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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Macedonia, Gaul, and The United States of America

 By Anna Von Reitz

These three nations, Macedonia, Gaul, and The United States of America, have never been conquered.  This fact has both political and economic consequences. There are a few other countries in the known history of the world that enjoy similar status, but so far as the western world is concerned, these are the three that make the lion's share of the difference. 

I have explained how the British Kingdom was conquered by William the Conqueror, the King of Gaul, in 1066.  Though Gaul had begun using the name "France" in honor of the tribal name of the Franks, in terms of its history and political identity vis-a-vis the Holy Roman Empire and international diplomacy, it was still Gaul and William was King of it.  

So, technically and in fact, Britain was conquered by Gaul and its "doing business name" as "France" was only a small part of the overall picture.  Upon the death of William in 1087, England was carved up in a piecemeal fashion and divided among the Norman Barons, and each one of them became a sovereign in his own right.  This was done to permanently disable England and to ensure that it would never again have a legitimate single monarch. 

This circumstance has led to Britain's kings and queens being "redefined" as Kings and Queens of the Commonwealth, and that has necessitated working for the Pope.  

Taking a step further back into history we find similar circumstances attending the vast Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great, which was similarly divided up piecemeal after his death, but which also left Macedonia, similar to Gaul, politically intact and simply operating under different business names. Those business names include Anatolia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Transylvania, and so on --- much of what we think of as "the Eastern Block" in the center of Europe is in fact Macedonia. 

And always has been.  

Finally, we come to The United States of America, which was always divided up into separate states, but which via the use of a Federation became recognizable as a single nation.  This little stroke of genius is rather the reverse of the same process outlined above, but having the same ultimate result. 

That is, both England and Macedonia began as single kingdoms and were parcelled out into many apparently separate "kingdoms" operated as "doing business as" names of an underlying hegemony, whereas in this country, we started out as many separate states and created an underlying hegemony for ourselves on purpose.  

Our Forefathers did this, because they saw the advantages that it gave to both Gaul and Macedonia. 

For one thing, the subsets could be conquered and reconquered and renamed and all manner of things could happen to the "bits and pieces" of the underlying kingdom, but the underlying kingdom was still unconquered and unconquerable: the underlying "Greater Kingdom" had entered another level of political and diplomatic reality, and was immune to the slings and arrows of changes wrought by warfare and superficial changes of government.  

No matter what betide the fortunes of France, Gaul remains. 
No matter what happens to the Eastern Block and Turkey, Macedonia remains. 
No matter what happens to the United States, The United State of America is unaffected. 

Now you begin to see how and why, at a larger scale, our country was deliberately crafted to withstand all attempts to overcome or overrun it. Our early leaders had learned the lessons of Gaul and Macedon, and so, The United States of America entered into the "Realm of the Blessed and Unconquered" almost upon its creation. 

This is largely due to the insights of French politicians and legionnaires who counseled Washington and Franklin, and who wished the new nation rising in the West to be under the influence of and indebted to Gaul--- and as much as possible, aligned with and subject in international jurisdiction to Gaul. 

So now you have the background to observe another tricky two-step. 

Gaul has long been allied to the Holy Roman Empire through the Franks, yet never conquered by it. The Kings of Gaul and the principalities of France, William the Conqueror and the Norman Barons who ruled England after William's death, were all Catholics from 487 A.D. onward. 

Thus, when William Belcher sheltered the new country under his Great Seal in international jurisdiction, it became allied with Gaul --- not France, not England. 

The United States of America and the people of this country not only gained the vast potential of individual sovereignty as a gift from William, but also, The United States of America could not be destroyed by any normal means of military conquest.  By allying with Gaul, The United States of America entered the Realm of the Blessed. It was guaranteed peace. 

And the Popes know it.  

This poses a very serious problem for the Holy See and the Holy Roman Empire in that they have trespassed against their own most ancient and sacred Treaties and contracts, and having been called on it, are faced with either honoring their obligations or being exposed as fraud artists and criminals. 

The heirs of these "Immortal Kingdoms" are the Lords of the Earth.  They stand over the Lords of the Sea. And they have been trespassed against. 

