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Monday, April 26, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 16 -- The RV

 By Anna Von Reitz

There can be no legal or lawful Revaluation of Currency in the presence of a completely rigged system controlling both trade and commerce connected to currency commodities.
Dealing with this issue requires dealing with the wholesale commodity price manipulations and rigged market conditions that have already been noted and discussed. Any "RV" --- revaluation of currencies scheme occurring under these conditions is a scam by definition, because at best it is an arbitrary negotiated price index having no necessary connection to the market or reality.
We have yet to face the facts imposed by the existence of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the ability of this fund to inflate or deflate the value of independently produced national currencies at will. This coercive power is removed from markets and consumers and driven almost exclusively by political mandate and western corporate Public Policy.
The euphemistically named Exchange Stabilization Fund guarantees that a USA-led hegemony will dominate world currency markets from now on, until and unless it is universally acknowledged that commodity rigging, including currency commodity rigging, fosters unnatural market conditions in which lies and arbitrary prejudices consume both commodities and lives.
We have yet to nail down and admit and honestly evaluate the vastness of the precious metals resources of this planet, both already mined assets and assets in the ground. We don't actually have a farthing-in-the-wind estimate of how much gold or silver or platinum already exists in mined and refined condition, much less how much is already catalogued as estimated in-ground assets. We haven't admitted to the new technologies that exist which are capable of extracting everything from gold mined from sand and sea water, to plastics recaptured from the air.
Nor have we begun to fathom the value of rare earth minerals like molybdenum and cobalt --- much less the costs of mining, refining, and cleaning up the often poisonous detritus of harvesting these increasingly important resources.
Most distressingly, we have not dealt with the value of life's necessities -- pure and abundant water, arable and fertile farmland, healthy river and sea ecosystems, and all the other "commodities" that become increasingly valuable as pollution, scientific ignorance, and population stress take their toll.
We consider these things to be the most valuable of all commodities, but we do not suggest that they be brokered and bought and sold by commercial entities on stock markets. We suggest that their value be recognized and that investment in these commodities should be built into any sane world economic system and should be a primary focus and concern of every national government.
We suggest that open-hearted and transparent investment in these life-sustaining resources of our planet should be rewarded by increased value of each national currency and of a new worldwide currency that also gains value based on improvements made to the natural resources and labor force of each and every country.
Only by enacting this currency system where profit is a reward for positive change can we refocus our nations away from the competitive, combative, selfish, power-seeking models of the past, and arrive at a vision of global teamwork and cooperation tied to profit-making for both national and global good promoted through individual enterprise and creative inspiration.
We have had enough arms races and space races and technology races. What we need is to put aside such childish, competitive, and destructive games and pull together with full force to cherish, preserve, clean, and care for the Earth, to invest in our families, our cultures, and our people.
We need to truly value what we love, not what we hate. The choice between guns and butter is a false choice. All we really need to do is set a sane standard of value and enforce it with logic and true self-interest.
The same forces that drive world markets now can be harnessed to positive values the same way that they have been harnessed to negative values. The choice is ours.
We believe that rewarding reckless consumption only breeds more of the same, and short-sighted profit-mongering and the arbitrary and coercive "pegging" of commodity values -- including currency commodity values --- against nothing more than self-interested Public Policies promoted by commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, is insane.
If money is to be held as a valid representation of value, then we must be clear about what is truly valuable ---- and not in any money-grubbing, profit-driven sense of the word, but in terms of value-to-life and value-to-quality-of-life for everyone on this planet.
So, The Company goes to Zimbabwe, and strong-arms local leaders into selling out all the mineral wealth of the country. This is assumed to increase the value of the national currency and currency speculators rush to "run it up" into the stratosphere. The original sell-out leaders get cold feet and are removed. New puppets are installed. The people riot when they find out what is going on. Thousands are killed. News of this is suppressed. Fat slobs in London wipe the gravy off their chins and pat the BBC on the head. Good dog. Nothing to see here. Just move along.
That is the way things have been for many years, but for self-evident reasons, this is not the way for us to continue.
When Lord Sassoon bites his lip and stutters, famously, that "only 1,500 tonnes of gold have been mined in the history of the world" we have to ask which world he has been living in.
Obviously, his world is profoundly disconnected from reality --- which is precisely the evil that we see all around us, every day, in every way, we are living in a kingdom of lies and violence and self-destructive idiocy for no valid reason but illusory profit-making.
Ask yourselves, if energy is neither created nor destroyed, and matter is only an expression of energy, what possible gain or loss is there? Evidently, all true value lies in how we structure things and what we value.
We do have eyes, ears, brains, and the sense that God gave us. We presume that we are meant to use these assets to improve upon and use and enjoy and share all the rest.
Our Creator is not a deadbeat Dad.
Every nation on this planet has everything needed to build a good life for its people and for the Earth as a whole.
The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, is the actual legal and lawful owner of all American assets in international trade and global commerce---assets that must be accounted for and deployed. If there is going to be a revaluation of world currencies, our so-called legacy trust assets and half a billion American silver dollars each pegged against approximately $55,000.00 worth of Territorial U.S. Debt must be accounted for.
If not, any "RV" is just another capricious, dishonest, arbitrary and ultimately meaningless exercise designed to implement a continuing Public Policy of Corporate Feudalism ---which is increasingly and dangerously disconnected from life and love.
We have required the return and possession of the Labor Bonds that were issued in our names. We also require the return and possession of the gold and silver assets cashiered by the British-run Territorial U.S. Government.
For the good of the whole world, the Holy See, the British Monarchy, and the Lord Mayor must return the purloined American assets to the lawful American Government and stop trying to interfere and circumvent our control of our own assets.
We return this to the High Courts responsible, together with our determination that Feudalism was a miserable form of government except for the very few and Corporate Feudalism if allowed to progress further, will be worse. Whereupon we object to any continuing legal presumptions being made against us by our Treaty Partners and fellow-Principals, and any further delay, obstruction, or meddling in our direct administration of our assets.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. This Should be Interesting...after all... President Trump said Currencies need to be on a Level Playing Field. Thanks Anna & Blessings!!!

