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Thursday, November 12, 2020

For the Record

 By Anna Von Reitz

My Great-Great Grandfather was born in Konigsburg, Prussia --- then the capitol of that vast East German Principality. He was related to the von Strelitz und Mecklenburg family, and indirectly related to the Kaiser by marriage. He knew Otto von Bismark and where the bodies were buried and what the European elitists were planning and he did not approve of it at all.
His son, my Great Grandfather, created the name "Riezinger" out of thin air in 1855 and trademarked it. It has been in use ever since and it literally belongs to me and to legitimate members of our family for use in international trade. It is a private trademark and not subject to any government on Earth.
My Great-Grandfather also gave up his vast fortune to the poor people of France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and what was then Slovakia. The record of that unselfish release of actual assets still stands on the public record and amounts to over 200 handwritten pages executed in his own tiny, neat Fractur script, if anyone can read it and wants to read it.
So much for me being a "Princess". Prussia is long gone and so is the money which was all given away, but the Trademark lives on and the blood still flows.
My family took its stand then with the living people and with common Christian decency and it has stood with the people and that same decency ever since.
As the foregoing chain of events clearly testifies, we were at one time connected to the top of the heap of the European "elite" --- but we disconnected from it, came out of Babylon, and shed ourselves of the chains of worldly riches a long time ago.
My Grandfather built a number of successful businesses in Chicago and at one time was quite well-connected in the construction business, a buddy of the architects Robert Emmett and Frank Lloyd Wright; but he drank excessively and apart from work never had much of a life.
My Father was born in Chicago. His Father died when he was only eight. His Mother died when he was eighteen. And when he was twenty-one, he joined the US Army Air Force, was assigned to the Eighth Army Air Force, and went with the Big Red One to Europe. He was on schedule to receive a Field Commission as a Lieutenant for bravery in the line of duty and had his orders for the Pacific Theater when the war ended.
Afterward, he came home and joined my Mother and Grandmother, who had been left alone to try to keep their family farm in Wisconsin going -- "two women, forty cows, and a dog" who somehow survived the worst of WWII on their own.
And though part of my European family is Catholic, my parents were both raised in the Protestant faith, and so was I. I joined the Lutheran Church at age seven and stayed in that church all my life until this year, when I left it for cause, as published.
That's my family. I'm proud of it. Make of it what you will.
And if anyone has any "problem" with my heritage or wants to accuse us of having any part in the despicable criminality that has gone on in "high places" and which has infested high offices, they can just go take a running jump off the nearest bridge, because we had no part of it. We did everything we could to stop it and fight it and put an end to it.
It goes without saying, that my Father had nothing whatsoever to do with Marduk or the nasty bankers or FDR or any fraudulently constructed "World Trusts" nor with Bretton Woods nor any of the rest of the criminal nonsense that has gone on here, and he certainly was NOT the "Trustee" before Kim, who is nothing but a Bank Trustee trying to skim her way along.
It is time to put an end to the ugliness and greed and irresponsibility and stupidity, too.

The Truth is the Truth and it will set everyone free.


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  1. I (ap)preciate hearing your family history.
    I have no doubts about your loyalties.
    We are known by our work.
    Thank you for your tireless (ef)forts.

  2. Believer in blood lines or genetics James Mitchner wrote Chesapeake followed blood lines of two families one criminal befor criminals after .
    The other Religious zellots thah and Nixon would say bring me my bible thumper Paxmire

    1. Vietnam war was a part 2 mercernary war. Pary 1 started quietly 20 years beforehand, Left of Vietnam, before combining with Vietnam war.. Proof? See FDR 1937 INCREASING Govt spending for foreign Gold theft & profit for Bankers.

      Anna knew the 35 - 45 year secret mercenary Wars, and did not assess any damages on both sides other than rushing to claim the Bankers massive stolen gold , this will bring Ww3 for sure.

      Karen Hudes represents crooked Bankers & war lords. Anna & her husband claimed to be King & Queen of America, to take their stolen gold, how crazy the madness & confusions gone so far.

      Folk Download this doc from the internet, See for yourselves, is this real or fake?:

      Americans dont remember how many million deaths in 1940's Ww2.


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