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Friday, July 10, 2020

Liens and Threats of Liens from "AmericanNationalWhatever"

By Anna Von Reitz

This country and all its assets already belong to and are in the possession of the American States and People, just as they should be.
That is thanks to the work of Anna Maria Riezinger and The Living Law Firm.
We corrected our political status many years ago and published the same internationally and brought it forward in all venues of the law.
We possess and own and control our own names. Nobody else has any right to use them. Wherever they appear in any medium, in any form, we own them. Not only that, we own the medium in which our names appear -- any document, any transmission, any digital or "quantum" form of representation of our names is already owned by us. Not you.
We possess and own and control our political status, too. We have declared and defined it. Not you.
We possess and own and control the Sovereign Letters Patent covering this entire country and everyone in it. Not you.
We possess and own and control all the Delegated Powers that have been released due to bankruptcy and incompetence. Not you.
We possess and own and control all the Debt of the Municipal and the Territorial United States. Not you.
We operate the State Assemblies. Not you.
We operate the international government, our unincorporated Federation of Sovereign States, doing public business as The United States of America since 1776. Not you.
In fact, our Federation has been in existence for over 9,000 years on this Continent, a little known fact, but worth noting. The United States of America and everything and everyone it represents belongs to us. Not you.
We enforce all three of the Federal Constitutions and the Public Law. Not you.
We have the standing, the rights, the records, the material interests. Not you.
We are the only legitimate government left standing. Not you.
All --- and we do mean "All"--- assets of the State Trusts are ours. Not yours.
If you are a Federal Territorial Person, aka U.S. Citizen, we own you.
If you are a Municipal PERSON, aka "citizen of the United States", we own you.
The Servants -- Public Employees -- are not the Masters. We are.
And that is just the way it is. If you establish any liens against us, they will be removed and laughed out of our courts.
And you may be deported. Or imprisoned. Or fined. Or strung up as a traitor to the American States and People, engaged in criminal evasion of your Constitutional obligations, attempted unlawful conversion, conspiracy against the Constitutions, and inland piracy.
All of that said and published and standing true upon the public records of many nations, there is one other fact to share with you.
If you are an American born in this country, or a Naturalized United States Citizen who wishes to adopt a State of the Union as your house, home, and permanent domicile, you can come home.
And then you, like us, will own and possess and control this country and its assets and have your natural and unalienable rights restored and be counted as an American State National or an American State Citizen, too.
The door is open and the opportunity to reclaim your identity and your birthright and your inheritance as an American is standing in front of you because Anna Maria Riezinger and The Living Law Firm did all this work for free, to save your ungrateful stupid asses and your share of the American Dream.
All you have to do is wake up and claim it.
Your Ship of State is still sailing because of us. Your State Assemblies still have standing because of us. And your country is not being invaded by foreign governments or subjected to civil war because of us.
So if you have the brain box of a chicken, it's time to wake up, figure out who you are (Americans), and who we are (Americans), and if you can ---- if you are not a Federal Employee or Dependent and not dependent on Public Assistance at this time --- serve your actual country.
Go to: and get started down the road home to America. Not the British Territorial United States. Not the Holy Roman Empire.


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  1. Replies
    1. This is not miss Anna. Check out what it means to be called “Miss”, “Misses” and “Mister”. Don’t you ever accept this title if you are not a Federal employee.

    2. 8. Colorable Person (A person in legal fiction / colorable law, for example, “Aunt Jemima” or “Colonel Saunders” or “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, a “character” like “Atticus Finch” or nom de guerre like “Ishmael” or “Sneaky Pete” or a titled entity such as “Mister” or “Lord” or “Missus” or “President” or a Sign/Trademark like “JOHN DOE” or a Patented Invention Person like “Gumby” or “Bumblebee” or “The Terminator” or a Design Patent Person like “Diana von Furstenburg” or “Gloria Vanderbilt” or “Coco Chanel”.)

  2. Yes Anna, without your keen and sometimes comical wisdom, we would still be lost at sea and left for nechros, my Family appreciates all of it,
    Yahshub R.I./N.Y.

  3. Please correct this: “ our Federation has been in existence for over 9,000 years on this Continent”. If you go back this long you are before man’s creation and definitely before the flood in Noah’s time. No need to exaggerate here.

  4. could somebody explain how Canadians can correct their status.