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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 15 - Our Employees

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our particular kind of government allows for one State Assembly in each State of the Union. This is the sovereign and unincorporated State in each case. Together, these States by custom and for their mutual self-interest, delegate certain of their international and global powers to The United State of America. Both The United States and The United States of America being referenced are unincorporated entities employed as instrumentalities by the fifty (50) sovereign States of the Union.
As of the first of October 2020 the pre-Civil War State Assemblies voted unanimously to enroll the western Territorial States created under the Northwest Ordinance since 1860 and chosen to make enrollment effective with the date and time that these states entered Territorial Statehood.
All fifty (50) States of the Union are populated, all fifty (50) State Assemblies are in Session, and all members of these Assemblies are properly declared and publicly recorded birthright Americans. All fifty (50) are fully empowered, enrolled, and endowed with equal powers.
Our State Assemblies are lawful, unincorporated, and have standing as sovereign states under national, international, and global law.
Our paid Federal Employees who are by definition District Persons/PERSONS have been running around behind us, trying to put together District Assemblies populated by District Personnel, because they are struggling under the misapprehension that we need Confederate States, that is, States of States, to function in international trade and global commerce.
This is not the case. The incapacity of the Confederation and the incapacity of the Federal Republic are both moot issues in the face of the actual Federation of States.
Our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, which is the source of all the delegated powers in international and global jurisdictions, is completely competent to function in both international trade and global commerce without any representation or grant of agency. Indeed, our Federation did exactly that for a period of five years and has the option of doing so now --- and has availed itself of that option.
Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States must stand down and cease and desist from all efforts to impersonate us, to interject themselves as our agents, or to otherwise pretend to be us or represent us apart from their clearly enumerated constitutional obligations.
The Principals responsible for these organizations are required by Treaty and Commercial Contract to cease and desist attempts to latch our assets, traffic our assets, securitize our assets or in any other way pretend authorities never vouchsafed to them.
The Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor together with their respective Governments, have no authority or occasion to impersonate us, substitute themselves and their citizenry for us, or to conduct business for us; as we are present and accounted for and taking care of our own affairs.
We have served Public Notice and Due Process of these facts to these Principals and throughout the International Community, and we are addressing The International Court of Justice, Vatican Chancery Court, and the Court of the Lord High Steward in affirmation of these truths.
No man and no nation should be deceived further by any semantic deceit seeking to misrepresent The United States of America as an incorporated entity, nor seeking to impersonate our States of the Union as State Trusts, nor otherwise attempting to pass off foreign Persons as Americans and pretending that their foreign District Assemblies are in any way required to exist for any emergency purpose nor pretend that District Assemblies are competent to replace the actual State Assemblies.
In all cases, circumstances, and jurisdictions, our State Assemblies are the only sovereign governmental entities on this continent; any other kind of assembly composed of foreign persons, is self-evidently posturing upon our strictly limited delegated authorities and trying to assume the powers of our State Assemblies without any vested authority to do so.
In fact, the existence of District Assemblies on our soil was never contractually agreed to, and their operations have caused a considerable amount of disruption, fraud, and confusion. These "assemblies" of foreign persons on our shores have indiscriminately welcomed non-Federal Employees and conscripted our people without full disclosure as well as latching upon our Given Names and presuming against our self-evident nationality via unconscionable registration processes and adhesion contracts ---- all of which we disallow.
We wish it to be universally known and fully acknowledged that the Americans are home, and in truth, the vast proportion of us never left. Any pretensions by our Federal Government Subcontractors or their incorporated instrumentalities otherwise, must be recognized as self-interested prevarication amounting to constructive fraud and purposeful deceit being pursued in the cause of unjust enrichment.
The sum total of any powers ever delegated to any of our Federal Subcontractors or secondarily entrusted by them against their Honor-- to agency personnel, are matters of Public Record established more than two hundred years ago.

No, we have not all adopted any form of Federal citizenship; no, we have not agreed to employment or dependency; no, we have not agreed to enfranchisement; no, we have not recognized any emergency powers; no, we have not vacated our government; no, we have not yielded any legislative power to our paid employees and their dependents except for those legislative powers allowed within the District of Columbia as already discussed.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary                                                     The United States of America


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  1. That is comical:
    "Our particular kind of government...". Seriously, I've got the giggles reading that

    Oh you mean the one you've been so busy "RE-CONSTRUCTING"!!

    Not necessary!

    The old one is still standing:
    Each American man and women is a "Sovereign" in our own right... so,
    As long as one of us is still standing, so is our original united States of America and our original The United States of America, both unincorporated and sovereign.
    Are you all trying to create a FICTIONAL "twin" of sorts of our actual country,.. kinda like the FICTIONAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE created a FICTIONAL "twin" of our American "person"?

    But as long as one of us is still standing, so is our country... I believe you wrote that yourself...
    And I'm still standing.
    And I'm not sitting down.

    And if anyone wants to dicker about my "standing", my dear ole grampappy is listed being an ancestor in the Daughters of the American Revolution archives A065086 (Reference only); captain in the Revolutionary War and brigadier general for the American militiamen in the war of 1812. Protecting the creator-gifted rights of the free American men and women and their property.
    Adopted as a son by the Shawnee nation.
    His son, my uncle, left his home in the Ohio River Valley area with other American men to go to Mexico and died going over a wall fighting alongside the Mexican militiamen who were defending their homes and families from the invading Spaniards.
    A friend to all free men and women.

