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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear Mr. Trump....

 By Anna Von Reitz

We read your announcement saying that "refusing vaccination" in the current situation was "deranged pseudo-science".
Perhaps you would care to explain how injecting monkey fetal cells, cells culled from long-dead human baby tissue cultures, human lung cancer cells, and bits and pieces of the HIV virus, all mashed up and macerated together, and then killed using industrial organic solvents and injected into anyone's arm is "science" of any kind? Ever?
We might as well throw dead snakes in a barrel full of mineral oil, let them decay and strain off the decoction as a miracle tonic.
Or dress up in skins, take hallucinatory drugs, howl at the moon, and hope for the best.
Even more to the point, how could anyone condone the insertion of foreign Messenger RNA into a living man or woman?
Do you even realize what this does?
It high-jacks the cell's protein production capabilities, so that instead of making proteins needed by our bodies, it makes useless foreign viral protein instead.
This foreign protein is useless to us, but it consumes the raw materials that we need to make our own proteins to repair our organs, and it builds up in toxic quantities, forming tiny little blood clots all over our bodies. And at the same time, our immune systems are on overload, trying to get rid of all this foreign protein suddenly being manufactured by our own bodies.
So we die by organ failure, for lack of the proteins we need, or we die from the blood clots or the Warfarin (rat poison) used to dissolve them, or we die from immune system failure.
And in all versions of this scenario, we die as a direct result of taking this shot.
And we are being "unscientific"? What's scientific about being mortally stupid?
Despite what you and Mr. Fauci and Mr. Gates might think, there are still enough of us with an actual education in science to stomp the living Hell out of all of you, and with millions of sick infected people with nothing to look forward to but treatment with rat poison as a cure for your snake oil, we will have plenty of help.

Suggest that you take a basic biology book down off the shelf and actually read it.


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  1. Could not have said it better. Hooray! Anna von Reitz

  2. God Bless you Anna, well said. When their bodies start giving them trouble they will wish they hadn’t taken the shot

  3. Reminds me how said Russian mafia tool condemned the people who went to capital false flag rally and condemned patsys

  4. Based on my knowledge, he used the injection to set back the rats in some way or something, but he also got it himself and promoted it for some reason. I don't think he realizes what he is promoting, but I hope he gets better about this. I don't understand or have a full picture of this with him.

    1. If he got it.. they most likely all got saline.. of course just speculation

    2. Frontline FlootistApril 28, 2021 at 9:23 AM

      Since Trump knows full well we are in WW3, his language is in code. "Vaccine" means military troops. When he was in the hospital he took Regeneron, a veritable vaccine. Ivanka did not get vaccinated. That was someone who looked similar who "got a shot" and a closer look at the bar code in the picture revealed that it translated to a Q-drop which stated,"We're not getting it." So I agree with James: saline.
      This makes me wonder, when the J & J batch in Baltimore was contaminated by mis-mixing, was it salinated? Possibly? Are the white hats attempting to interfere with these batches of vaxxines? If Trump and his family aren't getting them, and if some batches are being interfered with, could ALL batches be interfered with? Could ALL reference to vaxxines be CODE? Could every SHOT given in the states be saline? Could the deaths and adverse reactions be "pantomime" like Joe Biden's presidency? Where is reality to be found? Are we being exposed to this death serum or are we being protected from it?

    3. I have written Trump today at his new website and asked for a private
      channel precisely to discuss this [and "his" monumental blunder re COVID/FAUCI/GATES AND THIS NONvaccine].
      --Dennis Morrisseau, W Pawlet, VT 802 645 9727

  5. When I grow up I want to be a SN👁PER .. 😉

  6. I may be wrong, and many therefore have misconstrued his meaning, but I believe the medicines he mentioned are considered vaccines in medicine-- and he doesn't mean the injection(s). But, it is still a bit confusing as he mentioned hydroxychloroquin early on so vaccinations couldn't be made mandatory. I will keep digging and report it here if I find anything of consequence.

  7. How could Trump,who has an extremely large platform,urge this kill shot upon innocent people? He himself said the "virus"was not at all bad and he was perfectly treated and recovered.

  8. Johnson & Johnson the vaccine manufacturers also bought up land for shadow governments in Europe in Operation Gladio.
    Meaning do you trust a vaccine maker so politically involved in dark spook operations?
    Phifer pharmaceuticals CEO is Trumps golfing buddy and has stock in co.

  9. HCQ and Randesovier are also classified as vaccines. Ivermectin has proven effective against many viruses.

  10. God bless. Keep the fight and God will destroy the evil. Amen..

  11. Once again folks you are missing the mark completely, and that includes you too Anna. Trump talks in CODE!!! And I'll prove it to you right here right now, so sit up straight and listen up.

