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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Remember and Avoid Reliving

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's time for everyone to remember the legal definition of "death".  

We have seen this trick employed before.  

Remember?  When the Vermin created "infant decedent estates" for us?  And claimed that we "waived" our identity and inheritance as Americans --- while we were still babies in our cradles, and employed these unconscionable contracts against us to enrich and empower themselves?  

In the weird world of the venal verminous wordsmiths, "death" can mean actual, physical, confirmed by the Coroner death, but it can also mean political alienation --- as we just saw in the example above, or can mean waiver of an estate or other inheritance --- as we just saw in the example above. 

Focus on this last meaning ---- "waiver of an estate or other inheritance".  

Is your unique DNA an inheritance?  

Can you "waive" it by knowingly accepting a vaccination which will forever change your DNA?  

Can you thereby lose your identity and rights as a living man or woman, and become identified as something "other" ---- such as a Genetically Modified Organism?  

Why yes, that is exactly what can and will happen.  

They are trying the same old crap all over again, as they so often do, merely transposed into a slightly different venue.  

Last time, instead of promoting a linguistic fraud using deceptively similar names to mislead your Mother into signing you up as a fatherless ward of the British Territorial State of State organization --- which was itself operating under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure, they are using a manufactured pandemic to coerce you into accepting their "vaccination" against a disease that is purportedly "killing" millions. 

In what sense "killing"?  

I don't see the corpses piling up.  

No, a different kind of "death" is involved here and you will magically see the death toll increasing exponentially as more people take the vaccine.  


Yes, read that again.  

As more people take the vaccine, the "death" toll will astronomically increase. 

As each one is vaccinated, they are ear-tagged and removed from the herd, pronounced "dead" to their natural estate as living men and women, and entered into the "estate" of a Genetically Modified Organism, owned by this or that bank.  

Are you beginning to get the drift of this Shinola?  


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