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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Those Who Can't Walk, Talk

 By Anna Von Reitz

This week, we have more nonsense from the Reign of the Heavens Society and their new label for their BS --- "The American Herald" -- claiming that I am a "Convicted Human Rights Violator" and that everything I say is a lie. No attempt, you will notice, to prove either claim.
Not only have I not been convicted of any such thing nor violated anyone's "human rights" --- I don't even deal in "hue-mans" --- that is, "persons" --- but I haven't knowingly told a lie since I was a young woman, which is now a very long time ago.
It's the Liars who always accuse others of lying.
Just as they accuse others of all the other things that they are doing themselves.
Now, perhaps they are engaged in "human rights violations" and mucking about in the jurisdictions of the law where those crimes occur with astonishing regularity ---- and no thanks to them for any effective action to stop it ---- but my mission involves safeguarding the Natural and Unalienable Rights of living people and I could frankly give a fig about corporations of any kind.
I even question whether corporations should be allowed to exist.
After all, what good are they?
They claim bankruptcy protection that has to be paid for by the public. They wish every kind of protection and benefit from society, tax breaks, emoluments, public grants, the right to make contributions to political parties and influence political decision makers to benefit themselves, and the list goes on....
And in return, they plunder, pillage, cheat, misrepresent, murder, and privateer against their betters.
So, these corporate persons may go hang, and the sooner the better. They only exist on paper anyway, so, getting rid of their extraneous existence is the least of my problems.
Go to my website, read my books, follow my logic, look up the public records for yourself --- and the actual source of the hot air will become painfully apparent: a group of patri-idiots who hope to make money and gain power by following in the footsteps of the Scottish Interloper --- a Scottish commercial corporations formed in 1868 which infringed upon our Good Name and began doing business as "The United States of America -----Incorporated".
Not The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, but a criminal enterprise bent on stealing our identity and accessing our credit in exactly the same manner as any modern day credit card hacker.
Unfortunately for us and the rest of the world, Edinburgh was a long way away from the heart of America in 1868, and they got away with it.
The Reign of the Heavens Society and their "newspaper" calling itself The American Herald are trying to pull off the same scam in the modern day and failing dismally, as they should.

Their corporation is another wannabe identity thief engaged in unlawful activities and seeking to confuse itself with the actual unincorporated Federation of States. Let them explain themselves and their actions in full view of the actual history and we will all see who is lacking in both substance and good intent.


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  1. Vett everybody and everything in the world of media /Hollywood false flags legal fictions .
    “War by deception “ Mossad ‘s motto

  2. It should be very obvious to people reading the Claims on their website. This Religious Group is worse than the Corporations. They claim all Americans belong to their religious group. This group totally disregards the rights of living people. There is to be a separation between private religious beliefs and public government. I came across this group while researching in 2017. Did not take long to see the Scam. The Reign of the Heavens is not in business on the soil of Delaware and they are on Notice if they set up here they are to operate lawfully. People are free to become members of this private group as any other private group. The people are the Law and we have a public government set up in 1776, which is now back in session.
    Annie McShane
    Delaware Assembly Coordinator


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