The current abuse of Trust against The United States of America is a Divine Offense. It goes far beyond politics.

The Holy Roman Empire was so tempted by the material wealth to be gained by enslaving America and Americans, so delighted by the irony of it, and so sure that the King of Gaul would never call them on it, that they engaged in this grotesque deceit and trespass against their own most sacred obligations. 

Alors, the truth is known and the cards are called.  


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  1. Does this relate to Revelation 11:15: "And the seventh angel trumpeted; and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ ..."?

    1. YES but now how anna implies.

      old test. "the lord is god"
      new test "christ is god" john 14:6
      new new test aka revelation -- see jewish encyclopedia cabbalah

      it is a separate christ. strictly it is not jewish. strictly there is to be no "israel" until AFTER THEIR messiah arrives, not before.

      so kabbalah overthrew old test AND "christianity"

      and you get kabbalah/illuminati jesus. whether he is son of "the lord" or not is kind of irrelevant.

      what does all this mean? the new atlantis. the new world. new heaven and new earth.

      matthew 24 tells people not to fall for this.

      the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

      And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.
      ^^^ a different guy, a different christ -- THEIR lord and HIS "christ" . those "elect"

      and event he elect shall be deceived.

      see also seven ages of the world. kabbalastic tradition. there is no 2nd coming. there is no heaven on earth. the meek inherit the earth because they miss out on "heaven"

      st. augustine and jerome didn't do this 2nd coming stuff. neither did any "catholic" stuff from circa 1850s.

      it was all holy ghost. jesuits were an exception -- they had 2nd coming "holy spirit" masses circa 1540s.

      there is lots more, but that should answer "THEIR LORD" and "HIS CHRIST"

      again, this isnt 'jewish' or "christian" -- its kabbalah. neoplatonic hermeticism you can also call it. it can all be seen in terms of alchemy of course --

      old test mennorah (7 planets)
      7 gifts of the holy ghost
      2nd coming is now 7 "stars" and 7 gifts of the "holy spirit"

      thus this is perhaps a thrice-great hermes thing too.

      even though its not "jewish" its easiest just to kick "the lord" out of the trinity because you either get old test. or this 2nd coming thing. alchemically that is perfectly fine, holy ghost + "our lady" + christ is alchemically sound.

      2nd coming mary i think many times has 12 stars for 12 tribes or some such. that is not a sure-all solution either. she has been rewritten too. you have to read catholic stuff from 1850s then compare later to see how that has been redefined.

      long story short, they nowadays make psalms and proverbs and new test and pretend "oh they really meant revelation"

      "holy holy holy" -- this used to be what angels said to YOU if you prayed well. revelation is just a copy+paste job of prior things, nothing more. a mirage. a hack. a deception. a copycat. an imposter.

      THEIR lord and HIS christ. christ for everyone who denies christ (1st coming). christ for everyone who blasphemies/denies the holy ghost. thus, it should be no surprise they also have fake "our lady" characters to match.

      matthew 24 is good. so is amos 5:18.

      jesus of nun is just some guy moses gave a nickname too. christ when he says his kingdom is not of this world says he is not like that "jesus" who would raise armies and try to conquer the world etc.

      point being, 2nd coming is a worldly kingdom. there are "marxist" parallels too, and fabian socialist plans, just read phillip dru: adminsitrator for example about a new "religion" being needed for "marxism", but too much to explain in too little space.

    2. for extra credit, see st. alphonsus liguori 1852 "THE GLORIES OF MARY"

      alchemy-wise, "our lady" was canticles 4:12 an enclosed garden and a sealed fountain -- compare "the parable of the fountain" famous alchemy writing.

      the resting place of the holy ghost. the temple of the lord (should be our lord, but minor point). the spouse of the holy ghost. should be "our lady" not "mary" but minor point again.

      now thats rewritten along with psalms and proverbs so everything supposedly REALLY meant 2nd coming. again see jewish encyclopedia "cabbalah" -- note kabbalah was a "heresy" to them too.

      so thats how secret of mana video game neko gets to sit outside his alchemical fountain with his brown scapular. because 1st coming "our lady" was "an enclosed garden and a sealed fountain"

      i rest my cat.

