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Monday, April 26, 2021

The Last Jar

 By Anna Von Reitz

We finished the last jar of cherry jam this morning.

I view the empty space on the pantry shelf.

There are some things you can’t buy at a store.

Only time will bring the cherry trees to blossom, the bees to swarm

All the intricate miracles will have to be reborn —-another generation.

Late in July the cherry season will come again with brown paper bags of fruit and we will eat our fill

And jealously preserve the rest.... but....

Many wings must fly and many breezes blow between now and then

That moment when the new cherry jam is back on the shelf, and everyone quietly thinks

No, you can’t buy that at Costco.


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  1. Thank God you can't buy that at Costco !
    All the corporate b******* that people buy we need to make our own stuff again

  2. One of the finest ways to enjoy life and be living in it is to enjoy the seasons, each one with it's distinct qualities and contrasts, altogether working in the balance of natures cycles and dancing through the miraculous renewals of the sacredness of life. But Springtime and the blooming of flowers and the embryos of the next harvest is a promise being fulfilled by God's providence of another wonderful season bringing new life to all the earth. And Easter is the seasonal entry of the Light of God, like the sun rising and re-dawning from the east, promising the new (and potentially everlasting) life that is brought by our Lord Jesus Christ as believers in his redemption and resurrection, his victory over death.

    Of course home orchards of Cherries is a wonder to anticipate joyfully.
    All living people should get themselves and their loved ones to a local orchard this summer to share in the joy of the harvest and the delicious fresh life in the fruit. That experience can draw us closer to God.

  3. .
    "cherry jam is back on the shelf"

    Chemtrails - by the oligarchy have poisoned the water and air and soil - along with GMOs

    The trees are dying because of Bill blocking out the sun and the air force supplying the means to do so……….

    1. Hey max.. Anna has provide a moment of contemplaton,,
      Please,, dont squeeze the Shaman..

    2. It took me a moment to get what you said.
      Thanks for a good laugh in the morning!

  4. The Earth is our and everything in it, enjoy the bounty!


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