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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

International Claim of The Powerholder

 By Anna Von Reitz

The United States of America is more than competent to act as the Executive Power over all American Estates and is the Lawful and Legal Powerholder with respect to all interests in international or global jurisdiction related to its member States and the assets thereof.
The United States of America claims the pre-established and priority standing interest to control and direct the affairs of the several States in these foreign jurisdictions and is in no way encumbered or prevented from doing so.
No delegated authority stands between us and our agency of the sovereign interests of our members. All such delegations of powers have returned to The United States of America by Operation of Law. The Powerholder claims full and unimpaired executorship and agency rights in behalf of the State members of our unincorporated Federation and the people thereof.
There is no break in the continuance of the governance of this country and no reason for any Third Parties to claim either executive powers or control of substantial interests related to us, our States, and/or our people as the result of incompetence or insolvency of Third Party Subcontractors.
There is no reason to assume the existence of any continuance of contract or assumption of a new or successor contract with any foreign subcontractors under bankruptcy administration, any incorporated "governmental services corporation", or purveyor of essential government services that is not approved of by The Powerholder.
The United States of America is owed peace from every other nation on Earth including Russia and China, and we insist that our treaties with them be honored in full and also insist that the two foreign Subcontractors causing these problems in our country be informed by their owner, the Pope, that they are not allowed to continue making war of any kind on our shores.
The issues that we face here are issues of criminal misadministration and are not political nor social in nature.
Signed by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


  1. Everything is under the IMF and its payroll of Monopoly money.
    Zionest own major corporations and flexing its corporate muscle .
    Will take organization and lots of it switch off all propaganda and join Assembly

  2. I would Absolutely Love!! More direction in Owning & controlling my 'ideas' (patents)....

  3. David Dees, Artist 1957 – 2020
    Tribute by Jeff Rense

    "It is said, we should always strive to leave things better than they were before we arrived. Thank you, friend David, you did that and so much more. We are all far more enlightened and wise than we were before you came this way.

    He asked me to do one other thing…’Please be sure to protect the art, I’m giving everything to you.’ So, to each and every one of you who care and who have been enriched by his gifts, please know David’s incomparable artistic genius is safe. I had to disable the sales page on his site and I apologize for any inconvenience. Rest assured his fabulous books will be available again soon.

    To help pay tribute to his wizardry, I have carefully put together the gallery below. We all have our favorite pieces and I’ve tried to provide a nice survey of some of his most stunning works. (Click to enlarge the first image and then click on that image to automatically go through the series.)"

    1. Thank you very much for the information and link! I have the first two volumes of David Dees' published art, which, when I learned of his untimely and premature death, I treasure as keepsakes. Left standing thus far is William Banzai 7, whose graphic art and sharp wit completed those of David Dees!

      The American States Assembly could well use such perspicacious artists in service to inciting and informing, a return to the best aspect of "yellow journalism".

  4. Greg Rubini@GregRubini
    Anna Khait: "a well respected General, that we all know and Love, said: “everything that came out is SPOT ON" "I suppose it is safe to say that General is Gen. Mike Flynn." Greg Rubini has the files!

    According to Alan Parrot, it was John Brennan who arranged a safe transfer to Iran of Osama Bin Laden, in Dec 2001, when we had the operation in Tora Bora to catch him. Brennan stopped the operation, and moved Bin Laden to Iran, in a safe house. Brennan = TRAITOR

    Maria Bartiromo@MariaBartiromo
    "Happening now: @ChuckGrassley just told me @CIA head Gina Haspell May also be part of the plot to take down @POTUS @realDonaldTrump"

    Cynthia McKinney PhD@cynthiamckinney
    Benghazi Whistleblower explains what is Coming!

    Interview with Benghazi Whistleblower Nick Noe shares his story and information that will be released through Media outlets soon. This is the BIGGEST STORY to break in American History!!

  5. Hi folks I just verified Obama two birth certificates to see which one is more accurate or real, matching his life activities. His Kenya birth certificate is more real, matching everything. The one from Hawaii is not real but nice. His Kenya BD reveals his Two negative Energies, NOT good for people, he likes to keep his murky information in secret. He has extremely 6 high energies in skillful communication, in thinking, with unusual thought-process, knowing how to control and to hide his unknown/murky ones away.

    1. Because Joe Biden and Trump has equal Fame meanings they have 50/50 chance to win the election. I know Joe Budden has weaker work history but that doesn't mean he won't win.. If Biden won then I suspect Obama Would insert his power back in behind the scene. That's my concern. Will you be able to stop the madness and disorder? This is just a warning.

    2. IF BIDEN WON, WU ZETIAN STYLE Tyranny would return to this world in America, Not in China.

      In dec 2018, I already warned about this weirdness. How and Why? Obama is hidden power behind the thrown, for Biden. Biden powerful earnings are indication of some election fraud may happen.

    3. Shelby. The message is plainly stated.. The Powerholder.. is The United States Of America. Anna is the Chief Fiduciary Officer Speaking for the best interests of 'we the people/People,, because,,well,, You are not,,..
      Also plainly stated is "our" condemnation of the criminal activities of the current territorial and municipal corporations claiming to re-present "us" --- that would be you,, because,,well, you do not have the standing and Anna does.. So support her doing her "job" as you begin to learn what your job is...

    4. Jerry Seinfield is who is playing the role of "Obama" there IS no real named persons in any government positions they are all STAGED ACTORS warren beatty robert deniro all we have ever had is rogue ursupers changing their identity and familes around and around the merry go round you all need to listen to shelby and take a break and watch greg bradfords channel at youtube then you will see why this thing called ""government" is a bunch of lies and evil its all HOLLYWeird and none of this paper work matters its just another round of the merry go round. Thanks shelby for helping me get free of the political lies that I have lived under for over 40 years peace

  6. The weak spot is not in the organizations we are lawfully correcting but in all the individuals behind the organizations whose weak spot is their personal consciousness of their misdeeds. These organizations are only good as the right people behind them doing the right things. We have a lot of firing to do in these organizations.

  7. So who exactly is the "Powerholder" Now? Is this Anna? Her husband? They have "executive power over all American estates"? They approve "essential government services" now?
    Each American is sovereign. Each State is sovereign. No "Powerholder" speaks for us or controls our "estates"
    Your friend the Pope is criminal because he holds power over all the estates via control over the subcontractors? Now you just replace him as the New Powerholder? You are in service to him as a "private attorney as you have stated. As an "officer of the church, with your blood seal on the alter, You need to publicly and officially renounce your allegiance to him and the Curia. You are not elected to be the new Powerholder especially since you have this major conflict of interest. The Pope is the trustee of the global estate and you as an extension of the church now assume the position of Powerholder for America? No. It's STILL the Vatican by extension. Remember, you are doing this for Americans? You have decidedly assumed a role not given to you and are using the states and their assemblies to give you the power to make decisions, demands, rewards, threats and contracts as the "new" Powerholder without the express knowledge or permission of the individual people or states before you issue these notices. This is not unlike what we are already living through now, only a different face, different name,and a shinny new approach to absolute power by a new group, the American States Assembly's, blessed by the Vatican. If I am wrong, prove it.


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