same is also "head of government" then they participate in the carrying out of governmental duties.

      anyone find anything else?

    3. where *is* james?

      i want to see him.

      i dont feel good about not seeing him.

      i heard it mentioned one time in grade school by another student that there had been a Head of State during the Colonial period...
      was part of the Vatican/ monarchy system.

      apparently there have always been (a few) good kings.

      is james alright?
      where is a present day video of him?

    4. it seems like one of our 1776 American flags was hung at half-staff in Washington dc after trump pronounced the insurrection act? over the people who had come to see him/ rally? and then got imprisoned? and still are?... no definitive answers yet.

      add that to the claimed Colonial Hereditary Head of State and his Agent? are supposedly setting up a new govt system of some sort, calling it by OUR nations name? (like the Birth Certificate does YOUR "name"?)-- The United States of America--- and putting it under authority of the Old French Colonial Head of State family member???
      was that freewill or coerced?... if it even happened at all.

      and the washington DC fiction taking our 1776 flag, the property of the people, and doing ANYthing with it is repugnant, but especially putting it at half-staff over their own god-forssken mess... like what?... the symbology being that the "black flag of deth" is hanging over the American people and our nation and country?

      if any of that is going on, i say none of it is true and that no fiction can apply fictions or anything else to any man or his property and so it is.

      one voice declaring what is lawful and true interrupts unaccepted fictions and beta tests/ other; or can just be a reminder that all thats going on is said to be just a game for some.
      the phoenix has two heads for a reason.

      janmarie on bluebird acre.


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