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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Situation Report, 24 January 2021

 By Anna Von Reitz

If your neighbor down the street, a foreign national who is on your payroll as an accountant, misrepresents his authority with respect to you, and goes out and borrows huge amounts of money "in your name" without your knowledge or consent, do his debts become your debts?  


Who is responsible?  

Both your erring employee and the bank who loaned him money.  

The foreign plenary oligarchy inhabiting Washington, DC, which is doing business as "the" United States (Article I, Section 8, Clause 17),  accessed your credit under similar conditions of fraud and deceit, ran up huge debts "in your name"  --- all leveraged against your assets --- and they have invested most of the money they made off this scheme in China. 

So basically, the crooks in DC are cashiering the profits they made off their impersonation fraud scheme, in China, and the Chinese are helping them do it.  

Meanwhile, another employee, the head of your Security Department (the U.S. Military) who has been secretly sharing in the largesse, jerks awake and realizes, OMG, the people are waking up.  We've got to do something.... 

So, they blame the bank (the Federal Reserve), which is true so far as it goes, and they move to foreclose on the bank on an "Emergency" basis. 

The object of this exercise is to avoid their own culpability and keep the bank from foreclosing on you and your assets by seizing the bank.  This is not because they love you so much, but because they want to keep their job--- and, find a new way to control and benefit from your assets. 

They have to replace the bank they've seized upon (Federal Reserve) and replace that banking system with a new banking system to cover everyone's tracks.  All without explaining any of this to you, of course. 

The Security Department personnel (U.S. Military) are mad at the dishonest accountant ("the" US) for cheating them out of their share of the money and for trying to lodge it all in China where they can't get to it,  but they don't want their own part in this Cluster to come out, so they have to pussyfoot around.

You will notice that they foreclosed upon the guilty bank (Federal Reserve) but haven't arrested the crooked Accountant ("the" US).  That's because he can squeal on them, as much as they can squeal on him.  

Thus, Joe Biden has been inaugurated as "the" President of "the" United States--- which has nothing to do with our United States and us, except that this entity has impersonated us and robbed us blind for 160 years, and now proposes to collude with China to hide the loot.

They also propose to continue to "represent" us and impersonate us and to abuse our people and our assets.  Unless, of course, we show up and say otherwise. 

So it is rather important that you all wake up and expose this, because if you don't: (1) you will be both a victim of and an accomplice to their crimes, and (2) you will be held responsible for their debts and (3) you can kiss all the money and assets they embezzled for over a hundred years good-bye.  

Do we now have your undivided attention?  

Joe Biden does not represent us.  He's the Chief Thief in a den of robbers, using the international city-state of Washington, DC, as a pirate base. They are the cause of the problem and right now, they are trying to launder our purloined assets as "investments" in China ---- solely to unjustly enrich themselves and the colluding Chinese Government.  

Meantime, back home, the Security Department (U.S. Military) never had a pot of their own, and they have to find a way to use your assets (again) to back their new replacement banking system.  

But as we just told you, the Pope's Boyz already moved the loot to China, so that stash is out of their reach---- at least for now. 

Enter "Covid 19" and the effort to convert you into a chattel by injecting their patented mRNA into your natural genetic code, thereby rendering you a "Genetically Modified Organism" ---- which they can legally and literally own.

That will permanently convert you into a "thing" and allow them to latch onto your body, your labor, your land and soil assets, your water resources, and everything else you are heir to, including your inherited interest in your public infrastructure, government, and private property.  

Which they will use as the assets backing their new bank. 

These guys are all thugs.  Criminals.  And they are all on your payroll.  

The plain fact is that the dishonest Accountant ("the" US) couldn't pull this off without the Security Department (U.S. Military) looking the other way.  

This is an inside job, and you, poor old Mom and Pop back home, have been the victims of these criminals for six generations. 

It does no good for "the" USA --- the British Territorial Government --- to claim a presidency purportedly inherited from Ulysses S. Grant, because the last lawfully elected President of our country was Franklin Pierce, elected in 1856.  

However, there is something you can do.  You can do what you should have been doing all along.  You can get up on your feet and self-govern.  

You can repudiate all of this criminal nonsense that has been perpetuated by your employees.  You can empower yourselves, and there is nothing they can do about it, so long as you properly declare yourselves to be Americans---- and not any form of "US" citizen. 

Go to:  and get started today.


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