    Remember that big speech Trump gave in DC a while back when he made this statement "America now has the cleanest air ever", as massive military planes were proudly flying overhead spewing their filthy exhaust all over the air?

    Time to put on your thinking cap and cut through the cognitive dissonance. Stick with me on this, it will prove very profitable to you. Practice doing this often and regularly and eventually the cognitive dissonance will disappear from your mind permanently and you will no longer be a slave to it as you all are today.

    So is your thinking cap on and working yet? Remember (and process) the following statement, publicly recorded, by Trump: "America now has the cleanest air ever."

    How can that be true? HOW? How can America have the cleanest air ever when everyone with an IQ above 0 knows full well that America's air is dirtier and more polluted than ever! Trump could not, in your wildest dreams, have been talking about the physical air we breathe, earth's atmosphere. If you sincerely believe this is the air Trump was referring to, then I have no respect for your intelligence.

    No folks, time to make the fundamental connection and wake up from this cognitive dissonance. Who else around here regularly talks about the air...yes our beloved Anna does. What air is Anna referring to?

    The AIR JURISDICTION. Not the air we breathe. "Click" I just heard the light come on in some of you.

    So go back to Trump's air speech (I recommend watching it in its entirety) with this new mind set (that Trump always speaks in code) and run what he says through your new decoder thinking cap and put everything in its proper context. Then the light will come on upstairs and the truth will begin to dawn on you and everything will begin to finally make sense in a big way.

    Trump was telling us in his coded speech that since the birth of America the AIR jurisdiction has been a very dirty and corrupt place, but that recently, through his efforts to clean it up (remember those very important and high profile meets with the Queen and the Pope among others), that the AIR jurisdiction is now cleaner than it has ever been in all of America's history.

    Take Anna's excellent teachings and use them to decode Trump's speeches. All of Trump's speeches are encoded. They are not meant to be taken literally. Trump's speeches MUST be decoded in order to make sense and reveal the truth they contain in encoded form.

    In here Anna speaks plainly, and for a reason.
    Out there Trump speaks in code, and for a reason.

    So now that you know that Trump speaks IN CODE ALL THE TIME, what do you think he is really talking about when he refers to VACCINES, the JAB, the SHOT in his coded messages?

    Do you still honestly think he is referring to a physical, pharmaceutical concoction of dead tissues and biological organisms and rat poison? If you still think so then you are still soundly asleep and have no clue as to what is really happening around you and to your world.

    No folks, Trump would never promote such abominations as physical pharmaceutical vaccines. Time to put on your decoder cap again and try to figure out what the term vaccine means in Trump's coded language.

    Remember, it's all about jurisdictions, jurisdictions, jurisdictions, and more jurisdictions.

    Have a great day everyone!

  12. Finally something I can comment on and have some background to not sound too ignorant to participate. I've been reading about vaccines for the past four years or so when my grandchildren were born. We now know this is NOT a vaccine, but a medical device to deliver the mRNA. We know Trump promoted this after telling us he was against vaccines. In my books that makes him a liar. God knows how much I hate lies and liars!!! He is also the one to promote 5G and again this is proven to be one step short of a military grade weapon. The 5G, I believe, is making us sick as it is being turned on and up thus causing people to go running to the very thing that will seal their fate! Trump played the good guy in this theater we call government and hid the evil that was skimmed over with doing. We've all heard that our presidents have been selected and not elected. Why would we not question this when Trump came on the scene? I know I hesitated and kept my eyes and heart open to the truth. He has now revealed to all just exactly who he really is. And the real bummer? People still believe in this man. I'll put my trust in God not man.

    1. Frontline FlootistApril 28, 2021 at 9:35 AM

      President Trump bought back the entire 5G infrastructure and dismantled it. He brought Elon Musk from the dark side to the light side to work for him because he refuses to have a single person hurt. He brought down the Mossad satellites, tens of thousands of them, surveilling us and worse. We cannot know what Trump and his team have done for us because of Operation Mockingbird. But when disclosure comes we will learn of it all. Patience has been the most difficult to practice at this point in history. As has courage and solitary determination.

  13. Have a read at both of these

    Both are linked to the covid19 operation

    In his writings he says the following
    By adding the binary activator for the COVID vaccine to the overnight chemtrail mix they could trigger the response and launch their next level of operations

    According to the preparatory propaganda in the controlled alt-media, the vaccine is designed to cause an overreaction of the immune system to a “COVID variant” that may be encountered at a later date.
    But that virus or chemical substance would likely be synthetic so people would not encounter it until the designated time.
    Once exposed to the synthetic activator, people would fall ill, experiencing a cytokine storm.
    And they’d have little hope for treatment since about half of the doctors, nurses, and first responders have been vaxxed.