    So you just take your RE-CONSTRUCTED The United States of America, you and the british BAR Attorney Actors you've been working with and share it with the High Contracting Powers who it seems formed the Holy Alliance and entered into the Secret Treaty of Verona together in or around 1822, pledging to stamp out all freemen under authority of the Papacy: and use it to blow your FICTIONAL Royal noses on because the true and original united States of America is still here and so are the men and women's sons and daughters who formed it.

    Unless you can prove your lawful authority over us free American men and women and the ever-present, genuine, and original American government RATIFIED by the living American men and women, you're not authorized to change anything.

    You've done your bibbity-bobbity-boo black arts reverse-image scribblings for whoever your Master is and posted your scribblings and spells here on paul's website, so I know you're aware of the spiritual side of what you're doing.
    I am telling you: that there is stronger good spirituality standing in opposition to what you are doing if you are trying to deceptively or otherwise engage yourself in trying to overwrite the creator-gifted free union our grandfather's and mother's set up for us.
    This is not a threat, I have never engaged in such nonsense, I'd rather brain; but I have a very strong sense that this is not going to turn out for you very well if you are trying RE-CONSTRUCT anything that belongs to the American men and women if you don't actually have lawful authority to do it.
    And you haven't shown anyone you do.
    Because you don't.
    Show us if you do.

    If you don't show proof of your authority within 3 days then it will have to be counted that you are, well, ... Everyone will know what you are, I don't have to say it, ...
    so I'll just say: that if you don't produce such lawful proof in 3 days, then we'll all have you're agreement that you are admitting that you don't have lawful authority, have never had lawful authority and have been running a serious and unlawful scam and hoax.
    If you don't agree to that, then I'm requiring that you tell us why you don't and if you won't tell your authority and won't tell WHY you won't tell your authority then, well we'll know you're acting unlawfully. Agreed?
    Very truly yours,
    janmarie, a woman, on bluebird acre on kansas.

    1. Monday, April 26, 2021 5:42 pm:

      Checking here to see if the proofs of lawful authority required have been furnished yet.
      Doesn't look like it.
      Adding to and/or supporting what I posted yesterday:

      Along with furnishing complete facts about
      1. Who authorized you, and by what right such authority was claimed, to name yourself/ sign *as* Fiduciary, a FICTION, of a FICTION you claim you're RE-CONSTRUCTING when the original-issue by the same name already and still exists...
      2. while now also claiming and holding(?) unlawfully CONSTRUCTED FICTIONAL National Land Trust and Labor Bond FICTIONS in your /your affiliated/s name(s):
      3. And another major concern being that you have issued/ made available/ encouraged people to fill out and return to you so you can record them as belonging to your FICTIONAL CONSTRUCT: packets referred to as "928" packets that you claim will, when completed and returned to your FICTION for recording, convert American people from a FICTIONAL foreign status named a Legal Person (civilly dead entity/ property) they didn't know they had perhaps been trafficked into, into a different FICTIONAL status named a Lawful Person you CONSTRUCTED ...if I understand your reason for constantly encouraged Americans to "Sign Up" and ""Paper Up";
      4. Saying you have claimed the contents of unauthorized and unlawful Trusts and will split up the Land Trust Contents/Value with people and/or help them record claims for recovery of their unlawfully converted/ "trafficked" property after you collect it for them;
      5. along with you giving them a portion of the value of the Labor Bonds, too?...
      6. *IF* they're "Papered Up" in the FICTION you are CONSTRUCTING:

      The "928" packet you're encouraging people to complete and return to you for you to record in your FICTIONAL CONSTRUCT has two separate Cancellations of All Powers/Prior Powers of Attorney in the same small, approximate 7-page little bundle of forms.
      You have not yet answered why you put two of the same such important Cancellations in your "928" Packet:
      Why DID you put two such Cancellations in your "928" packet for the American people to fill out and return to you in order to receive a portion of the value/contents held in the unlawfully CONSTRUCTEd Trusts and Bonds/other?

      For clarity's sake on down the road, if necessary: I'm requiring that if you believe that any part of my good faith communications with you are in error that you furnish that correction here on Paul's website in this comment section of this article so all viewers have an opportunity to see your response.
      If you do not reply with corrections in two days, I'm going to count that to be your agreement that what I am posting here in good faith is accurate and is acceptable to you.

      Very truly yours,
      janmarie, a woman, on bluebird acre, on kansas.

    2. Tuesday, April 27, 2021 5:21 p.m.

      I'm checking again to see if the required proofs of lawful authority have been furnished in good faith to all of us here on Paul's website/ and other yet.

      I don't see anything.

      janmarie, a woman: on bluebird acre on kansas.

      Will check back again tomorrow evening.

  2. Thank you Anna. Keep Swinging. I am learning a lot.

  3. In this world might is right as mow said all politics come out of the barrel of a gun.
    With that said ones needs moral high ground and a good PR department.
    We know beyond a shadow of a doubt nonferrous forced secret treat of Verona there’s also the secret society’s and 50%of judges are masons .
    Adheasion contracts ,tacit implied agreement,hypothecation,and out right identity and property thieft.
    If one goes by Jefferson’s rules of civil procedure or masons everting is by vote .
    If the body has authority it can delegate.
    Have a nice case if she gets a vote from National Assembly or The United Stattes of America assembled.

    1. Have to have a valid, fully-disclosed, lawful, underlying Good Faith Agreement first--
      where there is proven to be a true "meeting of the minds"; along with no threat, duress, coersion, deceit, or any other "adverse conditons" being present; along with many other protections men and women have.
      Otherwise it's just more trespassing/"fraud" and no jurisdiction upholds fraud.
      And there are no time limits on making claims having to do with either trespass or "fraud".


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