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Thursday, November 12, 2020

"It" is Getting Really Deep

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last night, I had an email conversation with Kim Goguen, in which she called me "Princess" and claimed that I asked her to give the USA (Inc.) share of "in ground resources" to the Vatican.
Well, this "Princess" grew up on a worn-out old-fashioned dairy farm in Wisconsin and was mucking out cow barns and collecting eggs by hand at age five.
Obviously, Kim is living in the Looney-Tunes world, where disinherited farm girls turn into princesses, and an Apologist for crime bosses becomes enabled to distribute the world's assets to whomever she pleases.
In fact, I never said a word to Kim Goguen about the USA, Inc. -- why would I? And I certainly never suggested giving the Queen's portion to "the Vatican", either.
I'm with The United States of America, an unincorporated Federation of actual States. We don't even recognize "the Vatican"-- which only came into existence in 1929.
Furthermore, I have nothing to do with the Queen's Territorial Government nor with her Municipal Corporations. I could care less what they do with their assets and would never in this world venture to tell them what to do with their "tribute share" of in-ground gold assets.
For those who don't know, the British Monarch gained a "tribute share" interest in our in-ground gold assets as part of the treaty process ending The War of Independence. The Queen gets a portion of every ounce of gold we mine here.
What did happen is that the Queen proposed to sell her share of "in-ground" gold assets located here in this country to China. That would have enabled China to move in here and start gold mining operations wherever they pleased.
So I raised my hand and said, yes, she does have a claim on in-ground gold assets, but no right to mine or move a cubic centimeter of our soil.
That action on my part quashed that little Sweetheart Deal between the Queen and China, and saved Americans from an ersatz invasion hosted by Chinese mining corporations. The Queen will just have to wait until we mine our own in-ground gold to get her cut. And then she can sell it to whomever she pleases.
That is what actually and factually went on, and Kim is still seething about being "cheated" out of that opportunity to cause us harm and disruption.
And then, today, I got this in the mail:
"Anna, There is also the Republic of the USA (RuSA i think they call it). They together with Kim claim your father was a Nazi and had Kim's place as trustee. They claim RuSA is the recognized Republic. And this guy that works for the World's Trust Jean LeTener spreads rumors about the assembly members going to jail for doing the sign in America Debt Relief."
So, they are accusing my Father, who was born in Chicago and raised in Peoria, Illinois, and who served in the Eighth Army Air Force for almost all of World War II --- of being a Nazi? I guess he was a Nazi like General Eisenhower was a Nazi? Because he has a German last name?
And as for our "Sign In America" program and the IMF rattling its chains, we own the World Bank because we, Americans, bankrolled it ---and we have FDR's admission that he took our illegally confiscated privately-held gold and used it for that purpose.
So the shit flows downhill, Kim. We own the World Bank and that means we also own the IMF. And the IBRD. And the Federal Reserve, too, for that matter.
Time to get back to the actual and factual world, and stop all the lies and fantasies.
I will just make one comment about RuSA, an organization I once had high hopes for. They never dealt with the political status issue, so they could never gain what is called "standing" to enforce the Constitutions -- and without that, they and their members are lost. I tried to explain the importance of standing and identity to their "President" Tim Turner, but he wouldn't listen.
I also tried to explain the importance of identity and standing with regard to the IRS/Internal Revenue Service issues Tim Turner was facing, but he wouldn't listen.

Enough said.


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  1. Why even bother with this obviously deluded individual? "Neither give place to the devil." Ephesians 4:27

    1. has to be addressed cuz kim is backed by a bunch of ABC,s led by delusional socio-psycopaths--and they got airplanes and guns and stuff,,maybee even death rays,,Reminds me of the cartoon show Pinkie and the Brain...

    2. Vietnam war was a part 2 mercernary war. Pary 1 started quietly 20 years beforehand, Left of Vietnam, before combining with Vietnam war.. Proof? See FDR 1937 INCREASING Govt spending for foreign Gold theft & profit for Bankers.

      Anna knew the 35 - 45 year secret mercenary Wars, and did not assess any damages on both sides other than rushing to claim the Bankers massive stolen gold , this will bring Ww3 for sure.

      Karen Hudes represents crooked Bankers & war lords. Anna & her husband claimed to be King & Queen of America, to take their stolen gold, how crazy the madness & confusions gone so far.

      Folk Download this doc from the internet, See for yourselves:

      Americans dont remember how many million deaths in 1940's Ww2.

  2. Join the crowd the chorus of payed press.t.tutes
    Sing white supremacy,no fascist,no NAZI,no KKK.
    So if the chant that at you your normal folk.

  3. Study histories of what works, and what not.

  4. Yea, but all of a sudden she is talking about " assembles"...!! I wonder where she got that idea from...!! You two need to settle your differences for the good of the country...and if you cant than both of you need to at least agree not to " bash each other"..!! At least not on social media, where we can all witness your desgust with each other...!! This isnt a contest on who is doing more for the country...its about even having a country dedicated to our original constitution( unincorporated)...!! The elites are already divided all of has to stop..!! Anna, if you really want to make a difference than take a college class( jr college) for law enforcement and nail the professor on any and all his mistakes...!! Thats what we did( my brother and myself) at golden west college and it just so happened that the teacher turned out to be none other than a " real judge" at the courthouse right up from us...everyone there was young and there for one get a job..!! But not us...we already had.a 4 year degree from cal poly , Pomona...we were there to witness what he was teaching, and we didnt care about anything else.
    Well i dont have to tell you what happen....we questioned that judge about everything and he was visably scared...

    I remember one time were we were talking about the crimnial justice system , which of course he said there was a difference....i raised my hand and told him i think everything was " civil" ...all crimes...and he was quick to correct me saying everything is criminal...really, criminal...i need to hear this...
    But he lost his nerve because he realized he was about to be trapped and just said , right in front of the class, " you wouldnt beieve me anyway and continued teaching...i bet he has never had college students like us..!!
    He did give us a sheet of paper that outlined our program right from the beginning....and would you believe he actually had " a DEMURRER" as part of a pre- plea agreement...we asked him ..." Why doesnt every attorney use this for their clients...its the only one that doesnt give the court one even noticed it...he had some clever answer for it..!!
    Then another time he was talking about the prosecutor and the defense attorney, all based on " the facts"...i asked him where in this situation does the " TRUTH " come into play....without thinking he automatcally said " well because everyone lies" ...then he caught himself and said " well the defense lies so does the this is all about who can lie the best and get away with it...what happened to the truth..." What truth he said " , everyone in court is lieing to some degree...!! This is how judges think...!!
    Take a class Anna and you tell me...they are being indoctrinated already...and this was 20 years ago..!! How much more can you do to change this situation with your could be teaching the class..!!

  5. Please folks can’t we put are difference beside you both have a lot to offer to help our planet please Please for the sake of humanity bury the Axe and work together at this time it’s CODE RED


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