    With the sudden appearance of such an out-of-control pestilence, people would need a messiah with a heavenly host of healers to save them, wouldn’t they?

    These 'leaders' of these so called other 'nations' are part of the global cabal and all of their media is owned by the same crooks too

    GOLDEN GLOBE TROTTERS don't have any borders and they guarantee and provide the learning objectives that the public indoctrination camps teach
    Borders, maps, flags and patriots to their nation as part of their dumb down the populace
    Meanwhile on the back side they create border patrol, documents for you to travel with, put immigration services in place, create the laws to make it all stick and the populace of the world get their wealth sucked out of them by having to apply and pay for the permission from the thieves to walk across an imaginary line called a border
    They steal billions in treasury funds to build walls all the while they shipping in the 'immigrants' and then provide them immigration services created by the same crooks to process their newly arrived clueless

    They have 'whistleblower' specialized lawyers

    For 30 years this outfit here is 'on the job' how about that
    Meanwhile if you read miles' papers you will note the name Cohen everywhere folks
    And this founder and CEO well I suspect they have changed the SPELLing of the name from Cohen to Kohn
    And what do you know
    He represented the False Claims Act whistleblower in the first successful mortgage-fraud qui tam arising out of the 2008 market crash, Harris v. J.P Morgan.

    And what do ya know Julian ASSange and Edward SNOWden both whistleblowers who were launced on the scenes
    ASSange who created wikileaks 2006 and by 2010 he published all kinds of shit as a whistleblower
    SNOWden on the stage in 2013

    They pre planned whistleblowers as part of their global BAR attorney juggernaut and they put ASSange and SNOWden in the limelight to move their agenda and treasury heist and adding more codes and statutes to protect their investments and expand the business model

    Anyone ever wonder about ole Bernie MADE OFF with a bunch of other peoples cash
    Rumor has it the role of MADE OFF was played by Robin Williams
    I wonder how many rule changes or new statutes and codes were added to the crooks books as a result of this fake ass story

    World wide crime SINdictate

  14. Was on the the Trump deal from the start, but before going on I do not VOTE, that said, Trump is nothing more than a siding salesman and a con at best, I grew up around con men and mobsters and its all in congress now with both political parties along with the entire media they are all in on this B.S.. As far a Biden is concerned he is another Con seen many like him in a Pool Room, so what one should do I can only suggest, but if you do nothing and look to others for the answer you have not done your homework, so get started and get out there and do something it does not have to be big just do something to inform others.

  15. All these high profile politiciàns ànd medical doçtors are aré actually yes-men for the global elite and their agendà for the future.

  16. I agree with TBG above..Trump always speaks in CODE. You need to be able to unlock the mysteries he is trying to tell us. It is all military.. CODE.!!
    Trump was not healed by vacinations but by rifle frequency generators and other such devices. Notice he has still been flying in Air Force One while Biden has been flying a fake AFO with fake paint and symbols..!! Ill.take trump any day over Biden, who he has shown nothing but distain for the American people turning America into a communist nation under China..!!
    Christians who have been waiting for the rapture are in for a long wait. Our lord has always used a human to affect God's has never changed..!!
    He is under tremendous stress and needs to be very careful in what he does and says. Thus the military CODE that he constantly uses.
    If he is promoting vaccines than most likely it is saline that he is promoting.
    A placebo. Of course he cant protect everyone and God did tell us that a mass deception is coming that will fool even the most elite..!! But trump is destroying the cabal from behind the scenes and i mean destroying them. The central banks are completely broke and cannot get funding. So they have been coming up with derivatives of all sorts including buying real estate at vastly exorbitant rates sometimes paying as much as. Twice the property is worth. Then they plan on hedging their bets and the collapsing the entire system..!! This is just one of their plans. Hasnt anyone noticed how the stock market hasnt crashed yet but actually gaining...their is NO WAY it is up to 34,000..a complete lie..!!

  17. Your information is point on. Mr.Trump needs to answer a few questions. When he appears back in the public realm. Why did he allow us to go deeper down into the Rabbit Hole.
    Its my opinion that his focus has changed . He is trying to create a perfect script. For his future. Now I am hearing that he wants to have his own communication network. I disagree with this. It will be the first time in history. That a President ownes his own MSM. This is no different than what we have at the present time. in fact it is worse. Here we are .One world government( Mr.Trump) One world military, One world financial system. I am of the opinion that our MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and Mr. Trump have there own script.

