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Monday, April 26, 2021

Native American

 By Anna Von Reitz

People come to me and complain.

They tell me about their own trail of tears, from the Bronx to Long Beach, from Dallas to Denver, Chicago to Salt Lake....

I hear it all; they come and they confess
their sins, too.

Things they would not tell their Mother, they tell me.

Grandma isn’t as close in space and time.

Her mind was formed in other places.

When she was young, there were no home computers.

Still, they come and tell me the same things their own Mothers and Fathers said.

I’m lonely. I’m scared. I’m bored.

My knee aches. My stomach is upset. I have this constant nasty nasal infection.

Grandma is a wall.  Her lips are sealed. 

All the grief and dirt, all the might-have-been items come tumbling out, falling like last fall’s leaves on bare Earth

Dreams waiting to be recycled.

They say, I don’t know what love is.

And I wonder why they don’t know?

Then I take them by the hand....and teach them.

Love is the wind rustling the pussy willows.

It’s the stars at night.

It’s the way a cat stretches in the morning sun.

It’s the light in my eyes when I see you standing tall

It’s when you find your way to my door.

I rejoice!

Your feet still know the path to find me.

Somehow, you stumbled your way home.

And I whisper in your ear, hey, you’re an American!

Do you know how wonderful that is?


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  1. This is beautiful!.��

  2. I was healed by love from prayer and spirit power that I felt all around me. My heart opened and the love poured out, filled me up and seemed to run over. For a the first few weeks I often cried knowing how much my new friend loved me and that I need look no farther than my own heart, the home of love and just keep the door open. A submitted, supplicated and God makes good on promises. I accepted my shortcomings as a man, admitted I was not God that I was lost and that no on could help me and was at the end, trapped in a misery of my own creating. Not punished but healed with love. Amazing since a few weeks before I had tossed a Bible off of a bar where I was drinking and had even Prayed to Satan as if that would help. Go figure cause love does not think like a man or woman but perhaps more like an innocent child, pure and untarnished, eternal and infinite. Like the song goes All Ya Need is Love

  3. Thank Anna & friends, for all the tireless work you do.


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