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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Father Frank Pavone: “Contrary to Media Manipulation, Joe Biden Has Not Won the Election”

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  1. Block Chain voting and QFS is REAL......Audits will show Republicans took the House, Senate and Trump won by a landslide. Sources say Trump even won California, New York, Arizona. As a result of projections, they knew Trump had won. That's why they shut the vote counting down and brought in the fraudulent ballots and implemented the "Scorecard" vote switching software.

    Pete Santilli Show Excerpt about Confirmed DHS Countermeasures


    Charlie Ward - Blockchain Voting System Update

    Dr. Steve Pieczenick

    Scorecard and the End of Nancy Pelosi --- and Joe Biden

    1. Its time to ask for volunteers for the firing squad! I VOLUNTEER, Anyone else,,, lol,

    2. 007 is 7 seconds of darkness that is not in peace,harmony & balance with zero point gravity that is the sands of time that shift in frequency density consciousness experiences between a Black hole and White hole Vortexes of the event Horizon in which light bends to a T wave to spin a Vortex of our light Spirit body to go faster in the spin and holographic bidirectional echo chamber of sound and light image's we experience in our Cosmic accelerator.
      The speed of our holographic hyperdimensional Merkaba.

    3. >> Biden-Harris administration drove Americans 
      The Kenya man & Harris are to watch out, as seen in the realm of Heaven, Jan 14 - 15, 2021 is the sign of injustice against humanity. Spread the warning.

    4. Reply to Sydewayz62: There is no need for a frequency shift. We are very relaxed and happy at Earth's natural Schumann frequency. Demons, however, need a higher frequency of anxiety, then higher stress, then higher fear, then even more fear at an even higher frequency, then super high for panic, rage, etc. You are NOT RELAXED at a higher frequency. LOVE is NOT a HIGHER FREQUENCY--it is at Mother Earth's relaxed Schumann frequency. Stop writing crazy things...even if you're a bot. Learn. Don't be programmed by demons...or as it is reported that Jesus called them, "unclean spirits".

  2. Greg Rubini@GregRubini
    13) Hey, Michael Hayden @GenMhayden: very sloppy job you did, with your buddy @JohnBrennan you know what is waiting for you, Hayden, don't you. Sloppy job, Michael Hayden. You forgot the NRO and the Observers we had on location. we SAW IT ALL. you're S C R * W E D. 14) Trump: "I Caught them ALL" 20) you're S C R * W ED, Michael Hayden, as well as your constipated buddy John Brennan

    This means that Trump is the WINNER of the 2020 Election

    10) in Los Angeles county alone: 2.5 Million were missing, as of Nov. 5 WHERE ARE THEY? in dumps?
    11) California: if those 9.7 Million missing ballots are Trump votes, in Calif the result is this: Trump 13.7 Million votes Biden 7.9 Million
    12) in percentage: California: TRUMP 62% BIDEN 35% Trump WON BIGLY also in California 55 Electoral Votes
    15) for those you asked how I got those data: I was "broadcasting live" on Twatter, that night on Nov 3rd, and I was copying & posting the official data as they were coming in I was saving those data in a word document, as they were coming, before posting them.
    17) the data reported above are from Nov 3rd. Then, as we know, in most States they stopped the counting. WHY? at 4:00 am of Nov 4th, Millions of fake ballots with the Biden name on them were shipped by trucks and cars to the polling stations, Nationwide.
    18) and the MIRACLE happened: those Millions of FAKE Biden votes were counted on Nov 4th, and the 12% to 20% advantage that Trump had on the 3rd, magically disappeared. in PA, GA, MI, WI, VA: everywhere!

      7) note: I took these data in REAL TIME, on Nov 3rd BEFORE the FIX was in from Official sources

      2) Michigan:
      TRUMP 58%
      BIDEN 40% Real Data before the FIX was in

      3) Georgia
      TRUMP 56%
      BIDEN 43%

      4) Wisconsin:
      TRUMP 55%
      BIDEN 44%

      5) Virginia:
      TRUMP 59%
      BIDEN 39% Real Data before the FIX was in

      6) Rhode Island
      TRUMP 54%
      BIDEN 44%

      8) bottom line: Trump won BIGLY in:
      - Pennsylvania
      - Michigan
      - Georgia
      - Wisconsin
      - Virginia
      - Rhode Island and certainly MANY MORE!
      This means that Trump is the WINNER of the 2020 Election

  3. It is a divine sin (crime) to call anyone a "Father" on Earth, there is only one Father in Heaven, period!!! We are suppose to address these religious folks as "Brothers and Sisters", not ever "Father"!!! So it should be "Brother Frank Pavone" not ever "Father Frank Pavone"!!! Besides that, way to go Brother Frank Pavone for the insight!!!
    Amen, so be it!!!

    1. Also, the same thing goes for "Master", no one on Earth is a "Master" except for the Father in Heaven!!! Even Jesus was not called "Master" (Jesus was addressed as "Brother") and acknowledged that he was not a "Master" except for his divine Father in Heaven!!! Amen, so be it!!!

    "Don't worry about your missing vote for Trump placed in a garbage dump. I'm sure Barr will resolve this as quickly as he's resolved all the other crimes he's been tasked"


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