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J J Brickham

  18. And if you don't think these psychopaths are not ready to lunch their messianic shit show and their fake Kingdom of God on Earth think again
    All part of the new age aquarian age bullshit show as well so we can reimagine ourselves living in la la land and loving in tiny houses on UBI while they steal the rest of the entire plan(it)

    So the crooks intend to whack yet another puppet playing the part and this time while all the sheep are nustled away in their beds under lockdown
    Awful CONvenient wouldn't you say that most of the other actors in washington will not be in attendance for their launch of this made for tell lie vision, audience reduced to cattle, bonanza

    If they can stage the JFK shit and get away with it hell this one should be a piece of cake not too many onlookers to testify to the fraud
    the white house is basically a tell lie vision prop that they set the stage for no one around it or anything else on Jan 6th so they could prepare the scene(s)

    They could film it on Tyler Perrys new operation grounds and televise it as being LIVE at the white house while on the sound stage at Tyler Perry studios on an old military base installation in GEORGIA (440 acreas to be exact) where no one could attest to their filming this shit
    The fake actor by the name of Biden takes off the mask and returns to his normal life while the traumatized public mourns his fake sorry ass and these pricks attempt to launch their new world order under the guise of no leader of the free world
    We must use this opportunity to reshape the world

    Interesting is it not that 440 acres to that military base and using their numbers game that would be 44, zero doesn't account for anything
    they like those double digit same numbers in crafting their shit show

    Wake the hell up
    Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is faked and illegal as hell in most of the normal peoples lives but when the crooks are running the fucking show and creating the story line to fulfill their pothetic excuse for their end times show they will stop at nothing

    There is nothing we won't try
    Never heard the word impossible
    This time there's no stopping us

    (27 April 2021) – Biden is scheduled to give an address to a Joint Session of Congress tomorrow night at 9 PM on his 99th day as President (to a numerologist, 999 is 666 inverted). Since the speech will happen after sunset, it will occur on the Hebrew day of 17 Iyar. 17 Iyar was the day Adolf Hitler supposedly died in 1945.

    On top of this, April 28 was also the day Benito Mussolini was shot to death by communists (and remember that Hitler supposedly killed himself because the Russian communists were closing in).

    Hmm maybe this plot is part of THE GREAT RESET to where the new G5 come in to play with their here we are to save the day with the SDR and blockchain blah blah blah blah blah

    They're all in on it and most if not all are nothing but freaking hollywood actwhores in a mask

  19. Pharmakeia IS SORCERY!!! CHANGE MY MIND!!!😏

  20. Trump is just another pedophile. The military is owned by the Vatican. Trump was CEO of a Vatican owned governmental service corporation. Trump would have never been selected as CEO of US inc unless he was more the willing to do his masters bidding. Not to mention he owes everything to the Rothschild banking family. He said on Howard stern that he's more sexually attracted to his 12 year old daughter than his own wife. How can people be so deceived. In 20 years will they still be saying wait for the plan ?The Qteam is about to rescue us! Lol! There are no vicarious saviours!

  21. I am of the opinion. That Mr. Trump is allowing all situations to play out. All because of Planet 7 X ( Gill Broussard).Gill has Scientific and Biblical proof. That we are in the end times.

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J J Brickham

    1. Yes, Semper Fi, the world of endless Strings.
      What a fantastic voyage! That Trump letter has definately gone through Pains and Penalties. No Blanket Policy here for sure!
      So, do we take what's behind door number, 1, 2, or what's behind door number 3?
      It's not the man, it's the Idea of being in a Movement for the Good that is bigger than yourself. Like National Pride! We have that here in the State Assemblies thanks to Anna, Teri, and all the other Great People who participate. We also have it with our Father's Covenant, the Heavenly Constitution that governs our behavior and relationships, and keeps us on the Highway of Righteousness,

    2. This just shows us we don’t need leaders to tell us what to do. We know in out gut and own mind and research, what is the right thing to do.... and I who all my life have not been anti- vaccine am NOT taking this one

  22. Trump did NOT send email blast!!! Original post can be found here: Not written by him!!! It’s a set-up!!!

  23. Thank You Anna, from Kevin Cote'...really !

  24. Virus only grows on necrotic or dead tissues. Like a compost pile when it has a cold and the virus appears to decompose the dead tissues. So kinda wonder with all the 44 million abortions last year is being used. Like the organs and tissues that have to be poisoned and made sick and rotten enough for the virus to grow range from human to monkey, peanuts in the past. Then to top it off its dirty to all the organs used to create virus are in the shot. Those older kinds had adjuvants cause your body would know the other stuff was just something to get rid of. So the adjuvant need and cheap aluminum. You generate antibodies to all the organs, peanut proteins and attack your own ones. These new ones turn your cells in to virus or toxin makers instead alleging antibody response but every cell in your body. Like autoimmunity on steroids, a coded injectable software

  25. I wonder WHAT WAS really in the needle these suckers were inoculated with anyway? Vaccine or saline or plain water all just for SHOW? Hmmm? Those people MUST know what the real shot has in it and are Not actually getting the real thing?. Just wondering?.


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