    1. Oh for frigs sake they are doing deocumentaries about Trump and him being a friggin psychopath

      This is where BLOCKCHAIN AND MEDICI VENTURES comes in to play
      Meet HIMSS

      Soros donates 100 Million to OVERSTOCK AND BLOCKCHAIN

      Bermuda and BLOCKCHAIN
      Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as
      1) blockchain-meets-land-titling
      2) lockchain-meets-central-banking
      3) blockchain-meets-capital-markets
      4) blockchain-meets-voting
      5) blockchain-meets-healthcare

      Blockchain is nothing more than a cost reduction for the crooks nd bad healthcare for you considering everything they do is profit driven
      None of this shit has anything to do with freedom of any kind

  2. .
    We will get a Worldwide Reset - what it will entail is something [the fallout] we will have to wait for to understand

    There will be a digital wallet and digital money (not currency) of some kind

    There are competing Resets one is the central banks and the Cabals [NWO] and the another is DJT and others connected/with DJT that will be the change to the world for the better.

    After the disaster; as it will hurt some people but in the end it should be paradise.

    How long a wait is the question

    Believe it or not but the crash will arrive one way or the other


    1. .
      "connection to the market or reality"

      So someone thinks there is a connection to reality with the present system of a Corporate communist democracy (1860 forward) and the players known as CONgress and loyalists....

      Dont think so.

  3. .
    "Ask yourselves, if energy is neither created nor destroyed, and matter is only an expression of energy, what possible gain or loss is there? Evidently, all true value lies in how we structure things and what we value. "

    False assumption of reality above, somethings never change and some do!!

  4. Materialistic, thinking 4D should be 5D.
    Mystics knee the super science of the sun how it has 4 quadrents and emits a different radiation in each quadrant.think the zodiac alignment effect us nothing compared to sun.

  5. Lyndon Johnson cut the economy line so all economies float like balloons cut loose to float around together. He also said while wearing a college graduation hat at a college that the new weather satellites could control the clouds and in do doing control the weather and really getting up his Bill Gates like insane power speeches said finally that He who controls the weather rules the world nearly shaking as he imagined all the power leaders would have with the new weather machines. North Vietnam was flooded 2 feet deep by the first success, building a small cloud in to a giant thunderstorm. That was a long time ago and the world wars are on with who the mighty controller shall be.Totally a fantasy and disconnected from real life and real needs.

  6. Secret life of plants can sense the killing of shrimps in next room . Kerlian photography capture phantom severed cut leafs can show the energy of missing part but only if it was feed nothing but organic feeds..

    Yamato’s water crystal freeze water into a crystal form beautiful crystals if a beautiful word was typed underneath. And the reverse ugly crystals if a bad word typed and stuck to the vessel.

  7. To throw your weight around like a shaman you need power organic fresh produce high energy water structured water aka vortexed charged with life force .and your aura gets bigger (throw your weight around).

  8. Plants know when you have bad intentions as water measuring the capacity in air Russian scientists could tell if water would go far under ground and desertification happened it all depends on the relationship of men and women if like the aboriginal ppl men spoke one language woman had their unique language .
    Never failed .
    Or radioaudonics a verified science using your immune system to share its intelligence.


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