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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Today, I was accused of being a Nazi.

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know too much, though nobody told me.
Nobody left me anything but an American tattoo.
And the cologne called 4711 that smells like plum blossoms.
And a way of walking through the rainstorms in spring, smelling the Earth, and thinking yes, I have inherited too many graveyards.
I wish I could turn off other people’s memories of who they were and who they are.
I wish that the hardships were not so much a part of every one of us.
Most of all, I wish we could stop becoming what we hate—
Because there we are, all the liberal progressives unconsciously acting as Fascists....
Telling everyone else how to live and what to value....
Judging everyone according to a Liberal Stick and
Not listening.
Maybe that’s how we become Nazis?
Hannah Arendt said it a long time ago.
It’s no brilliance of mine to repeat it....
But we do become what we hate and love what we loathe.
Just think of all those ineffectual Trump Haters out there?
Turning into Orange Men despite themselves?
Taking on a New York accent
Learning to grease the palm?
It’s funny isn’t it, that we become what we hate and the wheel of karma
Hides that fact from us

Until it’s too late.


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  1. Cheer up annamaria.
    Not everyone devolves into a snorting slobbering neanderthal.
    Some of us actually grow up and are really nice men and women.

    Here's something encouraging someone read tonight: third epistle of john vs. 4-5
    "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
    Beloved, thou doest faithfully whatsoever thou doest to the brethren, and to strangers."

    So, fortunately, it looks like Karma isn't going to bite all of us in the bee-hind... Just those who do harm to their brothers and sisters, and to strangers.

    And we all know now just how hatefilled and rottenly backstabbing people can be: lying snakes slithering around looking for someone to deceive into death, poverty, ruin so they can lavish other people's talents and energies upon their own worthless selves! (He comes for nothing but to kill, steal and destroy... The one who has been a liar from the beginning.)

    Fortunately, for many many many of us, "karma" is going to smile lovingly upon us and be very, very, very good to us.

  2. Now days I think the name for NAZI should be INASI or International/national Socialists. Same creeps but more wide spread and having some success due to lack of knowledge, one of their main tools to hold of the deadly enemy of billions of people who each have something to say. Those tossing accusations with no evidence or proof, often mere paid trolls, and always trying to make trouble, make people feel bad, self loathing and in some cases total giving up and remaining in a body a broken spirit. Like a horse broken by hobbling so every time it trys it falls and finally gives in to obeying the master. However its spirit is dead, it has no interest in sharing its friendship with you or sharing life and adventure as a true friend. They try try to kill our spirits but we are strong and we know the spirit flows through us and is the real strength, first mind and sprit then the body follows. One huge weak point is the failure to recognize spirit and think brain only that physical power, bombs, and the like are real power. Highly suspicious and afraid of sprit they are and it shall be their down fall. Ignorance is no excuse

  3. If one could put all comments in verse form; how memorable they could be!

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