      *** also fulcanelli would say "cabbalah" and "kabbalah" differ. that is extra credit. see "the mystery of the cathedral" and again compare with above-mentioned video game character.

    3. as ive said many times, "our lady" is described as a "key" and "the surest key to enter heaven by" "spouse of the holy ghost" etc.

      so while there are also fake "mary" characters, if you kick "The lord" out of the trinity it generally helps to avoid these deceptions.

    4. also see fulcanelli re: puss in boots being an alchemy thing.

      the "7 champions of christendom" looks like alchemy too. author made that "epithet" and decided "7" and note st. george "rescues" the 6 other "knights". very alchemical.

      you will have to "decode" it. seems to imply fountain of diana re: silver wand, one knight getting transformed into a deer, etc.

      extra extra extra credit is to decode that.

    5. i dont know enough to declare if 7 noahide laws somehow relate to mennorah/planets or if there is some alchemy connection there, but might be. or could just be coincidence.

      note reagan signed off on these. later they were proclaimed again:

      so "their lord" is "law" for everyone supposedly -- because the talmud says so.

    6. book of enoch 52 some such also has 7 hills that sound like alchemy -- metals.

      so yet more alchemy. i believe those are 1000 years of peace aka 2nd coming/kabbalah/gnosticism stuff.

    7. also matthew 24 35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

      so 1st coming christ tells people not to fall for this revelation/2nd coming/THEIR LORD and HIS CHRIST -- separate guy.
      When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

      16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:
      matthew 24 tells people to "flee Judaea" rather than attend 2nd coming/revelation churches.

    8. you have to understand the loosing + binding thing to get matthew 24 versus apocalypse. and to understand new heaven and new earth, earth and heaven passing away, why "my words shall not pass away" etc.

      it comes down to choice of trinities + baptisms. and "keys" (who are the members of the trinity)

      gnosticism has parallels about "matter" "growing up" towards heaven and "heaven" "growing down" towards earth i think too.

    9. and re: the loosing binding thing, new heaven and earth etc. -- the "churches" "saints" etc. are commonly called "stars" in "heaven" -- since everyone is supposed to "follow" them and they are supposed to guide people etc. be the light of the world etc.

      so change of trinity/baptisms == hell on earth. they started new churches (a new heaven, at least the priesthood/higher ups), to create a new 2nd coming world

      as secret of mana video game one of the 4 horseman implies -- they all made deals with occultish kabbalah "the underworld" in order to rule this world. so again, i rest my cat.

    10. put another way: if people switch trinities/baptisms/which god they believe in, then christ says they will get that type of "heaven" (churches) and that type of earth/world as a result.

      so christ is saying they will get whichever type of "heaven" and "earth" that they believe in essentially.

      in the long run, people create the type of world to match the type of "god" and "church" they believe in.

  2. France was conquered by communist (red ) terror Napolian doing the bidding of Rothschild in the beginning but switched to a nationalist and was taken out by Rothschild secret intelligence network.
    William the conquer brought his Jewish council and set up city of London crime central.
    Rothschild hired 8000 mercenaries for England
    Alexander Hamilton Cohen started first standing Army and threatened the south told them to shut up .

  3. You need to look a little further back in history. Both Gaul and Macedonia were defeated by the Roman Empire.

  4. Anything done in fraud or receipt is not judged upon the victims, but will be required upon the perpetrators in remedy to the satisfaction of the victims, the judge and the reeducation requirements of those criminals without need of any effort by the victims. Expatriation and nullification of contracts is merely an unnecessary good mannered neighborly warning to attitude adjustments, no matter what blathering man-made philosophical scriptures have been handed down in foreign languages to convince the innocent they are "cursed" otherwise. Mind my warning to the convolutions of spiritual scriptural deceptions from books that didn't occur with Creator placenta in glowing God writing. Please research flat Earth. Flat Earth/flat living water filters most deceptions every time you hear "global", especially from a 501c.


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